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PS14 Inst.07.09.indd
PS14 Series
4-Person Hand Wash Station
Operations & Maintenance Guide
58 in
General Product Overview & Operation Information
This self-contained, stand alone four person hand wash station is designed for
use where convenient hand washing is desired or required, such as food service
locations at outdoor events or construction sites. The compact design is ideal
for areas where limited space is available and is easy to transport. Supplied
fully assembled with a simplified plumbing system that is easy to maintain.
We recommend reading through the entire booklet prior to proceeding
with use, service or maintenance.
147 cm
22.5 in
57 cm
22.5 in
57 cm
Fresh Water
20 gal
76 L
• Rivet Gun
Gray Water
22 gal
83 L
Pump Capacity
(per stroke)
2 fl oz
59.1 ml
Number of Single
• Standard slotted screwdriver
Weight Empty
Weight Full
• Drill with 13/64” bit
60 lb
27 kg
226 lb
103 kg
Fresh Water Plumbing
The plumbing system in this sink is simple and requires minimal maintenance.
If the system becomes plugged, first check the foot pumps. Depress each foot
pump and observe the level of resistance. If there is resistance and water is not
dispensed, there is most likely an obstruction in the tube or at the orifice of the
water tap spigot. If there is no resistance and the water is not dispensed, then
either a.) a tube connection is loose or b.) an internal rubber part of the pump
needs replacing.
Paper Towel Dispenser
Four packs of single-fold towels (Georgia Pacific 23504)
250 towels per pack. 1000 per wash station.
Soap Dispensers
4/30 fl oz
4/887 ml
Total Capacity
120 fl. oz
3,548 ml
Color Options
All materials, including resin, pigments and additives
used to make the plastic components as well as the
plumbing components that come in contact with the
fresh water are U.S. FDA food grade compliant.
Granite Gray, Tan, Evergreen & Army Green
NOTE: All dimensions are subject to change due to environmental factors.
PolyJohn Enterprises Corp
PolyJohn (UK) Ltd.
2500 Gaspar Ave.
Equinox 1 Audby Lane
Whiting, IN 46394
Wetherby, England LS22 7RD
Phone: 800-292-1305
Phone: 44 (0) 1937-583333
Fax: 219-659-0625
Fax: 44 (0) 1937-583322
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PolyJohn Canada
P.O. Box 2300
199 Forest Plain Rd.
Orillia, Ontario LV3 6S2
Phone: 800-465-9590
Fax: 705-325-8250
Drain Plumbing System
The drain system is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Each of the four
sink bowls are molded into the inner tank and the gray water drains directly
into it through the three drilled holes in the bottom of each basin. These holes
are kept small to minimize debris and foreign matter from entering the inner
holding tank.
Pump Removal
The base plate does not have to be removed for pump maintenance. The pumps
are fastened to the base plate with (4) PC-000104 - Rivets (which will have to be
drilled out to remove the pumps). Quick disconnect fittings are used throughout
the plumbing system. To disconnect the tubing, push the ring of the fitting
toward the fitting stem while at the same time pulling out on the tubing.
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Service & Maintenance Information (Continued)
Service / Maintenance Information
Filling with Fresh Water
Unscrew the 1” plug located in the top corner of the sink. Insert a standard 1”
garden or similar type hose and fill with a few gallons of fresh water to perform
a system check. Depress each pump a few times to “prime” them (the pumps
have built-in check valves that will hold a prime between uses). Continue filling to
the 20 gallon water level capacity (which should take approximately five minutes
with a standard garden hose and normal water pressure). The tank is full when
you can view the water level in the 1” hole. Tighten the plug when finished.
Emptying Fresh Water
Drain the fresh water by unscrewing the 1/2” plug located at the bottom of the
sink. Tighten the plug when finished.
Emptying Gray Water
NOTE: Certain geographical areas prohibit “dumping” of gray water and requires proper disposal. Unscrew the 3” cap located in the top corner of the sink
to pump out the gray water. Tighten the cap when finished.
Access Inner Plumbing / Spigot Replacement
Drill out the (8) PC-000117 - Star Rivets that attach the outer tank to the inner
tower. Drill out the (8) PC-000104 - Rivets located at the spigots. Pull out the
spigots with elbows attached approximately 5”. Disconnect the tubing by
pushing the ring on the fitting toward the fitting stem while at the same time
pulling out on the tubing. To reattach the spigots, we recommend using PC000104 - Rivets with PC-000106 - Back-up Washers on the stems of the rivets.
To remove the paper towel holder, drill out the (4) PC-000105 - Bulbex Rivets
located inside the dispenser.
Paper Towel Dispenser
Unlock the master lock on the paper towel holder. Add one pack of single fold
towels (Georgia Pacific 23504 or equivalent) to each compartment (total of 4
packs) and feed the first towel through the slots in the bottom of the towel
holder body.
Soap Dispensers
Open the soap dispenser by placing your hands
on both sides of the dispenser and pressing up on
the tabs of the lid. Locate the tab on the mounting
plate at the rear of the dispenser and push in on it
and slide the dispenser up and off. Fill with 30 fluid
ounces of liquid soap. Refasten it to the mounting
plate and snap the lid back on. Repeat for the other
three dispensers.
law in certain areas of the U.S. Other geographical areas require that the materials used to manufacture the sinks comply with the U.S. Federal Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) guidelines 21 CFR 175.300 (resins), 177.1520 (olefin polymers) and 178.3297 (colorants for polymers). The materials also comply with
the U.S. Public Health Service Drinking Water Standards, 42 CFR part 72 and U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations
40 CFR part 141.
HANDS FREE PUMP, instruction for user to use foot pump to operate the sink.
UNIT MUST BE DRAINED BEFORE TRANSPORTING, reminds service operator to empty the sink before transporting.
• Drain all water from the tanks.
• Flush tank with a solution of chlorine and water.
• Depress the foot pump to clear lines.
• Drain all water from the tanks.
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Use a mild soap to clean all surfaces and component parts.
Minor scratches and abrasions can be lightly sanded or scrubbed with a
mild abrasive cleaner (such as “Soft Scrub”) that contains calcium carbonate,
hypochlorate bleach and detergents. Be sure to follow the cleaning product
directions since these ingredients may cause hazardous gases when mixed with
other chemicals. Rinse the cleaned area and buff with a conventional wax.
Some light scratches may also be hidden by using an industrial hot air gun.
To keep the water fresh add a “Fresh Sink Tablet” (chlorinated tablet) each time
the sink is filled with water.
For a source of cleaning, deodorizing and paper products contact:
WHITING, IN 46394-2175
800-292-1305 EXTENSION 514
We highly recommend membership in the Portable Sanitation Association International
(PSAI); the worldwide authority on portable sanitation services. The PSAI, “Portable
Sanitation Industry Certification Program” manual contains a wealth of information on
standards and service procedures. For more information contact the PSAI:
800-822-3020 / 612-854-8300 FAX 612-854-7560
“PolyJohn is a family owned, state of the art, plastics manufacturing company
dedicated to providing its employees with a work environment committed to
excellence, and its customers with innovative products, services and technology
that meet or exceed their requirements.”
Look for us on the Web @
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