Xtreme PC LXD-8541F

Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Chip PC Linux-based Thinx OS
Xtreme PC LXD8541F: High Security,
Modular, SFP-Enabled Thin Client
Xtreme PC LXD8541F revolutionary SFP-Enabled thin client provides you with the
flexibility and modularity to connect Chip PC Technologies' high-end, powerful thin
client to any network infrastructure available in your organization, including Fiber
Optic and Copper networks.
Xtreme PC LXD8541F was specifically developed to address the needs for highsecurity thin desktops for defense and law-enforcement organizations and built for
high- security applications that require low-emanations and secured protocols as
Featuring support for any 100Base/1000Base SFP module, Xtreme PC LXD8541F
smoothly operates with either fiber optic or CAT5 LAN copper networks and is more
secured and capable than most desktop PCs. The combination of ultra-green
platform with very low power consumption, state of the art high-reliability hardware
design and unparalleled management software position it as the ultimate choice for
enterprise users.
Highlights at a Glance
Fully Managed from Remote
Fully managed by Xcalibur Global management suite in
any environment (LAN, WAN, Remote Site)
• Deployment: Effortless ‘out of the box’ deployment. Once
connected to the network settings are applied seamlessly
• Configuration: 100% of the firmware settings can be set by
Policies to be applied on multiple devices from remote
locations using existing AD structure
• Physical security: Kensington lock slot
• Monitoring: Sends real time information to the Xcalibur
Global management suite and can be shadowed by VNC to
offer real time interaction and help desk support
• Ease of use: No need to clone & redeploy multiple firmware
master copies, no scripts or configuration files
Green Devices
• Excellent power/performance ratio, only 4-6W power
• Device logon: Active Directory user credentials can be
set for device access – just like a regular PC. Session
logon: PC/SC Smart Card support (external reader,
optionally internal reader)
• Network security: Support 802.1x for wired LAN
• Code security: Virus-immune, no patches or Antivirus
Easy to Update
• Software add-ons: Install add-ons (ICA/RDP/ VMware
View/Browser and more) independently without
upgrading the entire Operating System
• Safe to update: the option to separately install add-ons
is more stable and consumes less network bandwidth
• Designed for >10 years life cycle
Citrix Environments:
Full Support for Citrix® HDX
Support, Citrix XenApp and
XenDesktop environments
Remotely configurable ICA
Connections, Citrix® PNAgent &
Web Interface settings
Boot into Kiosk Mode with autolaunch Citrix Connection upon
device start up
Microsoft RDS:
Outstanding, PC-like in-session
Single Sign On (SSO) with
Device Logon credentials Passthrough into the Citrix session.
ICA Client version can be
updated from remote
Support Microsoft Windows
Terminal Server 2003 / 2008
Remotely configurable RDP
Rdesktop 1.7 optimized for
Terminal Server 2008R2
Boot into Kiosk Mode with autolaunch RDP Connection upon
device start up
Outstanding, PC-like in-session
Single Sign On (SSO) with
Device Logon credentials Passthrough into the RDP session.
RDP Client version can be
updated from remote
VMware View:
Support VMware View
Remotely configurable
VMware View server
Connect to VMs using
Rdesktop 1.7
SSL Tunnelling support
Boot into Kiosk Mode with
auto-launch RDP Connection
upon device start up
Single Sign On (SSO) with
Device Logon credentials
Pass-through into the RDP
VMware View Client version
can be updated from remote
Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Chip PC Linux-based Thinx OS
Product Specifications Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Marvell Dove, Armada 510 800MHZ
1GB, DDR3 @ 800MHz
Mass Storage
2GB, High reliability eMMC NAND flash
Optional externally accessed MicroSD slot
Display Support
One DVI-I port
Optional DVI-I to DVI-D plus VGA-monitor splitter cable (sold separately)
Optional DVI-I Port to VGA (DB-15) adapter (sold separately)
Display Data Control (DDC) for automatic setting of resolution and refresh rate
Single: Up to 1920x1200 Pixels @ true color (32 bit)
Dual: Up to 1920x1080 Pixels @ true color (24 bit)
Video Player
Various video codecs, including DivX HD, H.264 (MPEG4), WMV9/VC1
Up to 1080p local browser Flash support
Audio Support
High Definition Audio Codec
Stereo Audio Output – 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) Audio-Out Jack; 16-bit Stereo, 96KHz
sample rate
Microphone Input – 3.5 mm (1/8 inch), 8 bit
Software volume / mute control
Input / Output ports
Operating System
6 x USB 2.0 ports
Chip PC Thinx (Linux-based kernel)
ICA 12.1 with full Citrix® HDX support for Linux
RDP (RDesktop 1.7)
Web Browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome
Flash 10 Player
VNC remote shadowing
Local Media Player (Totem)
X-Windows 7.2 server
VDM plug-in – VMView 4.5 for open source
User Scripts plug-in
PDF Viewer
Customized System Screen to reflect corporate logo
Terminal Emulation
SIP phone plug-in
JVM and Java plug-in for browser
100BaseFX or 1000BaseXX (1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX, etc), IEEE 802.3. ; Km
distance dependent on SFP Module type (2km for 100Base-FX; 10 km for
1000Base-LX, etc)
Wave length dependent on SFP Module type, multimode or single mode fibres
Transceivers meet MIL-STD-883C Method 3015.4 Class 2 products
1000Base-T (CAT5 cable)
Other SFP modules supported (optional)
Kensington lock slot
Device input: 12VDC
Idle power consumption 2W, Operating power consumption: 4-6W
Wall-mount power supply input: Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz,
12V/1.5A (included)
Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Chip PC Linux-based Thinx OS
Product Specifications Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 8.9(W)x14(D)x2.3 (H) cm/3.5(W )x6.22(D)x0.92(H) inch
Device weight: 180 gr. (6 oz.)
Shipping Weight: 0.65 Kg. (1.43 lbs.)
Temperature range: Operating - 32ºF to 104ºF (0ºC to 40ºC)
Storage: -46ºF to 163ºF (-20ºC to 70ºC)
Humidity: Operating - 20 to 80% non condensing; Storage - 0 to 90% non condensing
Altitude: 0 to 42,000 ft
Regulatory Compliance
Safety: EN/IEC60950-1
EMI/EMC: FCC Class B, CE Mark, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1, VCCI
Environmental: WEEE, RoHS Compliant
Optional Accessories
to be purchased
• Kensington lock with 3ft cable
Visit www.chippc.com for an updated list
Enclosure Color
1 year automatic Warranty, additional 2 years pending on product registration
Extended Warranty for years 4 & 5, optional, to be obtained during first year after
14 cm
2.3 cm
Kensington Lock slot
8.9 cm
Side view
Overview with sizes
Back view
Front view
Monitor, keyboard and mouse - to be purchased separately
Xcalibur Global & Plugin licenses - to be purchased separately
Above features are supported in latest firmware image version released
Actual display support is dependent on display hardware and cable quality; some of the resolutions and display modes described
above may not be supported by certain displays or cables
Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice
Xtreme PC LXD-8541F
Chip PC Linux-based Thinx OS
The Company
Since its inception, Chip PC has been a world leader in server-centric-computing. A private company with
branches in Europe and the U.S., Chip PC develops and manufactures, top notch, zero and thin client
technology and management systems.
Chip PC’s team of dedicated researchers and
developers have combined their years of
experience to yield novel ideas and deliver an
outstandingly innovative family of zero and thin
client products.
With the award winning Xcalibur Global
management system and innovative zero and
thin client units, Chip PC maintains a leading
market position with its end-to-end solution.
The End-to-End Solution
Chip PC is aimed at solving the thorny problem of
combining intelligent zero and thin client networking
with sophisticated management and control. Chip
PC’s unique solution constructs a ground-up zero
and thin client network from the revolutionary Jack
PC that fits into a standard wall jack, through the
LXD and HD PC Series’, state-of-the art, powerful,
desktop units and miniature Plug PCs.
These server-centric, revolutionarily designed units
for the Cloud are comprehensively managed by
Chip PC’s Xcalibur Global. The Xcalibur Global
Management System simulates an Active Directory
environment with intelligent usage of its
management principles of policies and tools and
offers flexible management that applies down to the
specific needs of every particular client unit or user.
© Chip PC Technologies, all rights reserved.
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