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RBC-1000 Series
With UV Counterfeit Detection
Incluye detector UV de
Equipe de detecteur UV de faux
billets de banque
Mit UV-Fálschungserkennung
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Royal Sovereign International Inc.
With UV Counterfeit Detection
Hopper Plate
Preset (Batch) Displayer
Alarm Display
Count Display
+1 Key
x 10 Key
Preset (Batch) Key
Clearing and Resetting Key
UV Key
10. ADD Key (Accumulation)
11. Stacker Plate
12, Stacker Sensor
13. Stacker Vanes
14. UV Indicator
15. ADD Indicator
16. Handle
17. Hopper Sensor
18. Rear Cover Screw
19. Hopper Adjust Screws
20. Power Switch
21. Fuse
22. External Displayer Socket
23. Power Socket
о о чо нА Ю =
24, UV Sensitive Adjuster (UV Type)
Automatic Self-test:
The machine will perform a self-test automatically. The Count Display will show "0" and the
Preset Display will be empty. If there is anything wrong with the machine, the Preset Display
will show an error code.
UV Indicator:
The UV Indicator in the machine will alarm and automatically stop counting when it finds
forged, jammed, double or broken notes, etc. The Preset display will then show an
error code.
Error Codes Problem
ECA = Half notes, broken notes
EC? = Double notes
ЕСЗ = Chain notes
EC4 = Forged notes
UV Sensitivity Adjuster
The UV Sensitivity Adjuster allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the UV light. Example- A
forged note passes through without detection. The UV sensitivity adjuster should then be
enhanced by tuming the adjustment knob clockwise.
Common Counting
The Common Counting feature will count all bank notes placed in the Hopper.
Batch Counting
The Batch Counting feature will count bank notes in batches. You must preset batch
numbers by using "+1" and "x10" key for use.
Add Function
The Add function will count the number of notes in the hopper and a ccumulate
the total numbers to your previous count. To use this function you must press the "Add" key
until the indicator tums on. Press the "Add" key again when you are finished using this
function to set the machine back to the Common counting mode.
The machine will automatically start when notes are placed in the hopper.
When using the common counting and the batch counting functions, the machine will
automatically clear the sum and reset after the counted notes on the stacker are removed and
a new batch is placed in the Hopper.
Plug the machine into the power source and turn the machine on. A self-test will automatically
begin once the machine is on. If a problem is detected during the self-test an error code will
appear in the display.
UV Indicator
When you tum the machine on the UV Indicator will automatically light up. Press the
“UV” key to tum this feature off.
Counting Methods
Common Counting - To set the machine to Common Counting mode press the Preset key to
clear the Preset Display. Place the notes into the Hopper Plate, and the machine will start
counting automatically. The counting result will be shown on the Count display. Take out the
notes from the Stacker, and place another stack of notes onto the Hopper Plate. The Count
Display will then reset to "0". If you wish to continue counting from the total of the first batch do
not remove the notes from the stacker. Place a new batch of notes into the Hopper plate and
the counting will continue.
Batch Counting - To set the machine to the Batch Counting mode press the Preset key until
the Preset Display shows "00". Press "+1" and "x10" key to preset the batch numbers between
| and 999, the machine is now ready to count batches. Place the notes in the Hopper Plate and
the machine will start counting automatically. Once it reaches the preset batch number the
machine will stop. When the first batch is finished remove the notes from the stacker plate and
the machine will start counting the next batch. If the quantity of the notes on the Hopper plate
is less than the preset batch number, you will have to place more notes on the hopper plate
and allow the machine to finish counting.
Add Function - To add the total amount of counted notes press the "Add" key
until the "Add indicator" tums on. Then place the notes on the hopper to begin process.
Pressing any keys when machine is in use may cause jamming or
CAUTION incorrect counting problems, therefore only press keys before you start
the counting process.
Trouble Shooting
CAUTION The machine must be turned off and unplugged before trouble shooting.
Error Code Problem Solution
ERO Left Counting Sensor is Clean the Counting Sensor,
dusty, not positioned Reposition it, or Replace it
correctly or broken with a new one
ER1 Right Counting Sensor is Clean the Counting Sensor,
dusty, not positioned Reposition it, or Replace it
correctly or broken with a new one
positioned correctly or
Error Code Problem Solution
ER2 Hopper Sensor is dusty, not | Clean the Hopper Sensor,
positioned correctly or Reposition it, or Replace it
broken with a new one
ERS Stacker Sensor is dusty, not Clean the Stacker Sensor,
Reposition it, or Replace it
with a new one
does not have enough
voltage or is broken
ER4 (UV Model Only) UV Sensor is dusty or Clean the UV Sensor or
broken Replace it with a new one
ERs Width Detection Sensor Adjust the voltage or
replace it with a new one
Adjustment to the Hopper Plate
Adjusting the Hopper Plate
To adjust the hopper plate you must use the Hopper adjuster screw.
Hopper Adjusters Screw
MODEL RBC-1000 Series
Counting Speed 1000 notes per minute
Banknote Size 3.9" x 1.9"
Banknote Thickness 002" x .0005"
Hopper Capacity 130 notes
Display LED
Alarm Display LED
Batch Display LED
Environmental Temperature 32°F-140°F
Power Source 110 V/ 60 Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 70 W
Weight 14.3 Ibs.
RBC-1000 Series
Place on flat sturdy surface Select function before Insert evenly stacked bills in
and turn on the machine. inserting bills. the collection feeder.
Remove bills from bill Bills are now ready for storage
depository and secure with bill or bank deposit.
This warranty applies to repair or replacement of product found to be defective in
material or workmanship for one year from the date of the original purchase. This
warranty Is extended only to the original purchaser.
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, misuse or improper
maintenance or damage that is attributable to acts of God. Royal Sovereign International, Inc.
(and its affiliated companies) is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any
nature. This limitation would not apply if vou live in those areas that do not permit the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.
Royal Soversign Intemational will repair or replace this product if it & found to be defective in
material or workmanship. Defective product must be returned to Royal Sovereign International,
freight prepaid, with proof of purchase and Retum Shipping & Handling payment (check or
money orden. Upon repair or replacement the product will be retumed to the customer.
Return defective product to the following address with a detalled description of the
problem If possible, pack in original carton, Piease prepay shipping charges.
For service or sales please contact your local Royal Sovereign office:
Royal Sovereign International, Inc. Royal Sovereign Germany GmbH
100 West Sheffield Avenue Friedrich Ebert Str.38, D-55824
Englewood, NJ 07631 Schwalbach, Germany
TEL: +1) 800-397-1025/ +1) 201-568-0830 TEL: +49} 6196-776386
FAX: +1) 201-568-1079 FAX: +43 6196-7 76454
Royal Sovereign International Australia PTY. LTD. Royal Sovereign Canada
33-417 Fourth Avenue, Unit 5 164 Oakdale Road, Unit 164
Blacktown, Australia NSW 2148 Toronto, Ontario M3NZS5
TEL: +61) 2-3671-5811 TEL: +1) 415-741-8400
FAX: +61) 2-9671-6822 FAX +1) 416-741-8185
www. royalsoveraign.com
info royalsovereign.com
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