Easy Fountain Instructions 45020L Rustic Pump Pots

Easy Fountain Instructions 45020L Rustic Pump Pots
Easy Fountain Instructions
45020L Rustic Pump Pots
Please read the assembly and pump operating instructions carefully and observe the safety
Position the water feature onto a secure and level surface.
Following the diagram above, fix the water pump section of the feature onto the base and secure it
into position.
Position the pump in the resevoir at the base of the fountain and attach the LED light to the cable
that extends from the pump. Connect the internal water pipe to the pump outlet.
Thread the long transformer wire through the opening in the back of the fountain. Push the cable
with 2 pins into the transformer and screw over the plastic collar.
Carefully fill the fountain with sufficient water taking care to ensure the pump is fully submerged.
Connect the plug to your mains outlet.
The transformer should never be submerged or stood in water.
Please note the transformer will get hot while in use, this is normal.
PUMP FLOW: The pump flow
can be adjusted with the
regulator, this is found on the
inlet of the pump. We
recommend starting with the
flow regulator fully open and
then adjusting down if required.
ELECTRICAL SAFETY: If outdoors the outlet must be
waterproof. We recommend the use of a residual current device
(GFI) Ground Fault Interrupter (available from all good D.I.Y.
stores) when connecting the fountain to the electric supply.
Easy Fountain Instructions
45020L Rustic Pump Pots
Cleaning and Care Information
• Clean and top-up the water on a regular basis.
• To empty the fountain of water for cleaning or for winter care:
Smaller fountains (that are light enough to be lifted) - the water can be
emptied by simply inverting the fountain and letting the water pour away
through a suitable drain or sink.
Larger (heavier) fountains - water can be removed by using a large sponge
or by purchasing a simple syphon pipe available from aquatic supply stores.
• Always shut off the power before cleaning and maintaining the fountain
or pump.
• For fountains placed outside, we recommend using easyfountain®
Algae Stopper to keep the water clean and clear.
• To clean the fountain use easyfountain® Grime and Lime Cleaner.
• Should you have a build up of algae, we recommend Algae Killer
Quick Clear One Shot to remedy the removal of Algae, however you
should continue to keep your fountain clean with easyfountain® Algae Stopper
and easyfountain® Grime and Lime Cleaner.
• Please note: The Kelkay range of cleaning products and accessories are only available in the UK
and Republic of Ireland.
• Never allow the fountain pump to run dry as this will cause damage and invalidate the warranty.
• It is not recommended to leave the fountain running constantly. We suggest turning the fountain
on/off when required.
• Always shut off the power before cleaning and maintaining the pump.
If the water pump fails to operate, check the following:
1. If the pump cannot pump water, check if the power is correctly connected or check if sufficient
water is inside the reservoir.
(a) Check the pump and tubing for any form of obstructions.
(b) Remove the cover with the pump flow adjuster to reveal the pump impeller and gently turn the
rotor to check that it is not broken or jammed.
2. If the pump runs with slow water circulation check the following:(a) The flow control on the body of the pump.
(b) Ensure the pump is completely submersed.
3. If any abnormal sound is heard during the pump operation, turn off the power supply and check
the rotor assembly as follows:
(a) Remove the pump cover and rotor plate from the front.
(b) Grip the impeller and gently take out the rotor assembly from the pump.
(c) Rinse the motor assembly and the housing with clean water in order to remove any grit or
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