Naturstone Soapstone Cookware
Soapstone Cookware
♦ Totally natural ♦
♦ Great for low-fat cooking ♦
♦ Virtually non-stick after curing ♦
♦ Even and constant heat ♦
♦ Imparts no odor or taste ♦
♦ No leaching or breakdowns ♦
♦ Does not react with acidic foods ♦
♦ Stovetop and grill safe (most) ♦
♦ Oven safe ♦
♦ Keeps foods hot or cold much longer
than metal cookware ♦
♦ Easy to clean ♦
♦ Darkens to a beautiful marble-like
appearance ♦
♦ Lasts for generations ♦
What is Soapstone
Soapstone is the common name for a rock
called Steatite. This hard material is
naturally occurring, formed from the
composition of talc and other minerals
during rock metamorphosis.
Our soapstone comes from Brazil, where it
has been in common use for centuries.
Though steatite is also mined elsewhere,
here it is of the optimal hardness and
density for cooking utensils. It is just softer
than granite or marble, and similar to
marble in appearance, and smooth to the
Suggested Uses
Pots - For stovetop, oven or grill. Excellent
for stews, risotto, slow cooking, stir-fries,
home fries, fondues, and for serving.
Griddles - Thicker ones for stovetop,
oven, grill, and serving; thinner ones for
oven, and serving. Great for hot or cold
hors d’oeuvres, broiled fish, crispy pizza,
tabletop cooking of bite-size foods like
shrimp and veggies, and for serving.
Use Recommendations
♦ Fashioned from solid rock ♦
♦ Walls and lids are ½” to ¾” thick ♦
♦ Knobs are about 1 ¼” high ♦
♦ Handles extend about 1 ½” ♦
♦ Copper bands are about 1" wide ♦
♦ Copper handles riveted to bands ♦
Potholders and Trivets – Always use
potholders when handling or moving a hot
vessel, and use a heavy trivet on your table
and counters. Remind your guests to use
care near hot surfaces.
Heat Diffuser – Always use a diffuser on
electric cooktops with open elements. Use
a heat diffuser on all types of cooktops
under the 5 Liter Stock pot. Further, we
recommend using a heat diffuser on all
cooktops to help prevent thermal shock.
Thermal Shock Prevention – Do not
subject it to sudden hot or cold temperature
changes. Never heat an empty pot. Use
only low-to-medium heat on glass
(ceramic) stovetops. Allow it to cool on its
own before washing. Avoid high heat and
frying for the first few uses. When cooling
soapstone for cold-serving, make sure it’s
at room temperature before placing it in the
Cure Before Using – This further hardens
the soapstone and makes it longer lasting
and even more beautiful.
Weight – Though soapstone is naturally
heavy, it is manageable. To deal with any
issues of weight, you might remove the
heavy lid before moving a pot, fill it in
place on the stove, and remove some of the
cooked food before moving it off the stove.
Copper Band – If thermal shock or other
accidental abuse causes a crack in the
stone, the beautiful copper band that
encircles each piece is intended to hold the
stone together and allow for continued use,
unlike other ceramic or stone pots or pizza
stones. Use caution when handling a hot
pot or griddle, as the band and handles do
get very hot.
New Soapstone Cookware
♦ Before curing, wash with a sponge or brush
in hot water, and allow to dry thoroughly.
become almost dry.
♦ After drying, place it in a cool oven, bring the
heat to 350°F, leave it at this setting for 15
minutes, then turn off the oven and allow the
lid or griddle to cool on its own.
♦ To begin the curing, amply grease all surfaces
of your soapstone cookware with your choice
of cooking oil. (Use care in handling the oiled
♦ For a longer lasting, deeper curing, repeat the
greasing, drying, heating and cooling.
♦ Set it in a warm location for at least 24 hours.
The oil will be absorbed and the stone will
become almost dry.
♦ After that drying time, fill the pot with water
up to the line of the metal band. Put on the
stove at low setting and gradually up to
medium or medium-high to bring the water to a
boil. Allow the water to boil uncovered for 30
♦ Then let the water return to room temperature
on its own before draining.
♦ For a longer lasting, deeper curing, repeat the
greasing, drying, heating and cooling.
♦ During the first few uses, turn up the heat
only gradually.
♦ Note: Because the 5 Liter Stock Pot is much
wider than conventional cooktop burners,
remember to always use with a heat diffuser.
Curing New Lids & Griddles
♦ Wash with a sponge or brush in hot water,
and allow to dry thoroughly.
♦ Amply grease all sides of the soapstone lid or
griddle, with your choice of cooking oil.
♦ Set in a warm location for at least 24 hours.
The oil will be absorbed and the stone will
♦ Allow the soapstone to cool to room
temperature on its own before cleaning.
♦ Generally, rinsing with a sponge and hot
water is sufficient to clean soapstone.
♦ You will usually only need to use detergent
when frying or sautéing some foods. Reapply a
little oil after using detergent, and after you
cook a liquid.
♦ Avoid using abrasive products.
Every soapstone piece is hand fashioned and
will show individual marks that are part of their
beauty. All pieces are warranted to be free of
cracks and other defects in the material and
workmanship that are apparent upon delivery
and upon initial use.
Proper care, using the above instructions, will
insure longevity to your soapstone cookware.
Imported from Brazil and Warranted by
Brazil On My Mind
Portland, OR
A Sampling of
Naturstone Soapstone Cookware
1 Liter Sauce Pot – 7” round, 3 ½” high
base, Inside 6 ¼” round, 3” deep, Weighs
6.81 lbs, For oven and stovetop
3 Liter Stock Pot – 8 ¾” round, 4 ¼”
high base, Inside 7 ¾” round, 4” deep,
Weighs 10.67 lbs, For oven and stovetop
5 Liter Stock Pot – 10 ¾” round, 5 ¾”
high base, Inside 9 ¾” round, 5” deep,
Weighs 20.64 lbs, For oven, and with a
heat diffuser for stovetop
9" Sauté Pan – 9” round, 3” high base,
Inside 7 ¾” round, 2 ¼” deep, Weighs 9.96
lbs, For oven and stovetop
12" Round Griddle – 12” round, 1”
high, Inside 11 ¼” round, 3/8” deep,
Weighs 7.35 lbs, For oven only
12” Round Thick Griddle – 12” round,
1” thick, Moat around inside edge, Weighs
11.22 lbs, For oven and stovetop
15” Round Griddle – 15” round, 1”
high, Inside 14 ¼” round, 3/8” deep,
Weighs 10.94 lbs, For oven only
9 x 17" Thick Griddle - 9 x 17” long,
20” long with handles, 1” thick, Top moat,
Weighs 15.51 lbs, For oven and stovetop
Cooking With Stone, by Patricia
Lehnhardt - Over 80+ recipes for cooking
on soapstone cookware. Techniques and
tips. Spiral bound, soft cover, 7 ½” x 7”
format, 100 pages. Publ. 2006
Fante’s Kitchen Wares Shop
Since 1906
1006 S. 9th St. Phila. PA 19147
215-922-5557 800-44-FANTE
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