2500-A 2500D-A 3000-A 3000D-A
3500-A 3500D-A 5000-A 5000D-A
6500-A 6500D-A 8000-A 8000D-A
ST =: 0
у <=
£ N
Cu [
is AL ==
A un JE 2
Tips—read the instructions carefully before use, understand local
safety regulations, and use the product under the premise
of guaranteeing safety and environmental protection.
Save this operating manual properly and carry it with the
generator for the convenience of emergency query in the
future. This manual constitutes one permanent element of the
generator. This manual shall be provided along with the
generator set when you lend or resell it.
Relevant information and technical specifications defined in
this manual take effect when printing is approved, with the
contents based on the equipment in production at time of
publication. Manufacturer reserves the rights to modify and
improve any parts described in the text without prior notice.
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a generator. This air cooling device, powered by
Co nte nts gasoline engine, is a household generator of compact structure and high
0.0... DS performance. It IS applicable to the situation of no electricity supply or
: 1 Foreward 94 sudden electricity cut.
De We recommend that the operator read this manual carefully before use this
| 2 Safety Regulations generator, and fully comprehend all requirements and operating procedure
aaa aa ee. 02-07 concerning the generator. In case of any questions about this manual,
: 3 Glossaries contact the recent authorized dealer for startup, operation, maintenance
сн) program and so on. The technician will teach you how to use the generator
4 p { in a correct and safe manner. We also recommend that the operator consult
arameters 10-11 startup and operating procedure of this generator when buying it.
5 Description of Spare Parts 12-16
: = = = = = = = mm = = ® = = ® = ®m ®% = ®m ® = ® ® = ®m ® ® ®m ® ® = = ®m ®m ® ®m ®m = =m ® = ®m ®m ® = ® EE ® ® EE ®m = ® ®m ®m om ®m ®m яна This generator will work in a safe, effective and reliable way only when it is
: 6 Operation Method kept, operated and maintained properly. Before operation or maintenance
: ee ee eee ee ee a a a un 1 6-21 of the generator, the operator should:
| 7 Transporting e Know well and strictly observe local laws and regulations.
: ee 22 @ Read and observe all safety warnings in this manual and on the device.
prete ee STE It is impossible for manufacturers to predict all hazardous circumstances
: 9 Powers of Common Appliances that may occur, for this reason, warnings in this manual and caution signs
ra 2e2r on the generator set may not cover all hazardous circumstances. If we do
10 Maintenance not give extra cautions for operating procedures, methods or techniques,
28-31 operate the generator in such ways that helps guarantee personal safety,
BEE make sure no damage to generator set arises there from.
11 Common Fault Analysis 32-33 To make sure safe operation,Please read carefully three vital safety
E warnings in this manual and on the generator, preceded by a safety alert
12 Electrical schematic diagram 34.37 symbol A\ including:
follow instructions.
follow instructions.
VI). Mile] You CAN be HURT if you don't follow instructions.
| NOTICE | Your generator or other property could be damaged if you
don't follow instructions.
12 Safety Regulations Safety Regulations
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Safety Regulations
Do not connect to a home
Do not use it indoors.
power system.
Keep the machine clean and
avoid spilt combustibles
including gasoline on it.
It must realize safe grounding.
= Ne
М Ш ) A
uo AR Г
— В
y КЗ
2 CN
Ч |
A № y
> y > =
> U Е
The generator surface has high
temperature, avoid scalding.
Pay attention to the warnings
on the generating set.
Do not use it in a wet condition.
02 03
Safety Regulations
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
General safety information
e Operator should put on personal protective equipment
during operation and maintenance.
e The installation and major repair work shall be carried
out only by specifically trained personnel.
e Do not use the generator underground.
e Do not use the generator under an explosive condition.
The generator produces enough electric power
to cause a serious shock or electrocution if
e It is prohibited to use bare wire to connect power supply
to the electric equipment directly, use the plug that fits
local regulations.
e In equipment operation, do not touch wire or live parts of
the equipment.Never touch the machine with wet hands
or electrical shock will occur.
e In equipment operation, keep children certain safe
distance from the generator.
e In equipment operation, strictly prohibit assembling and
disassembling any parts.
e ltis suggested to realize tandem connection of a ground
fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) when the power supply is
out to guarantee safety.
e External electric accessory (including cable and plug
interconnecting piece) shall have no fault. Electric shock
defend depends on the breaker, especially the matching
between breaker and generator. During replacement of
the breaker, only that with the same rating and
performance features can be adopted. Contact local
dealers or the after-sales service center for support.
e In case of using lengthening wire or mobile power
distribution cabinet, overall length of the wire with cross
section of 1.5mm? shall be no longer than 60m, and that
of 2.5mm? shall be no longer than 100m.
e Avoid connecting the generator in parallel with any other
Safety Regulations
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Fuel of the machine is flammable, which will
generate high temperature and easily cause fire
during operation.
It is strictly prohibited to add fuel during equipment
In case of adding fuel, keep far away from fire brand, no
In case of adding fuel, do not spill fuel on the equipment.
As to accidental spilling, use cotton cloth to clean it. Start
the equipment after spilt fuel evaporates completely.
In operation, make sure that there is no flammable
substance within 2 meter range, and no flammable
substance will approach the equipment.Avoid placing
any flammable materials near the exhaust outlet during
In case of long-term nonuse, take out the fuel from fuel
tank and store it safely.
If you swallow any fuel, inhale fuel vapor, or allow any to
get in your eyes, see your doctor immediately. If any fuel
spills on your skin or clothing, immediately wash with
soap and water and change your clothes.
When operating or transporting the machine, be sure it is
kept upright. If it tilts, fuel may leak from the carburetor or
fuel tank.
Do not throw the residue fuel and used motor oil into the
trash or pour it onto the ground. We suggest you take
used oil in a sealed container to your local recycling
center or service station for reclamation.
This equipment contains high speed revolving
parts, which will harm human body.
e In equipment operation, do not approach it and strictly
prohibit touching revolving parts.
e In equipment operation, do not lift or move it. Move it only
after equipment completely stopped.
e In equipment operation, observe surroundings. Make
sure no articles are involved into the equipment.
Safety Regulations
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
| NOTICE | Operating requirements
Do not place heavy weight on the equipment.
The wheel is for easy moving of the equipment. Do not
use it for long distance moving, otherwise it will be
Do not exceed rated power of the equipment in
operation; otherwise, its service life will be shortened.
Power of common household appliances is shown on
Page 26,27 in details.
Pls maintain the equipment according to the
requirements so as to prolong its service life. Refer to
Page 28 for details.
Prevent duct from entering into the equipment during
operation or storage.
Safety Regulations
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
There is the warning label on the machine to remind you of the
safety regulations.
Read owners manual carefully
for important safety and health ll
warnings and instructions. Wr
= Understand and follow
warnings and cautions.
= Do not operate unless
Generators produce
electricity that can cause
serious injury or death.
Operate only in dry areas
away from moisture, rain,
snow or standing water.
guards are inplace.
Generator exhaust contains
hazardous CO. Do not operate
well ventilated area.
Gasoline and its vapor are
flammable and explosive.
indoors and try to operate in > = Do not connect to any
Due to high voltage of
building electrical system.
= Do not overload generator.
= Non-qualified person
(including under-aged
Keep gasoline away from heat, children) is not allowed to
sparks,and flame sources. operate.
No exceeding
this level
Do not overfill tank
always allow room for
fuel expansion.
Do not fill while running.
Using a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN
MINUTES.Generator exhaust contains carbon
monoxide. This is a poison you cannot see or smell.
(№ 5 | Е >
NEVER use inside a home or | Only use OUTSIDE and
garage. EVEN IF doors and far away from windows,
windows are open. doors,and vents.
A hot exhaust system can
cause serious burns.
m Avoid contact if the
engine has been running.
C Es" 6500-A
Rated Power COP 5.0kW | зон: | в! | ClassA_
Power Factor 1.0 230V Ee
Year of Mfg. XXXX 21.7A Mass 80kg
Glossaries Glossaries
Following symbols are quoted on the machine or in this manual. Please
understand their meaning, which will make your operation easier and safer.
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Exhaust from the equipment contains CO,
which is invisible and inodorous. Excessive
Toxic gas suction of CO may make human lose
consciousness and lead to death in serious
Volt Voltage
This is electric device. You may suffer electric
shock if you don't follow the instructions.
Ampere Current Electric shock
Electriferous, The device is electriferous. No touching
no touching during operation.
Hertz Frequency (1Hz=60 r/min)
Fuel and high temperature generated during
operation may cause fire. Operate it cautiously.
Watt Power {=
per Minute
Fuel tank may explode when encountering high
temperature and open fire. Operate it cautiously.
Engine Speed Explosion
Some parts of equipment will generate high
Power factor Load transfer efficiency temperature during operation, which will scald skin.
Performance Generator output power performance rate
rate meat 1ISO8528G1
Grounding Make the machine realize safe grounding
symbol before use
Do not use the plug or electric device in
Please read instructions carefully before use the rain or make them get wet.
Symbol of adding the engine oil and the
Safety warning Can be hurt if not follow instructions specification is specified on Page 16
Indication of electrified body. Pay
attention to safety.
Symbol of adding the fuel, which must
Electric risk be gasoline.
т {0 ОКк теч + |
> >
08 09
| Parameters
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Model 2500-А | 3000-А | 3500-А | 5000-А | 6500-А | 8000-А
оае 2500D-A | 3000D-A | 3500D-A | 5000D-A | 6500D-A | 8000D-A
Frequency 50 /60Hz (subject to the parameter label on the equipment)
120/220V/230V (subject to the parameter label
voltage on the equipment)
Rated power(kW)x 2.0 2.3/2.5 © | 2.8/3.0 © 4.0 5.0 6.0/6.5 ©
Max. power(kW) | 2.2 |2.5/2.80]|3.1/330| 4.5 5.5 6.5/7.0©
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Noise(according to European Directive 2000/14/EC with
amendment 2005/88/EC)
2500-А 3000—A 3500-А 5000—A 6500-А 8000-А
Model 2500D-A | 3000D-A | 3500D-A | 5000D-A | 6500D-A | 8000D-A
Measured Sound
Pressure Level | 73 9B(A) | 74 dB(A) | 74 dB(A) | 75 dB(A) | 75 dB(A) | 75 dB(A)
Measured Sound
Power Level — | 93 4B(A) | 94 dB(A) | 94 dB(A) | 95 dB(A) | 95 dB(A) | 95 dB(A)
Specification Single cylinder, forced air cooling, 4 strokes
Uncertainty 2 dB(A) | 2dB(A) | 2dB(A) | 2dB(A) | 2dB(A) | 2 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound
Power Level | 22 UB(A) [ 96 dB(A) | 96 dB(A) | 97 dB(A) | 97 dB(A) | 97 dB(A)
Rpm (subject to the parameter label on the equipment)
Fuel Gasoline
Engine oil capacity 0.6L 1.1L
Spark plug type F7TC/F7RTC ( N9YC/RN9YC)
Spark plug 0.7 mm
Valve clearance
(inlet/outlet) 0.10/0.15 mm
Igniting Mode T.C.l.
Starting mode Recoil start / Electric start
Displacement 196cc 196cc 210cc 337cc 389cc 420cc
Weight (only for reference)
| Netweight | 40/42kg A |44/46kg A|47/49kg A|73/75kg A|77/79kg A|81/83kg A
Overall dimensions (excluding packing box)
LxWxH (mm) 590x430x467 681x546x566
Capacity of
fuel tank 15h est
Ж For continuous operation,do not exceed the rated power.
% Limit operation requiring maximum power to 30 minutes.
© 2.8/3.0 means: 2.8kW with 50Hz, 3.0kW with 60Hz.
A 45/47kg means: The net weight is 45Kg for recoil start.
The net weight is 47Kg for electric start.
Description of Spare Parts
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Description of Spare Parts
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Description of Spare Parts
(1) Fuel gauge
(2) Chock valve Fuel tank : It is used to hold fuel, gasoline is allowed only.
(3) Fuel valve lever
(4) Starter Grip Fuel tank | Screw the fuel injection port in use and do not open it in
. (5) Air cleaner cap equipment operation.
(2) S YU (6) Handrail pipe
В дека Fuel ltis to indicate fuel level in the fuel tank
(3) / Te | (7) Foot gauge is to indicate fuel level in the fuel tank.
a a: (8) Ground terminal
(4) | E (9) Oil drain bolt AC output socket provides the power supply.,Pls refer to
(5) NE | > I model's parameter table for its rated power. load of each
3 NO (10) Oil filler cap socket cannot exceed its rated current, and total power of
(11) Battery (optional) AC output | electric device cannot surpass rated power of the generator.
(12) Wheel Do not start up several electric devices simultaneously, but
(13) Engine switch switch on another one after stable operation of one electric
(14) Se device.
(15) Output indicator AC circuit : lt will break to protect the electric device when current is
(16) AC circuit breaker == too heavy.
(17) AC output Output It is to indicate power supply status. The indicate will
(18) Panel seat indicator : brighten up when the equipment operation.
(19) Fuel tank cap
| (20) Fuel tank The output DC is 12V with maximum of 8.3A. It is only used
(21) 7 DC output : for automative battery charging with rated 12V. Pay attention
=> (21) Cover,Generator
> to connecting the positive and negative electrode correctly.
Engine It is to start up (applicable to electrical starting only) and
(22) Muffler g
(23) Cylinder head switch switch off the engine. Turn to the off state in nonuse.
(24) Carburetor
(25) Spark plug (optional) It is for moving the generator in a short time.
Battery It is for starting up the generator, In case of nonuse for
(optional) : three months, charge it.
Oil filler
Oil drain
Fuel switch
Description of Spare Parts
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
It is for measurement of engine's oil level. Make sure
engine s oil level is between MIN and MAX in the dipstick of
oil filler cap before use. Oil can be added after removing the
oil filler cap.
Unscrew this bolt when replacing the engine oil. Drain out
the old engine oil and dispose of it properly according to
local laws, aoviding damage to the environment.
It is to support the generator.
It is to make the generator realize safe grounding. As to the
grounding method, refer to the Page16. Make sure
unobstructed grounding before use.
After lifted up, the pipe, with self-locking structure, can be
used to move the generator.
It is to start up the engine. For the method, refer to
the Page 19.
It is to filter air and remove impurities in the air entering
cylinder . As to the maintenance method, refer to Page 29.
It is to control fuel's entering into the engine via fuel tank.
During nonuse of generator, leave the switch off.
It is to control air flow into the cylinder when starting up the
engine. As to the operating method, refer to the Page 19.
It is to eliminate noise during equipment operation, and
discharge high temperature exhaust of engine's combustion.
Do not touch it to avoid scalding.
Description of Spare Parts
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Sockets can be following patterns according to relevant regulations in
various areas:
о ©
When the rated current from one socket output more
than the socket = s nominal rated current , you shoud
to use simultaneously two or more sockets for power
| Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Operation Method
| Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
oil specification table
@ Unit grounding
Shift the machine outdoors, use wire of no less than 2.5mm? to make the
machine and grounding terminal connected to the ground. One end of the
wire is pressed below the butterfly nut of the unit, screwed up tightly, and
the other end is connected with the metal rod shape article (such as the
iron nail and the opener), and inserted into soil.
Oe Starting the generator set
Upper level
Remove the oil filler cap, fill oil of proper model. As to dosage, refer to
Page 10.Use the funnel for filling, in case of careless spilling, clean the
ground to avoid slipping.
No exceeding
this level
O = — LA -
© TT
Open the fuel tank cap and fill gasoline, the fuel leveler's position will
display gasoline mass in the fuel tank and take care the maximum fuel
position shall not excceed the inner strainer of the tank when filling.
N/A VINE]: Keep away from the fire source and heat source
when filling; do not fill gasoline when be operating. [
Operation Method Operation Method
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Connect electric battery (electric start only) Start the generator
Connect the storage battery wire to the у Turn the engine switch on the control
storage battery, red for positive A panel to ON. Or press it to START if it's
electrode and green for the negative = electrical start state, then generator unit
electrode, and make sure screwing the > > can be started. In order to extend the
nut tightly. Not contact between positive =I START service life of the storage battery, do not
electrode to negative electrode to avoid A | press on the switch for more than 3
short circuit. After connection, metal 6 seconds and the interval between
parts of two pieces of wire shall keep at two pressings should be longer than 10
least 15mm safety distance, and be seconds.
protected by rubber cover.
Start the generator recoil start
Turn on the fuel valve lever
Start via the pull wire: Pull the wire gently
to connect the disc to the starting bowl
inside the unit. Pull the wire out in an
instant action and the generator unit will
be started after doing this twice. If it is
not started, please conduct the above
operation with the choke valve.
It may be causing the dangers of injury
by the sudden change of rotation
direction of the engine during operating
the recoil starter.
Open the choke valve
After starting, let the unit run without
load for 5 seconds and then turn on the
choke valve switch.
Turn the fuel valve lever to ON and
let the fuel flow into the carburetor.
Close the choke valve
When the unit is in cold state, move
the choke valve to the full closed
position, and half closed position in
thermal state. If the generator unit is
not started for two times in
succession, move the choke valve to
the open position and then to operate
the switch or hand-pull starter.
18 19
Operation Method
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Connect to load
Access electric equipment and turn the
circuit breaker to ON. Please note that
when several loads are used at the same
time, do not access the next one unless
the former one is running normally. The
total power of the loads should not
exceed the rated power of the unit.
O Shut down the engine
Disconnect load
Disconnect the electric equipment from
the control panel of the generator.
Turn off the engine switch
After 30 seconds of no-load running,
turn off the engine switch and the
generator unit will be shut down
Operation Method
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Close the fuel valve lever
Turn off the fuel valve lever after the
shutdown of the unit.
The surface temperature of the generator
unit is still high after shutdown, and it can
not be moved or operated before cooling
down in order to avoid scalding.
Drain the fuel
Remove the oil draining bolt of the
carburetor and drain the fuel from the
fuel tank and carburetor. Then tighten
the oil draining bolt again (if the fuel is
not drained, the fuel will evaporate and
flow into the air, and the residues may
block the carburetor).
Protective treatment
The unit should be stored in a clean and
dry place and should be protected from
rain and high temperature. Shield the unit
with paper box or plastic bag to prevent
dust from entering the unit.
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
To prevent fuel spillage when transporting or during temporary storage,
the generator should be secured upright in its normal operating
position,with the engine switch OFF.
The fuel valve lever should be turned OFF.
When transporting the generator:
e Do not overfill the tank.
® Do not operate the generator while it is on a vehicle. Take the
generator off the vehicle and use it in a well ventilated place.
® Avoid a place exposed to direct sunlight when putting the generator
on a vehicle .If the generator is left in an enclosed vehicle for many
hours,high temperature inside the vehicle could cause fuel to
vaporize resulting in a possible explosion.
® Do not drive on a rough road for an extended period with the
generator on board.If you must transport the generator on a rough
road,drain the fuel from the generator beforehand.
To transport the generator,hold the holding part(shaded areas in the
figure 1).
Take care not to drop or strike the generator when transporting.
Do not place heavy objects on the generator.
When transporting the generator by loading it on to a vehicle,secure to
the generator frame as shown(See figure 2).
Accessories Installation
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Accessories Installation
You can install the wheel assemblies for the convenience of moving
the unit.
You may need to prepare the following equipment before the installation.
(O €
(O €
5 G
5 C
er 5 CG
According to the different model configurations, there are several kinds of
wheels. Please install the handrail, vibration reduction bracket and wheel
on the base plate and tighten the bolt as shown in the following picture.
O Two-wheel short axle (applicable to generator units of
5000-A-8000-A series)
Figure 1 Figure 2
> otter pin
Us a « —Washer
Accessories Installation
@ Two-wheel long axle (applicable to generator units of
2500-A~3500-A series)
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Vibration reduction
Vibration reduction Wheel
rubber pad Washer
A Cotter
Axle camp — 8 pin
Accessories Installation
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Some of the units, which are of the electrical starting type, need to be
equipped with external storage battery bracket. Please conduct the
installation according to the following drawing.
O Four-wheel long axle (applicable to generator units of
2500-A~8000-A series)
~ «1 r
) >La
| . Storage battery shield
Positive | 4
terminal Cr ||
Sol i Negative Storage battery bracket
tart bl i
(positive) | terminal Bracket
connection tube
Operating steps and installation instructions:
1 Install the positive terminal and negative terminal onto the generator unit
as specified in the drawing.
Install the storage battery bracket onto the bracket connection tube.
Install the storage battery shield onto the bracket connection tube.
Install the assembled bracket onto the unit.
Put the storage battery into the bracket.
Hook the hook bolt to the hole of the bracket, and install it onto the
storage battery clamp.
Tighten the bolt and install the storage battery onto the bracket.
Connect the storage battery wires and connect the negative one first.
The connected terminals may be different as the models of the storage
batteries are different. Take material object as.
9 Some storage batteries need to be filled with electrolyte before
installation.Please read the specification of the storage battery carefully.
O сп 4 ON
Powers of Common Appliances
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Powers of Common Appliances
Electric equipment Rated Starting
— power(W) power(W)
Flat panel
television 27” 120 120
спегоу 5-50 5-50
saving lamp
Electric 1000 1000
Computer 400 400
DVD 100 100
Refrigerator nr 50 300
Powers of Common Appliances
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Electric equipment Rated Starting
quip power(W) power(W)
Washing 250 500
Electric fan 50 100
Air-conditioner [ |
HP — 1600 3200
Electric 2500 5000
Electric Тя 1000 1500
Wat Чаты 800 1200
ater pump №: Др
The starting powers of the appliances are far more higher than the
operation powers. Please read the labels of the electric equipment for
reference. The total power of the loads should not exceed the rated power
of the generator.
Maintenance Maintenance
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Good maintenance is the best guarantee of safe, economical and fault—free O Replace the engine oil
operation. And it also contributes to environmental protection.
Maintenance schedule is as follows:
Every 20
hours or Every 50 | Every
hours or | 100 hours Every
regular maintenance month of | €very 3 for every 6/200 TOS
9 N months | months y
initial use year (3)
(3) (3)
Inspect the
. . oil level О
Engine oil
Replace O O Oil filler cap” Oil drain bolt
Ai Inspect O
Ir Remove the oil draining bolt and drain the long time stored oil. Tighten the
Cleaner Clean O (1) oil draining bolt and twist off the oil dipstick. Fill in appropriate amount of
Fuel switch oil via the oil dipstick and keep the oil level between MIN and MAX.
sediment Clean
cu О O Clean the air cleaner
Spark plug Clean O Replace
Air cleaner
caco | Pes ое ER TN
ylinger Wash Every 300 hours (2) — = RZ =
head Clip —> >. LA
Fuel tank —_ = EAS
| Wash Every 2 years (2 . SA
and strainer Ш y 2 years (2) \ Air cleaner << | t
NE | element WN. elemen
Fuel tube Replace Every 2 years (2) U)
(1) Maintenance should be conducted frequently if the unit is used in dusty
places. 1 Remove the clip of the air cleaner cover and open it.
(2) Maintenance should be conducted by the franchised dealer. 2 Inspect the air cleaner element and ensure that it is sound and clean.
(3) When the unit is used frequently, please conduct the maintenance 3 If the foam cleaner element is dirty, spray some household cleaning agent
according to the above mentioned intervals so as to ensure the onto the cleaner element. Scrub it for several minutes and rinse it with
long-term usage of the generator. warm water. If the cleaner element is damaged, please replace a new one.
28 29
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
@ Clean the fuel valve lever sediment cup
1. Close the fuel valve and remove
the sediment bowl. Take out the
O-type seal ring and strainer.
2. Clean the sediment bowl, O-
type seal ring and strainer with
incombustible or high-flash
3. Reinstall the O-type seal ring
and strainer, and tighten the
sediment bowl.
| 4. Open the fuel valve and inspect
=" cup for leakage.
O Clean the spark plug
Recommended spark plug models: F7RTC and F7TC
Spark plug
Spark plug cap
Remove the spark plug cap.
Clean the spark plug base.
Remove the spark plug with the spark plug socket spanner.
Inspect the spark plug insulator visually for damage. If it is damaged,
replace a new one.
Measure the spark plug gap with a gap gauge. Twist the side electrode
to adjust the gap.The gap should be kept between 0.70 and 0.80mm.
Inspect if the washer of the spark plug is in good condition.
Reinstall the spark plug and tighten it with the spark plug socket spanner.
Press down the washer of the spark plug and place the spark plug cap.
O1 SON +
N ©
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
O Valve clearance
(should be conducted by a professional person)
Figure 1 applicable to 2500-A, 3000-A. 5000-A. 6500-A. 8000-A.
2500D-A, 3000D-A., 5000D-A. 6500D-A. 8000D-A.
Figure 2 applicable to 3500-A, 3500D-A.
Feeler gauge
Feeler gauge
Figure 2
Remove the cylinder head cover and measure the valve clearance with
the feeler gauge. The clearances are 0.1mm for the inlet valve and
0.15mm for the outlet valve.
Common Fault Analysis
Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Common Fault Analysis
Fault phenomenon Fault cause
No fuel
Operation method
Fill the oil tank with gasoline
The oil switch is not
turned on
Turn the oil switch to ON
The generator The oil switch is blocked
Clean the oil cup
(refer to page 30)
can not start No engine oil or the engine
oil level is low
Add oil
The shutdown switch
is turned off
Turn the switch to
the "on" position
The spark plug fails
Clean or replace the spark
plug (refer to page 30)
The circuit breaker is
not connected
Turn the circuit breaker to
the ‘on’ position
no power output
The plug is poorly
Replace a socket
The choke position
Vibration while operation is incorrect
Move the choke to the
‘on’ position during operation
The temperature of the
engine is too low
Let the engine run at empty
load for more than 10 minutes
The fuel oil is contaminated
Replace clean oil
! The air filter is dirt
The generator emits Tenis dry
Clean the filter element
of the air filter
black smoke The load is too high
Reduce load to the
rated limit
The engine oil is too much
The generator emits
Drain some oil
blue smoke
The engine oil type
IS incorrect
Choose appropriate engine
oil type(refer to page 17)
The spark plug fails
Clean or replace the spark
plug (refer to page 30)
The power decreases -
The valve clearance is
out of limits
Adjust the valve clearance
(refer to page 31)
® The environmental requirements of the generator:
e Suitable temperature: —15°C-40°C.
e Suitable humidity: lower than 95%.
Common Fault Analysis
E a | Portable Gasoline Generator Operating Instructions
Suitable altitude: under 1,000 meters (it should be used with lower
power in districts higher than 1,000 meters.).
The generator set can only be loaded to the rated power under the
specified environment conditions. If the environment conditions are
inconsistent with the above standards, or if the cooling conditions of the
engine and generator set are defective; for example, when running in
limited areas, it is necessary to reduce the power. lt is also necessary
to reduce the power when the temperature, altitude and relative
humidity exceed the standards.
If there is no problem with the conditions above, please turn to the
nearby dealer or after-sales service center for consultancy.
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