Color Blender
Color Blender
Disc Dosing Systems
Series LA-M
Micro Processor controlled
Dosing of one or two colors or additives
and mixing with virgin materials
Special features:
smart microprocessor control, software copyright by LANCO
exact dosing of one or two small components to virgin materials
digital volumetric dosing and perfect mixing of all components
mixing hopper made from electro polished stainless steel
prepared for combination with LANCO-hopper loading systems
Blender type
Article No.
volumes mixer
and dosing
stations in Liter
LA-M 1 / MK
LA-M 1 / MN
LA-M 1 / MH
15 l
LA M 2 / MK
LA-M 2 / MN
LA-M 2 / MH
15 l
up to
Shot weight
max. Gramm
electric load
3phase 400/50
Gross weight
(wide x deep x h)
25 kg/h
50 kg/h
500 g
1.000 g
0,3 kW
0,37 kW
30 kg
33 kg
680/320/600 mm
720/400/640 mm
100 kg/h
2.000 g
0,45 kW
38 kg
720/400/750 mm
25 kg/h
500 g
0,4 kW
42 kg
680/600/600 mm
50 kg/h
1.000 g
0,47 kW
47 kg
720/740/640 mm
100 kg/h
2.000 g
0,55 kW
52 kg
720/740/750 mm
Power supply: 3phase 400V, 5oHz, 3x16A pre fuse
Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz (Special voltage on request)
Stand: 01.11.2011
LANCO - Colour Blenders
Series LA-M
For best performance this blenders should be installed directly on the extruder inlet of processing
machines replacing the original machine hopper.
They work in a continuously self optimizing dosing
mode in such a way that small portions of additives
fall in the mixing chamber where an agitator makes
a uniform mixture of all ingredients. A signal contact
from the processing machine sends life signs to the
Interchangeable dosing stations that fit on the
same dosing gear motors allow fast colour
changes and set up.
A start up procedure that calculates based on the
volume of the mixing hopper, the preset percentages of the additives and the bulk weight of the main
component makes it easy to get stabile colouring
results after just a few shots of the processing machine. This saves time and reduces reject parts.
The inlet for the main material carries in most
cases an automatic hopper loader. Automatic filling
by gravity is a possible option.
For all possible additives like colour masterbatch,
foaming agents, antistatic agents, stabilizers a. s. o.
there are dosing stations available. Customized
dosing stations for powders and liquids are possible.
Pre-dried resins can be processed with the
standard blenders up to 80°C. Special high temp.
versions up to resin temp. of 180°C are possible on
special request.
On special request there can also be installed automatic loading systems on dosing stations for additives.
Long life 3phase gear motors for dosing and mixing
operations last for many years of operation.
mixing gear motor
acrylic dosing hopper
dosing gear motor
mixing hopper
dimensions see chart
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Stand: 01.11.2011
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