HR Calendar Calendar Guide

HR Calendar Calendar Guide
HR Calendar Guide
HR Calendar
HR Calendars store personal activities on a calendar along with HR
tracking of time off, team holidays
ays and HR reports. To access,
access click
on HR Calendar on the Central navigation
n menu on the top of the
Use the button navigation at the top of the calendar to move between
different views.
• Month – view your calendar by month
• Week – view your calendar by week
• Day – view your calendar by day
Prev – moves from active calendar view to the prior month, week
or day
Next – moves from the active calendar view to the next
sequential month, week or day
Today – moves from active calendar view to the current view
month, week or day and today
ay is highlighted
it from the
Staff Navigation – view another calendar by selecting
drop down menu. To quickly return to your calendar, click the
Calendars button.
1. Click on the day of the activity. A New Activity screen will be
2. The Start Date and End Date were automatically entered when
you chose the activity day on the calendar. Enter a different End
Date if the activity is longer than one day.
3. Choose the Activity Duration.
4. Complete the Activity Details by selecting the Activity Type from
the drop down list.
• Training activities appear in blue
• Sick activities appear in yellow
• All other activities appear in green
5. Type the details of the activity in the Description field.
6. Enter any additional information in the Notes field.
7. Click the Create Activity button.
8. You can edit an activity by clicking on it, make the changes and
then click the Save Changes button.
9. To completely remove an activity, access the activity details by
clicking on it, and then click the Delete Activity button.
This feature allows the administrator to enter activities in more than
one person’s calendar.
1. Click on Calendars from the HR Calendar menu.
2. From your calendar, click on the Add Multi-Activity
3. Complete the dates, duration and details of the activity.
4. Determine the Activity Distribution:
• Company – adds the activity to all users within the company
• Location – allows you to select which locations to add the
activity to all users within the selected locations
• My Team – allows you to select which employees to add the
activity to on your team
• All Employees – allows you to select which employees to add
the activity to from a list of all employees within your company
5. Click the Create Multi-Activity button.
6. You can edit a multi-activity
activity by clicking on it, make the changes
and then click the Save Changes button.
7. To completely remove a multi-activity, access the activity details
by clicking on it, and then click the Delete Activity button.
Shared Calendars
Shared Calendars are created and maintained by the company
administrator and can be viewed by accessing your calendar.
1. From the Admin menu, click on Communications and then, click
Shared Calendars.
2. From the Shared Calendars screen click on the Create Calendar
3. In the Calendar Name field type in the name of your shared
calendar and then click
lick the Create Calendar button.
4. From the Shared Calendars screen, click on the name of the
calendar you wish to access.
5. Click the Calendar Access button to determine the users that will
be able to view the calendar:
• No Access – will prevent users from accessing
the calendar
• Company – allows all users within the company to view the
• Location – allows you to select users from individual locations
to the calendar
6. Click the Save Calendar Access button.
7. Click on the date to create an activity. Complete
Complet the activity
• Date
• Duration
• Details – type, description, URL, URL Label
Including URL links is only available on shared calendars
8. Click the Back to List button to return to the list of shared
9. To remove a shared calendar, click the garbage can in the
corresponding line.
Holiday Request
A Holiday Request gives employees the ability to electronically
equest vacation/holiday from their manager.
1. Click on the Request Holiday button.
2. Enter the Start and End Date.
3. Choose the Holiday Duration
4. Type the details of your request in the Notes field.
5. The Holiday Approver field will default to your manager. Click
Other to select a different Manager from the drop down list.
6. Click the Submit for Approval button.
The user will receive a message on their Home screen that the
request was submitted. Their manager will receive a message
on their Home screen that a request was submitted.
Holiday Request Message
When an employee requests a holiday, the system automatically
generates a message to let them know that the request was sent to
their manager. The system also generates a message to the
employee letting them know if the holiday was approved or rejected.
Holiday Approval
Only managers can approve holiday requests. If an employee does
not have a manager (one is not designated in their Employee set up
screen), then the employee can log their own holidays on their
1. Click on the Holiday Request message.
2. Review the request; enter any message in the Notes area.
3. Click the Approve button to approve the request or click the
Reject button to deny the request.
4. Once the decision is made a message will automatically be sent
to notify the employee. If the request is approved, it will also
automatically add the holiday activity
ctivity on their calendar.
Edit Holidays
Administrators can edit and remove a booked holiday from employee
1. From the HR Calendar menu, click
lick on Calendars.
2. Select the staff calendar you would like to edit.
3. Click on the holiday (in purple).
4. In the Edit Activity screen, you can change the dates, duration
and type.
5. To remove the entire activity, click the Delete Activity button.
Team Holidays
The ability to view your team’s holiday and sickness time off
schedule is often used by managers to determine future time off
based on resources.
1. Click on Team Holidays.. The Holiday Summary calendar view
will be displayed. Use the navigation controls to move forward
and backward.
2. Administrators will have the ability to use a drop down menu to
view other team calendars.
3. Click Summary View to view a summary grid of your team.
HR Reports
Holidays and Sickness
These reports provide a summary for each employee’s holidays,
holiday and
1. Click on HR Reports. The Holiday Summary will be displayed.
2. A summary of holiday entitlement, taken and remaining is
displayed along with the detail of each holiday entry.
• Holiday Entitlement is entered by the administrator during
employee setup.
3. Click on Sickness. The same information is displayed for
4. To switch to another staff member, choose their name from the
Show me drop down list in the upper right corner of the screen.
5. Use the buttons to navigate.
Time Clock Reports
In addition to the Holidays and Sickness reports, Managers can also
view Time Clock reports for their team.
Time Clock Summary
This report will list each employee and their total number of hours
worked for the date range entered.
1. Click on Time Clock Summary Report from the HR Reports
2. Enter a date range to view and then click the Run Report button.
Time Clock Detail
The Time Clock Detail report is a detailed log of each staff member,
the days they worked, their time in and out, and total time worked. To
access the Time Clock Detail report,
1. From the HR Calendar menu, click on HR Reports.
2. Select Time Clock Detail.
3. Enter the start and end date for the report.
4. Choose the location and select the staff member(s) you would
like to view and click the Run Report button.
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