LED light Busch-iceLight® Function turns into - Busch

LED light Busch-iceLight® Function turns into - Busch
LED light
Busch-iceLight ®
Function turns into emotion. By means of light from the flushmounted box. Because Busch-iceLight® supports the harmonious
interaction of light, architecture and function. At the same time it
completely blends with the existing ABB/Busch-Jaeger switch
ranges solo®, future linear®, carat® and Busch-axcent®. Thereby
extending the options for creating, illuminating, providing
orientation and informing. In the private, business and semi-public
Personal ideas create a personal atmosphere.
Now possible with the adjustable design
covers. Because the high-quality inserts are
available in 9 different grids and decors. This is
how Busch-iceLight individually creates a
personal atmosphere. And lends light a new,
many-faceted character.
Light can be more than merely the illumination
for the room. If it highlights what the
architecture expresses. When it highlights the
personal touch. Just like the Busch-iceLight
Ambience ceiling light. Because it provides light
in its purest form. From Above. And it can be
discreetly integrated. Individually in small
rooms or as a series on large ceiling areas.
Functional for the entrance area, corridor or
stairs. Colorful for the bathroom. Wherever –
the Busch-iceLight radiates the essentials.
Whether for one´s path or one´s goal –
orientation is necessary for both. This is
especially so in a world that is getting ever
more complex. And it should appeal at the very
first glance. Because this enables people to
move about safely on unfamiliar terrain.
Especially in buildings with public traffic is clear
communication important. Also as an
identifying sign of high-quality architecture. And
here Busch-iceLight Orientation gladly takes
the lead.
01 Busch-iceLight - Wall module Ambience
02 Busch-iceLight
- Ambience ceiling light
03 Busch-iceLight
- Wall module Orientation
Technical Data
LED flush-type insert 2067/11 U
LED flush-type insert 2067/12 U
LED flush-type insert 2067/13 U
Night light
LED flush-type insert 2067/14 U
Night light
Warm white 2700K
Neutral white 4000K
Mains voltage (primary):
230 V ~ +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Mains voltage (secondary):
LED power consumption:
350 mA
System power consumption:
IP 20
Warm white 3000K
Cold white 6500K
Mains voltage (primary):
230 V ~ +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Mains voltage (secondary):
LED power consumption:
40 mA
System power consumption:
0,15 W
IP 20
Wall module 2068/11-xxx
Wall module 2068/14-xxx
Info light
Ceiling module 2068/2xxx
Insert 2144/-19
1 Light direction
5 Light directions
1 Light direction
Additional decor or pictogram
inserts for the wall modules can be
ordered separately.
The matching atmosphere in the bathroom is
created by the ceiling light. The lighting can be
switched on prior to or after the film as a soft
basic light.
Busch-iceLight offers orientation in the dark.
The light module with one light direction, which
shines downward, is mounted 30 cm above
floor height. The path can be illuminated by
using several light modules.
Pictograms can be inserted for orientation. This
offers orientation twice: on the one hand, one is
informed, and, on the other hand, basic
illumination is available at night.
Connection diagrams
2067/11U + 2067/12 U
Standard connection with off-switch
(switch without contact-parallel illumination)
Alternative connection with two-way switches
(switches without contact-parallel illumination)
Service switch for reduction of light intensity
(100% and 25%)
Vertical range of products
Busch-iceLight completely blends with the switch ranges solo , future linear, carat und Busch-axcent .
The inserts are available in 9 different grids and decors.
The pictorgram are available in 30 different designs.
See all products in our current
electronic catalogue.
Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH – A member of the ABB Group, Freisenbergstraße 2, 58513 Lüdenscheid, Germany
Central sales service: Phone: +49 2351 956-1600, www.BUSCH-JAEGER.com
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