Setting Up… Simultaneous Ring

Setting Up… Simultaneous Ring
Setting Up…
Simultaneous Ring
Feature Description
Simultaneous Ring enables selecting up to ten other phone numbers that will ring at the same time for
incoming calls. It may also be activated or updated using the VoiceManager Toolbar which is
downloadable from the Applications tab. Simultaneous Ring is available with the VoiceManager
Anywhere package and IP Centrex service.
Maximize customer service and streamline all phone numbers into one so that incoming calls ring
multiple phones to ensure you are reached!
Simultaneous Ring List Options
Log in to VoiceManager
Click the VoiceManager
Tools menu in the left
navigation bar.
Click the Call Settings
Under the Call
Forwarding section, click
the Simultaneous Ring
Click the Off checkbox to
disable the Simultaneous
Ring feature.
Click the Always On
check box to turn
Simultaneous Ring on all
the time.
Enter up to ten Phone
Numbers that will ring at
the same time.
Click the Yes or No dropdown menu for the
Answer Confirmation
action for each phone
Click the Add Another
Number link to add a
phone number tothe list.
10. Click Remove to delete a
phone number from the
11. Click On With
Simultaneous Ring Rules
to enable feature when a
specific rule is selected.
12. Click the Do Not Call My
List If I Am On a Call
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Setting Up…
Simultaneous Ring
check box to disable the
feature when on a call.
13. Click the Save button.
Add/Edit Simultaneous Ring Rule
1. Click the checkbox next
to an existing rule to
activate the feature.
2. Click the Edit or Delete
link to change or
remove a rule.
3. Click the Add
Simultaneous Ring Rule
link to create a new rule.
4. Enter a rule name in the
Description field.
5. Clickthe When
Receiving Calls From
drop-down menu.
6. Click the phone number
to which the rule
applies.. The options are
Any Phone Number or
Specific Phone
7. If you select Specific
Phone Numbers, click
the type of phone
number (Any Private
Number or Any
Unavailable Number)
and enter the number.
8. Click the Call
Simultaneous Ring List
or Do Not Call
Simultaneous Ring List
check box to activate or
deactivate this feature.
9. Click the drop-down
menu for During Regular
Schedule or During
Holiday Schedule to
select when the rule
10. Create a new schedule
by clicking the Add a
Regular Schedule or
Add a Holiday Schedule
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Setting Up…
Simultaneous Ring
11. Create separate
Simultaneous Ring Rules
if both a Regular and a
Holiday Schedule are
SeeSetting Up Schedules for
detailed instructions.
12. Click the Save and
Return button.
Result: A message indicates
your Simultaneous Ring
Rule settings were saved
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