übersicht GB.cdr - BEOS Elektronik Technologie

übersicht GB.cdr - BEOS Elektronik Technologie
Ready for use at any time
with electric power supply and charging systems
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Careful charging technology considerably increases the starter battery service life thus reducing costs and protecting the environment.
The Ladomat 1224 has a high-precision type of control. The battery parameters are continuously measured via the sensor line.
Based on this the electronic system determines the most favourable charging current. All failures are recorded
and signalised optically and acoustically. The
system can be adapted to the board mains
voltage by replacing the 12 V voltage program
card with a 24 V card or vice-versa. Ripple <
0.005V, charging current from 0.001 A to 3.5 A,
functional temperature range from 30°C to
+60°C ambient temperature. Unit acc. to IP
65, HF radiation and irradiation-safe acc. to
EMV-G. The variant which is suitable for being
installed in vehicles can be
supplied with automatic
built-in start interlock (imFor central touch pad please
click on: www.beos-elektronik.de mobliser) (NÜ220).
Electronic DC impulse loading unit. The unit Stand By Ladeautomatik Thyra has been designed for being fitted into vehicles
and for automatic unsupervised charging. In line with the limit load
curve the unit can supply max. 16 A and 12 A permanent charging current based on 24 V board
mains. It is equipped with switch-on lock deep
discharge switch on interlock to protect the batteries and technical vehicle parts from destruction.
The protection requirements of protection class II
and IP 65 as well as all protection targets of EMV
and e1 have been met.
The Stand By Ladeautomatik unit for automatic charging is a
two-position power controller with secondary timing, protection
class II. The electronic system automatically changes over from charging to maintaining the charge
at a set level, here only the number of energy impulses (0.5 joule) per time unit varies. The max.
charging current is 12 A, the permanent charging
current is 8 A. When the battery has not been connected the unit output is disconnected from the
mains (short circuit proof). LEDs in the charging
current measuring instrument indicate the operating state and failures. The unit can
be reprogrammed for 12V/24V batteries and is electronically protected
Unit for installation
from overload. All protection targets
unit IP 54
in vehicles/unit for
of EMV and e1 have been reached.
wall mounting IP 65
The Stand By DUO, a power supply and charging unit, protection class II, IP 65, for autonomous loading of two battery blocks
12V/24 V, with separated individual electronic system for measuring and controlling. Each battery block can supply up to 12 A
Each branch of the unit is protected against
overload and has its own charging current display as well as LEDs to display operation control. This unit is also suitable for charging batteries with different operating voltages.
Ladomat Konverter for 12 V PB batteries, 1 mA-5A charging
current, with measurement of battery temperature and internal
resistance. In the microprocessor system 58 test, measurement, control, and display programs can be processed. All important operating states are shown on the
display. The characteristic charging curve,
battery type and capacity can be set by the
customer. Unit types for 24 V, 12 V and 36
V board mains, degree of efficiency 87 %,
IP 65.
25 A
30 A
The Ladomat 1224 NAW units are high current, power supply and battery charging systems for unsupervised automatic operation
inside a mobile unit (vehicle).
These units correspond to protection class II
and protection type IP 65, the 50 A unit to IP
54. The units use the impulse charging process.
The 30 A and 50 A units can be equipped with
the programmable dynamically graduated
LEDs in the measuring instruments indicate
the operating state and any possibly existing
failures. At request the Ladomat 1224 NAW
units can also be equipped with an automatic
start interlock (immobiliser) for 230 V power
supply (NÜ 220).
50 A
Automatic start
interlock (immobiliser)
The automatic and cable winding systems „Stand By Flex”
can be used for either wall or ceiling mounting. The cable winding system can be supplied as 4
m or 12 m cables for 230 V mains
voltage or for safety-low voltage
and is suitable for use with BEOS
charging systems.
Field cable drum and adaptercable
Please download for extensive supplementary equipment :www.beos-elektronik.de
graduated control
Compressed air compressor for automatic unsupervised opera-tion in the vehicle.The brake
air pressure level can be set from 0 to 15 bar. For
special purposes the air pressure level has been
fixed to a static value of 15 bar, output: 130 l/min.
Pressure accumulator: 30 l, electronically controlled, operating hour counter.
Compact and modular tested systems, wired ready for connection acc. to the safety requirements VDE 0100-717 for mobile companies (vehicles) with equipment or distribution of
230 V / 400 V AC, 1.0 KVA to 12.6 KVA
All mains systems correspond to protection class II !
Complete system of compact and safety disconnecting
transformer, TN-S mains
Hose winding system and compressed air system parts
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
Safety disconnecting transformer single-phase, three-phase
YY or ΔΥ
IP 54
IP 66
IP 66
Modular single-phase TN-S-system, wired ready for connection
Voltage transformer 24 V 12 V DC, 5 A, 20 A
Module components 20 A 100 A
IP 54
IP 54
mains and converter
IP 54
mains and generator
Modular single-phase IT system, wired ready for connection,
with insulating control and visual/acoustic message as well
as emergency stop
180 A power circuit breaker, electronic battery separator and
sudden release relay for 12 V and 24 V
Stand By Control Switch
(battery control)
Electronic vehicle start interlock
(immobiliser) “NÜ 220”
IP 54
IP 54
Modular three-phase IT system, wired ready for connection,
with insulating control and visual/acoustic message as well
as emergency stop
IP 54
part twostage
IP 54
primary part
12 V 24 V Energy Control with additional sudden release function, visual and acoustic error message
IP 54 for internal installation
IP 65
Modular three-phase IT generator system, wired ready for
connection, with insulating control and visual/acoustic
message as well as emergency stop
IP 54
IT distributor
10 circuits
IP 54
for installation in chassis
Sinus converter
DC broadband interference filter effective against line-bound
12 V - 24 V DC, 230 V AC
output, galvanically separated. disturbances (converters etc.)
Control displays
insulating control
Energy stop
Control display
Alarm horn
Emergency stop
1 KW, 1,5 KW,
2,0 KW
12 V/24 V,
25 A
11.70.54 Print February 2007
For further technical details please download:
All units and unit components correspond to European safety standards and are CE-conform. We reserve the right to technical changes
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