Market-Leading Packaging
Market-Leading Packaging
For Fresh, Frozen or Processed Poultry
Go to Market with Fresh Innovation from Bemis
• Breathable films for vacuum-packed poultry
• Shrink bags and rollstock for fresh and
processed poultry
• Rigid trays & lidding for fresh, processed and
ready-to-cook products
Consider the Possibilities…
You’ve Got More Ways than Ever to Sell Poultry.
We’ve Got More Ways than Ever
As a poultry processor,
you’re bringing more products
to market than ever before,
from premium ready-to-cook
concepts…to club store
packs…to kid-pleasing frozen
convenience foods.
In today’s competitive, multi-channel
industry, no one is better positioned
to be your single-source packaging
supplier than Bemis.
Discover Poultry’s Most Extensive Portfolio of Vacuum Pack Films,
Shrink Packaging and Trays & Lids
Bemis has been a trusted leader in both fresh and processed poultry packaging for more than 30 years.
From breakthrough new formats to sustainable materials to proven standards, we offer an extensive portfolio
for your total barrier and non-barrier packaging needs.
Curwood® ICE® HT “High Transmission” Films
Incorporating a unique quench manufacturing process, these
high-memory, multi-layer, fully coextruded films run reliably at
cool temperatures, providing excellent pocket formation and
draw characteristics.
• Offers breathability for fresh poultry or frozen steaks.
• Barrier formulations available for extended shelf-life applications.
• P
rovides easy machinability at low temperatures
for maximum throughput and performance.
• High memory provides excellent pocket formation and draw.
• M
edium- or deep-draw films provide tailored performance
features and strength to meet individual applications.
• Multiple sealants available to cover a breadth of applications.
Vacuum packaging solutions for
saddle-pack, multi-portion or
portion-control packages
to Package It.
Curwood® VSP High-Barrier Vacuum Skin Films
Add Effortless
Opening with
EZ Peel® Technology
These high-clarity films create an enticing, skintight presentation for fresh or
prepared poultry, from chicken breasts to cordon bleu.
• Poultry looks attractive, tastes flavorful,
enjoys extended shelf life.
• Wrinkle-free packages conform to
a wide range of shapes.
• Creates vibrant billboard graphics:
semi-rigid carrier film is available in
black or printed in up to 10 colors for
added shelf appeal.
Traditional Shrink Products
Protect and preserve fresh poultry products with our comprehensive
offering of clear and pigmented bags for fresh, frozen or
processed poultry.
• High shrink fits tightly to poultry to maximize retail appearance.
• High-moisture barrier maximizes shelf life.
• Puncture and abrasion resistance protects poultry throughout distribution.
• Brilliant graphics stand out in case, with line or process printing in up to
10 colors.
• Pigmented bags feature consistent color, bag to bag and lot to lot.
• High-oxygen barrier.
Curwood® Form-Tite® Thermoform/Shrink Films
Maximize the efficiencies of high-speed thermoform/shrink packaging for
fresh whole chicken with our groundbreaking rollstock.
• Creates crystal clear, skintight packages.
• Reduces packaging waste.
• Reduces warehousing space required vs. traditional shrink bags.
• Delivers higher throughput and reduced labor cost.
• Provides easy product loading compared to traditional shrink bag offerings.
Bemis leads the industry in
EZ Peel® films for fresh and frozen
poultry. This high-performance
convenience technology creates
leak-free, fusion-seal vacuum
packages that consumers can
open with ease. Ideal for use with
either Curwood® ICE® HT or VSP
Whether you need trays for fresh, processed or ready-tocook poultry, the material experts at Bemis will work with you
to develop a turnkey tray & lid system for your product and
Encompass™ Pre-Made and Custom Trays
From dual-ovenable trays that provide ready-to-cook
convenience to premium presentations for ready-tocook products, Bemis has the optimum tray for
your application. Choose from more than 75 stock
pre-made CPET trays or create a distinctive custombranded package through our development team.
• Choose the ideal tray color from clear and pigmented options.
• Tailor your tray to your product, cost, branding and performance needs with an extensive selection of
materials, barrier levels and temperature ranges.
Encompass™ Lids or Lidding Film
We’ll team your tray with the optimum Bemis® Encompass™ lidding to create the protection and
ease of use your product demands.
• Rigid, reclosable solutions such as snap-fit or hinged lids create multi-use packages.
• Flexible lidding solutions such as EZ Peel® or fusion seal provide tailored opening performance.
• Self-venting or ovenable options offer ready-to-cook convenience.
• Printed lidding eliminates secondary labeling.
John Kearny
Market Manager
“Bemis is your single-source partner for a truly unlimited range of poultry
packaging. No matter what your application, we’ll help you create a package that
stands out in the case, increases shelf life, protects freshness and flavor, and
builds brand loyalty. Contact me at or 800-544-4672 to
discuss the needs of your next package.”
Sustainable Solutions
Ask about our #1 recyclable
, or Encore™ trays,
the responsible new trays formed with post-consumer content.
2200 Badger Ave., P.O. Box 2968, Oshkosh, WI 54903
800-544-4672 Fax: 920-527-7306
© 2014 Bemis, Inc.
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