Table Grace Café Job Assistance Program for

Table Grace Café Job Assistance Program for
Table Grace Café Job Assistance Program for Restaurant Workers
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Middle I.
Address: _______________________________
Do you want to find work
in a restaurant? ______________
Please list the names and phone numbers for two character references:
Important: The Table Grace Café does NOT hire employees through the Job
Assistance Program. The goal of this program is to HELP PEOPLE FIND JOBS IN
Each participant must complete 10 days of unpaid training at Table Grace
Café. (preferably 2 consecutive weeks with 5 days in each week)
 If an applicant misses a shift, Table Grace Café must be notified AT LEAST 12
HOURS IN ADVANCE. (for example if you are unable to work at 9:30am on a
Friday, you must call by 9:30pm the previous day)
 Failure to show up for a shift without giving the required notice will
terminate your eligibility for the program.
 Participants will set a schedule for their 10 days on the first day they work
the program. Missing a scheduled day may result in termination from the
What will you get out of this?
1. Basic training in restaurant work: dishwashing, food safety, sanitation,
cleaning, food handling, customer service, etc.
2. Letter of recommendation.
3. Help finding a job in a restaurant.
What you will NOT get out of this.
 We can’t guarantee you will find work
 We cannot offer transportation to your interviews
 We will not hire you at Table Grace Café. We are a nonprofit restaurant and
as such have only our basic program staff and rely on volunteers to keep the
Café going.
Questions? Call Matt: 402.708.7815
How will I find a Job?
1. Set a schedule to work for10 days at Table Grace Café – shifts are from
a. Make sure it is a schedule you can keep
b. Show up on time (5 minute grace period - no exceptions – if you are
going to be late, you must call in advance, if you fail to call to inform us
you will be late, you will be terminated from the program. Each
person is allowed 1 tardy, a second will result in termination)
2. Complete a resume/application with the help of a TGC staffer before the end
of your 10 days.
3. Call the restaurants you are interested in working in, ask who the managers
are and when they will be there.
4. Physically go to the restaurants, walk in, ask for the manager by name, tell
them you are looking for a job and you can start immediately.
5. Tell them you have a resume and letter of recommendation – give it to them
even if they say they are not hiring.
6. They will say yes or no, if they say yes, you found a job, if they say no, move
on to the next restaurant until someone says yes.
I agree to follow the above guidelines. I agree to be kind, courteous, cooperative,
and professional. I understand that I will get out of this program what I put into
it. I must be willing to follow the above guidelines in order to find a job. I
understand there are no guarantees.
Name – Printed
Questions? Call Matt: 402.708.7815
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