Important Safeguards (NUC 4300 IS EQUAL TO NUC4270

Important Safeguards (NUC 4300 IS EQUAL TO NUC4270
Important Safeguards (NUC 4300 IS EQUAL TO NUC4270)
1. Read carefully before using the yogurt maker.
2. Always operate the appliance indoor and more than 20℃ room temperature.
3.The Voltage of this product is changed to export only.
4. Check plug, electric wire and parts if there is problem.
(Do not disassemble the appliance which has problem. Repair it at the service center.)
5. Do not use the appliance near to the wet areas.
6. Always unplug from the outlet before you insert or remove the parts.
connectorsduring operating.
8. Do not touch operating appliances.
9. Do not change the appliance at your disposal.
10. Turn the power off and remove the plug after using the appliances.
11. Be sure to use the parts offered only.
12. Careful supervision is necessary when any appliance is used when children are around nearby.
13. Do not use the appliance for other than the intended use.
*This appliance is for household use only,
*Do not throw away this instruction manual. Keep it and see when using the appliance.
*When hand over or lend this appliance to others, give this instruction
instruction manual.
*do not use cracked yogurt cup for your safety.
*Do not boil yogurt cups lid in hot water or use in microwave oven.
(It causes deformi
Performance and Special Features
1. You can choose various menu.
It is easy to assemble because of simple structure, and convenient to operate
without frequent troubles.
We used special tray for yogurt, fermented soybeans and sprouting.
4. It realized lactobacillus alive, fermented soybeans and sprouting tray.
5. It maintains the best condition with perfect hydraulic engineering.
6. It is easy to wash and sanitary because of separating the main body, trays (fermented
soybeans), sprouted brown rice and sprouts.
7. It is more economical than purchasing yogurt, fermented soybeans, sprouted brown rice and
sprouts on the market.
8. It has great cooking performance and designed for safe usage.
9. The material of the appliance is harmless to people.
1. Good nutrition and freshness
It ferments lactobacillus directly in the optimum temperature and provides fresh and good nutrition
unlike imitations on the market.
2. Economical efficiency
With one touch switch, you can make much more yogurt, fermented soybeans, low salt soybean paste,
sprouted brown rice and sprouts in your home.
You can save 60-80% more money than purchasing products on the market.
3. Easy to keep and clear sanitation
You don’t have to worry about sanitation and loss of lactobacillus because you can make it yourself.
You can make yogurt easily using separated cups.
4. High quality mature function
It has high quality mature function with constant temperature in all seasons.
How to work and the name of each part
Fermented Soybeans Button
Fermented Soybeans indicator
Sprouting Indicator
Sprouting Button
Time Indicator
Soybean Paste button
Power Button
Soybean Paste indicator
Yogurt Indicator
Yogurt Button
Making sprouted brown rice
Ingredients: brown rice 900g(300g per a brown rice tray), water(city water is possible), the main body,
a proper size vessel which fits to the body( a separate vessel)
Rinse brown rice with water softly.( separated from the chaff)
Take half-crushed rice or empty heads of grain out of water.( It causes mold)
Put the brown rice into the separated vessel you prepared. Pour water to sink the brown rice under
water. Close the cover.
Use this ferment maker 20℃-27℃ normal temperature only. ( higher than 27℃ may not be sprouted.)
Press sprouted brown rice button one time for soaking in the water.(8 hours)
Pick the sprouted brown rice in water and dry them(do not dry water sprouted brown rice . You can use
meshes or dehydrator of NUC), or spread the rice on the wide brown rice tray evenly, shake them until
water drains.
Put the drained brown rice into the brown rice tray(3ea) evenly.
Press the sprouted brown rice button two times for waiting sprouting.
When finish sprouting, take out the sprouted brown rice and wash out in fresh water twice. Be careful not
to take buds off.
You can use sprouted brown rice directly. For long time use, store in refrigerator after drying in the
Grow fresh shoots with NUC ferment maker.
Ingredients: The body, the wicker tray, the cover, seeds(4 tsp), paper towels.
(Type of the seeds: kales. radishes, broccoli, mustards, Chinese cabbages, rapes)
01. Put seeds into the vessel. Soak 8 hours.
-It varies due to the kinds of seeds. Soaking for a day is perfect to sprout.
Remove bad seeds floating on the water.
02. Put the wicker tray on the body. Spread paper towel evenly. Pour water until paper towel
03. Sow seeds evenly on the paper towel.
-sowing a lot of seeds causes bad smell and seeds.
04. Close the cover; press the sprouting button twice (24 hours).
05. After 24 hours, press the sprouting button twice (24 hours) to grow fresh shoots for 48
Cover the lid with dry towel is effective to bud.
06. Turn it off and place near the sun 2 days later. You can taste the fresh shoots 5-10 days
later. The taste depends on kinds of the seeds you sowed.
You can keep for a week, if you use a refrigerator.
How to Make Yogurt
Ingredients: 1. Milk, 1200ml (Pasteurized, low-fat milk is not suitable for making yogurt. Fermenting conditions
can be different depending on the type of milk.) 2. Commercial Yogurt for Starter(150ml)
Procedure : 1. Mix milk 1200ml and yogurt (150ml) in a bowl and stir well.
2. Pour this mixture equally among cups, cover securely with lids and place cups into the yogurt
maker. (Stirring well gives you the best results.)
3. Cover on the heat base. Temperature of room should be above 20℃, a low temperature (below
10℃) isn’t appropriate to fermentation.
4. Plug in the electric cord and turn on the switch. Press ‘power button’ until it displays ‘F’
5.·Press ‘Yogurt button’ then ‘8’ hours will be displayed. Now if started..
6. After 8 hours it beeps and will be displayed ‘F’. Then press ‘power button’ to power off.
7. Place them in the refrigerator. Yogurt should be chilled for 3 to 4 hours to get best plain yogurt.
If adding honey, fruit, preserves, sugar and chocolate, you can enjoy having yogurt for your
NOTE: Cups should be washed immediately after use.
Do not put the cup lid in the boiling water even hot water and
Add for better flavor (Please add the following additives right before you eat the yogurt)
* Honey and vanilla
* Fruits
* Coffee
* Strawberry jam, grape jam, or apple jam
* Hot chocolate or chocolate
How to store your yogurt
* Keep it in your refrigerator for more than three hours as it tastes best when cold. (In summer, refrigerate the
yogurt right after making it)
* You may keep it refrigerated for up to a week.
* Wipe out water from inside the cup lid. You may have some water on top of your yogurt generated from the
milk in the maturation process.
You can enjoy better flavor if you use the additives mentioned above.
Soaking and boiling soybeans(
Paste/Fermented Soybeans)
beans(Soybean Paste/Fermented
Boiling beans with a general pot
Dried soybeans 350-500g(3-5 Ceramic cups), the body, the lid, the soybean tray.
1) Soak dried 300-500g soybeans(soaked beans 850-1200g) depending on the season. Add water
13-15 times(dried soybeans standards)
2) Turn up the gas and boil soybeans. Lightly open the lid; boil soybeans over a slow fire until
they thicken(about 5 hours)
3) Steam boiled soybeans for 10 to 20 minutes. Shake the pot several times until bubbling.
4) Open the lid; check boiled soybeans. If they are not boiled well, thicken more.
Note- Do not use a pressure cooker if possible.
It may burst because of the skin of boiled soybeans.
When using a pressure cooker, this instruction should always be followed, including the following.
1. Scale completely the soybeans or use a cotton pocket. (Tie the pocket tightly to prevent
overflowing with soybeans.)
2. A pressure cooker should be used for 60~70 minutes over a slow fire.
1. When using a general iron pot, stir occasionally to prevent sticking on the iron pot.
2. If you have any questions about boiling soybeans, contact NUC Customer Service Department.
3. Use NUC Soy Multi Cooker. It has been designed only for boiling soybeans to ferment.
How to cook the Soybean Paste
Cool boiled soybeans in the soybean tray 15 to 20 minutes.
Shake 3-4 times ; winnow the boiled beans. Put into the body and ferment.
Finished ferment
① Not sticky, but white
② Sticky like thread and disappear.
③ Sticky like cheese
1. Plug the appliance cord into the outlet. After beeper sounds, press the power button until the
display reads ‘F’.
Press the fermented soybean button, and the display should read ‘24’. The light on the pilot
indicates start of ferment.
After 24hours a beeper will sound to let you know the end. The display reads F.
2. Press the power button to turn off.
3. After turning off, open the lid and separate the soybean tray.
soaked beans
Dried soybeans
soaked beans+water13-15 times
soaked beans + water 2 times
(dried soybeans standards)
(dried soybeans standards)
How to cook the fermented soybeans
Ingredients: boiled soybeans 1,000g(soaked, boiled dried soybeans 400g), main body, cover, wicker
tray, NUC SEED(A.Oryzae) 4g(2 tea spoon)
Put boiled soybeans into the soybean tray, cool 15-20 minutes. Shake 3-4 times, winnow, sprinkle
NUC SEED(A.Oryzae)evenly and mix. Put soybeans into the main body to ferment.
① Plug the appliance cord into the outlet. After beeper sounds, press the power button until the
display reads ‘F’.
② Select Fermented soybean button and Fermented soybean indicator will illuminate and the
display should read “24”. The light on the pilot indicates start of ferment.
③ After 24 hours, ferment is finished. The display reads ‘F’ after beeper sounds.
Press the power button to turn off.
④ After turning off, open the cover and separate the soybean tray of fermented soybeans.
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