2001 function generator
:2001 function generator
Sine, square, triangle
Separate TTL Output
1 Hzto 100 kHz
Variable DC Offset
Sweepable 100:1 with ±1 0 Volts input
High, low level600n
variable outputs
The Model 2001 Sweepable
Function Generator
is de-
signed for a wide variety of applications: audio amplifier and
speaker evaluations, ultrasonics transducer simulations,
servo systems excitation and evaluation, SLF radio and receiver alignment, digital systems and logic testing, to name a
few. Frequency is continuously variable from 1 Hz to 100 kHz
with a 10:1 calibrated vernier in five decade ranges-or
up to
100:1 with a ±10 V sweep input.
Three distinct and separate outputs are provided on the
2001; two are variable, one fixed at TTL levels. High and
low variable outputs provide .1-10 Vp-p and 1 mV-100
mVp-p into open circuit, respectively. Both are 600 D
outputs with short circuit protection. Both outputs track with
the 40 dB amplitude contol, flat within ±0.5 dB. Signals at
the two variable outputs are symmetrical around ground
with the DC Offset control off; when switch selected, the
DC Offset control provides ±1 OV at high output, ±1 00 mV
at the low output (into open circuit) before clipping.
The TTL output is a square wave capable of driving 10
standard TTL loads.
The 2001 's exceptional combination of features and capabilities make it perfect for such applications as audio testing; scope sweep drive; measuring filter response curves,
amplifier rolloffs and transmission characteristics; troubleshooting communications,
telephony, speech processing,
DI A and AID systems; designing analog, digital and control
circuitry; servicing recorders, video games, video cassette
drives and more.
3 outputs, HI: La, TTL, DC coupled, banana jack connectors
High Output
Impedance Constant 600 0, short circuit proof
Amplitude 0.1-1 0 Vp-pinto open circuit, .05-5.0 Vp-pdriving 6000
DC Offset Zero when feature not selected; variable -5 VDC to +5VDC into
open circuit when selected; total AC (signal) plus DC (offset) output limited to
±1 OVp-pintoopen circuit, ±5 Vp-pinto 600 0
Low Output
Impedance Constant 600 0, short circuit proof
Amplitude -40 dB of HI output, 1-100 mV into open circuit, 0.5-50 mV int0600
DC Offset ± 50mV max
Drive Standard TTL -level square wave (in all modes), buffered todrive 10 TIL
loads, rise/fall time less than 25 ns, synchronous with HI, LO outputs
Sweep input, DC coupled, dual banana plugs
Impedance 30,000 0
Sensitivity 0 to ±1 OVinput sums with Voltage at Frequency vernier to sweep
output frequency up to 100:1 ; linear sweep range 10:1; max in ±12 V
Frequency range in all modes is 1 Hz to 100 kHz, set with a continuously
variable 10:1 Frequency vernier, marked in 45 steps and 5 decade Range
Select pushbutlons; dial calibrated to ±5% of setting at 10Hz, 100 Hz,
1 kHz, 10kHz
Square ±1 % typical time symmetry square wave (calibrated to <1.5%) with
rise/fall time less than 100 ns (into 600 0 + 20 pF)
Triangle Linearity better than 1%
Sine <1% THD typical; calibrated to <2%
Power, 5 Range decade selectors, Sine/Square/Triangle mode selectors,
DC Offset feature selector, Frequency vernier dial, variable Offset level, variable Amplitude
105-135 VAC, 57 -63 Hz, 6 VA maximum
version available)
3x1 OX7inches H x W x D (76x254x178 mm)
Flip-Up Leg@) included for added flexibility
0-50°C (calibrated at 25°C±5%)
Instruction manual
VAC, 50-60 Hz
2.2lbs (1.0 kg)
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