stainless steel for professional kitchens in some of the
world’s most important hotels and restaurants. Since
2003, we have applied our mastery of design and
fabrication in a complete line of residential products.
We consider our products to be sculptures in stainless
steel, so it is only fitting that each one is fabricated and
finished by hand. Julien® uses solely high-quality, 16 gauge
stainless steel with an artisan passion to obtain perfect
results. Even the smallest detail is executed with extreme
precision to create a level of quality in construction and
finish never before attained in the industry.
Why a Julien® sink?
• Design: Distinctive, innovative and sophisticated.
• Functionality: Tilt-out and front drawers, corner
drains, storage, backsplash.
Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation
For 60 years, Julien® has been perfecting the art of
• Uniqueness: Crafted from sheet metal, welded
and polished by hand, not stamped.
• Practical & hygienic: Easy to clean.
• Environmental: Our sinks are made of 90%
recycled stainless steel.
• Customization: Endless possibilities to fit your
own personal needs and style.
• 16 gauge stainless steel: Durable and long-lasting
(25% thicker than 18 gauge).
• Insulated with sound pads: Absorb sounds,
maintain water temperature.
• Lifetime warranty.
Vintage Collection
Inspired by the UrbanEdge™ Collection, the Vintage
is a traditional sink with a contemporary flair,
commemorative of past success and a declaration of
continuing excellence. A true hybrid of design, where
past meets future in a fusion of conventional style and
modern panache. Julien’s high-grade materials and attention to detail provide unparalleled distinction in design
and functionality and the result is easy-maintenance,
long-term value and an uncompromising quality.
• Includes a wide back ledge lending generous space
to install faucets and several other accessories
without crowding the workspace.
• Innovative features such as tilt-out drawers,
integrated drainboards, and coordinating accessories
included with several models.
• Various models: Farmhouse, Undermount and
Worktop configurations.
UrbanEdge Collection
The true essence of understated modernism. The
UrbanEdge™ Collection is a stunning combination of
extreme style and precise geometrics catering to
maximum function. Each new shaped bowl, drainboard,
and worktop surface maintains the precision and detail
only found in a Julien sink.
Traditional shapes with a distinctive touch, Julien® Home
Refinements® Undermount sink collection provides a
streamlined look of perfectly rounded corners all
welded and polished by hand. Generous proportions and
functional ingenuity make this superbly made minimalist
collection handy as it is handsome.
• Sturdy, deep, designed to accommodate large pans
and bulky equipment.
• Available in single and double bowls.
• Optional built-in drawers, integral tilt-out drawers,
and drainboards.
Classic Collection
Undermount Sinks
Based on the traditional farmhouse design, Julien
provides a modern, stainless steel twist to this country
home staple. By incorporating the purity of minimalism
with the addition of functionality, Julien provides
innovative extras to the classic farmhouse style.
• Straight or curved integrated front apron.
• Innovative features such as tilt-out drawers
integrated drainboards, and coordinating accessories
included with several models.
• Secondary work surface available on selected models.
• Single or double bowl options available in
varying depths.
Classic Collection
Farmhouse Sinks
Straight: A simple yet strong design, the bowls are
rectangular with soft, inside radius corners and are framed
by a flat, upper surface border. The vibrant stainless steel
finish provides a discrete yet inspiring look, a brilliant
example of understated style.
Curved: Voluptuous, curved facades add a touch of stylish
grace while accentuating the minimalist design. An
ambitious development to a classic look, the stainless steel
curves create a true enhancement to any countertop.
A clean and modern collection, these sinks boast clever
storage and thoughtful extras designed to accomplish
everyday tasks with charm and efficiency. A perfect
companion to any modern kitchen, the Worktop sink is
a beautiful blend of practicality and style.
• Stylish, functional backsplash provides easy access
to utensils and knives.
• Offered in either an angular design with a built-in
drawer, or a flowing curve design equipped with a
soap dispenser.
• Wooden knife block (can be stained to match
• Very large and deep with an off-center drain
maximizing internal workspace.
• Top-mount makes retrofit installation easy.
Rounded Edge Sinks
Fluid design does double duty. This deep and robust unit
embraces all the curves and angles with undermount
elegance while handling the toughest jobs beautifully.
Great looks and fabulous functionality for any kitchen.
Classic Collection
Worktop Sinks
Bottom Grids – Designed to help maintain the
beautiful finish and luster of the stainless steel surface.
• Built for rinsing and draining; protects the sink
surface from scratching with rubber-tipped
footings for stability.
Julien® Home Refinements® customized accessories are
compatible with every sink in the collection. Intelligent
design, unique aesthetics, the finest materials and
hand-crafted attention to detail make multi-tasking
with Julien® accessories a daily delight.
Sink Colanders – Innovative design and functional
refinements make food preparation and cleanup fast, easy
and pleasant.
• Easy to manipulate with balanced ergonomic handles;
unique shape and size of openings optimize drainage.
Cutting Boards – Naturally elegant and functional,
our customized cutting boards are designed for efficiency,
beauty and durability, day after day.
To cut or prepare food.
100% hard rock maple.
Holds its finish and absorbs knife cuts.
Doesn’t stain.
NSF approved (National Sanitation Approved).
Easy to use and maintain.
Stable, comfortable, generous-sized workspace.
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