6 Series - BMW of North Haven

6 Series - BMW of North Haven
A new spin (and slide and push) on handling dozens of functions.
One iDrive controller takes the place of dashboard buttons for adjusting
non-driving features and functions. Part of the iDrive system, it is used to
select menu items and adjust settings using touch commands. Its location on the
center console allows intuitive usage so you don’t have to look down while driving.
1 Control Display, positioned for easy
readability, is used along with the
iDrive controller.
2 iDrive controller can be rotated; slid
left or right, and sometimes forward or
backward; and pressed down to make
a selection. You can write Navigation
system addresses directly on the iDrive
touchpad controller; your input is shown
in the Control Display.
Note: Vehicles without a Navigation system have a slightly different control.
The buttons next to the iDrive controller – each distinctively shaped for touch
recognition – provide shortcuts to different menus:
MENU - Main menu
TEL - Telephone menu
MEDIA - CD/Multimedia menu
OPTION - Options menu
RADIO - Radio menu
NAV - Navigation menu
BACK - Previous panel
Programmable Memory Buttons
Like a concierge who knows
what you need and want.
Use the eight programmable
memory buttons to store your
favorite radio stations, iDrive
menu screens, phone numbers
and navigation destinations.
• To store information:
- Use iDrive to access and then highlight the function or information
to be stored.
- Press one of the memory buttons for more than two seconds until you
hear a beep.
• To access information: Press the memory button.
(For example, this will dial a phone number.)
• To display button assignments and information:
- Touch button lightly with a bare finger; the button assignment will appear at
the top edge of the screen.
- Touch button briefly to display short information.
- Touch button for a longer time to display detailed information.
• To delete information: Press and hold simultaneously memory buttons
1 and 8 for about 5 seconds.
Note: These settings are also stored in the remote control currently in use.
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Audio System
Sounding your way around the radio using iDrive.
In addition to using the standard dashboard Radio Controls (On/Off, FM/AM,
down/up), you can also use the iDrive system to select and store favorite radio
stations. This requires the use of just two switches: the RADIO button and the
iDrive Controller (“knob”).
To start:
• Press On/Off switch.
• Press RADIO button. A menu appears, offering four selections: FM, AM,
Presets and Tone.
To select a station:
• Spin the iDrive knob to FM or AM. Press it; whichever station was previously
selected will play.
• To select a different station, press the knob again to see a list of local radio
stations. Spin the knob to your desired station and press it.
To save a favorite station to Presets:
• Tune to your favorite station using the above method. Tilt the knob to the right
(press on the right-pointing arrow). On the menu that appears, spin the knob
to “Store station” and press it.
• That station will now appear when you select “Presets” on the initial Radio menu.
To select a Preset station:
• Press RADIO button. On the menu, spin the knob to Presets and press it.
• Spin the knob to your desired station and press it.
Note: Your Preset and Button radio stations are stored in your remote control.
If you use a different remote, different Preset stations will appear.
To return to previous menus, choose one of the following:
• Tilt the knob to the left (pressing down on the left-pointing arrow).
• Press BACK button.
The world at your fingertips.
The BMW Navigation system offers directions in many formats, along with useful
guidance and destination information. There are three ways to access it:
• Press the NAV button on the iDrive controller.
• Press the MENU button on the iDrive controller and select “Navigation.”
• Press the Voice Control
button and say “Navigation.”
To enter a destination once you’re in “Navigation,” use the iDrive
controller to:
• Select “Enter address.” Select any field – building number, street, town/city/
zip code, or intersection, and enter information. As you enter more
information, the list of possible entries narrows.
• Select “Address book” or “Last destinations” and then a stored address, or
“Points of Interest” to find special destinations.
Then select “Accept destination” and “Start guidance.”
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To view the map, start from “Navigation,” then select “Map.” You will see traffic
routes, obstructions, and a function bar that allows you to personalize how
information is conveyed. Also set the map mode, scale, split screen (to display
additional information) and other functions, such as traffic bulletins and Real Time
Traffic Information (RTTI) to help avoid traffic jams.
Note: For more information, refer to the “Navigation, Entertainment, Communication.
Owner’s Manual.”
Voice Control
Your word is BMW’s command.
The BMW Voice Control System understands your spoken commands. It’s the
best way to control many non-driving functions, such as phone and navigation,
while keeping your eyes on the road.
• To start: Press the
button on the steering wheel and you will hear a chime.
Speak right after the activation chime at a constant pace. If there are further
dialog steps necessary, the system will ask for input. When the system displays
symbol (with sound waves), it is ready for your input. When this symbol
is displayed, the system is processing and does not accept input.
Commonly used commands are displayed in a pop-up at the top of the
center display.
Here are some tips for the most commonly used cases that are accessible from
any menu:
- “Call John Smith”: Just say “Call” combined with a name from your
contact book. You will be asked for the type of number in the next dialog step,
e.g., “mobile.”
- “Dial number”: Just say “Dial number.” After the system response, say the
number in single digits, e.g., “1-8-4-4-4-4-3-6-4-8-7.”
- “Go home”: After you have saved a home address in the system, this handy
command will always lead you back home.
Note: To save a home address, please follow the steps in the iDrive menu:
MainMenu > [Office] > [Contacts] > [Home] > [New Address] > (enter address) >
choose [Home] or [Business] > [Store contact in vehicle].
- “Navigate to 300 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.”:
The address must be spoken in the specific order of house number, street, city
and state with a minimum of city and state.
- “Online Search”: This command will lead you to the online-based Points of
Interest (POI) search dialogue.
You can say “Help,” which leads you to a general explanation of the voice
control system. The system works best in a closed environment, i.e., with
closed windows, sunroof and convertible top.
If you have an iPhone paired as your primary phone to the vehicle, pressing
the button for about 1 second will activate SIRI.
How to set the time in no time.
To set the clock using the iDrive controller, first press the MENU button.
Then rotate the controller to:
• Settings. Press down.
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• Time/Date. Press down.
• Time. Press down.
• Set the hour. Press down.
• Set the minute. Press down.
Note: Your vehicle will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Choose
the correct time zone by selecting “Automatic Time Setting.” If you change time
zones, please deselect and reselect “Automatic Time Setting,” and the system will
automatically adjust the time zone.
Get Going
Starting/Stopping the Engine
The power of one touch.
Turning the engine on: Press the brake pedal and the
Start/Stop button together.
Turning the entire vehicle off:
• Press the Start/Stop button once to turn off the engine.
• Press the Start/Stop button a second time with your foot off the brake to
turn off the vehicle’s electronics or lock the vehicle from outside.
Auto Start/Stop
This vehicle stops for fuel efficiency.
To maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions, your BMW
is equipped with the Auto Start/Stop function. Under certain
conditions, this feature switches off the engine when you stop,
and restarts it when you release the brake pedal. You can disable this feature
by pressing the Auto Start/Stop button, located above the Start/Stop button.
An LED lights up when the system is disabled.
Note: When switched off, the vehicle retains the last Auto Start/Stop function
setting. If ECO PRO mode is selected, Auto Start/Stop will automatically engage.
The sign of high-performance stopping.
BMW vehicles are fitted with large, fade-resistant brakes, which are also
an essential part of their active safety. During heavy braking, friction on
high-performance materials may create brake dust, a testament to their
outstanding stopping power. Although brake dust cannot be avoided
completely, it can be removed by washing.
Note: We suggest using BMW Wheel Cleaner Gel, formulated to easily and
thoroughly clean all steel and light alloy wheel rims.
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Shifting Gears
Automatic transmission - directing the power.
The BMW gearshift lever was designed for added security before moving
the vehicle.
Shifting out of Park: Press the brake pedal,
then press and hold the “Unlock” button on
the left side of the gearshift lever (arrow).
Then shift to:
(Neutral): Push forward or pull back to,
but not beyond, the resistance point.
Note: In car washes, shift into Neutral – because
P (Park) is engaged automatically when ignition
is switched off.
• D (Drive): Pull back past the
resistance point.
Note: All forward gears can be engaged when
in Drive.
• R (Reverse): Push forward past the
resistance point.
Note: Select only when vehicle is stopped.
Engaging Park: Press the button on top of
the gearshift lever.
Note: Make sure vehicle is in Park before exiting, otherwise vehicle may roll. Select
Park only when vehicle is stopped; this blocks the drive wheels. See Owner’s Manual
for all instances when Park is engaged automatically.
Improving fuel efficiency.
As part of EfficientDynamics, BMW created the ECO PRO mode. To save fuel,
press the “down” arrow of the Driving Dynamics Control (next to the gearshift
lever). This adjusts engine response, climate control and seat heating for
greater mileage.
Additional driving tips:
• Avoid fast starts, use the accelerator pedal gently, and coast well in advance
of situations that will require braking.
• Reduce vehicle speed to the ECO PRO-selected speed.
• Enable the Auto Start/Stop function.
• Avoid manual shifting.
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Long-lasting quality.
BMW selects the highest quality materials for upholstery and the interior.
Naturally, continued use will subject any interior surface to wear and dirt. To
keep your interior looking beautiful, we recommend you use BMW branded
care and natural care items that are specially formulated for use on fabrics,
plastics and all synthetic surfaces.
Designed for maximum utility in minimum space.
BMW cupholders provide practical functionality in a driving-focused
interior. They are designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, a California-based
firm that creates award-winning solutions for a variety of clients in addition to
BMW, including the interiors of passenger and private jets, trains and yachts.
Cupholders can be found in the front passenger compartment.
In the center console just ahead of the gearshift lever, press the cover to reveal
a compartment holding two cupholders.
Center Console Storage
There’s a place for that.
BMW has engineered intelligent storage into the center console. Additional
storage space can also be found in driver- and passenger-side glove boxes,
armrests and large door pockets.
BMW Genius
Explore all the features of your BMW. Meet a BMW Genius with pressure-free
advice at one of our many BMW centers, or contact the BMW Genius Hotline
at 844.4GENIUS (844.443.6487) or bmwgenius@bmwusa.com to find
helpful answers to your vehicle questions.
To explore BMW products and features in the palm of your hand, visit your
App store and search for BMW Genius.
Vehicle equipment
Standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the
model series is described in this Quick Reference. Therefore, equipment is
also described that is not available in a vehicle, e.g., because of the selected
optional equipment or country variant. This also applies for safety-related
functions and systems.
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Quick Reference
BMW 6 Series
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For more information, please see the Owner’s Manual.
Entering Your Vehicle
Remote Control
Holds the power over windows,
doors, trunk lids, lights, alarms – and
remembers all your favorite settings.
Beyond simply locking and unlocking
your vehicle, the remote control has several
useful functions:
1 Unlocking: Press to unlock driver’s door.
Press again to unlock other doors.* Also:
hold to open windows and moonroof.
2 Locking: Press to lock. Press twice (red indicator on interior mirror glows
continuously) in order to deactivate interior motion detector (in case you leave
an animal in the car when locked).
3 Trunk: Hold one second to open.
4 Panic mode: Hold three seconds to sound.
* Unless programmed to open all doors with one press.
Note: Each remote also stores many preferred settings, such as seat/mirror
position, climate, radio stations, etc., so be sure to use your personal remote. For
proper operation, keep remote control and mobile phone apart. Do not lock vehicle
using remote when people are inside.
Central Locking
Quick security at your fingertips.
Designed for convenience and security,
one central locking button locks and unlocks
all doors and the trunk. Its centralized
location on the instrument panel gives
both front-seat occupants quick, easy
access to this safety feature.
• Locking: Press to lock all doors and trunk.
• Unlocking: Press again to unlock all doors and trunk.
Note: When button is used to lock vehicle, fuel filler flap remains unlocked and
alarm will not go off if motion is detected. When used to unlock doors, each door
handle requires only one pull to open.
Comfort Access (if equipped)
Making keys (almost) obsolete.
This feature lets you unlock and lock the vehicle doors and trunk without using
the remote control, but simply by keeping it on you, in a pocket or purse.
1 Unlocking: Grab the door handle and pull.
2 Locking: Touch the ridged area on the
handle for one second. Also: hold the ridged
area down to close windows and moonroof.
Note: Remote control can still be used. For proper operation, keep remote control
and mobile phone apart.
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There are many ways to open the trunk.
• Using the remote control to open: Hold
button for one second.
• On the trunk lid: Press button (see arrow).
• To open from inside: Press the
in the driver’s footwell near the door.
Note: Be careful to stand back when trunk opens. Be sure to keep the remote
control on you – not locked in your vehicle. For proper operation, keep remote
control and mobile phone apart.
Adjusting and Controlling
Power seat adjustment (if equipped) –
personalizing the seat of power.
Your power seats can easily be adjusted
to offer comfortable support. Simply
use the different-shaped controls along
the outside edge of your seat bottom
to achieve the perfect position – then use
one of the seat and mirror memory buttons to lock in your settings.
1 Active seat: Active adjustment of the seat cushion’s contours reduces
muscular tension and fatigue to help prevent lower back pain.
2 Memory buttons: See below.
3 Backrest width (sport seats only): Press left/right side to adjust backrest
wings in/out.
4 Lumbar support: Press left/right side to increase/decrease back support
curve; press top/bottom to raise/lower the support curve.
5 Backrest, head restraint: Move the button left/right to tilt the backrest.
Adjust the height of the head restraint by moving the button up/down.
6 Shoulder support: Reduce strain on the shoulder muscles by pressing left/right.
7 Seat position: Keeping button horizontal to the ground, slide button left/right
to move seat forward/rearward, and up/down to raise/lower seat. Move left
side of button up/down to tilt seat front up/down.
8 Thigh support: Adjust the position by moving the button left or right.
Set it and forget it.
To store your preferred power seat position:
1. Turn on the ignition.
2. Set your preferred seating position.
3. Press the SET button, which turns on
the red LED.
4. Select and press memory button 1 or 2. When the red LED goes out, and
there is an acoustic confirmation, your setting is stored in that button.
Note: Memory buttons do not store lumbar support settings or, if so equipped,
backrest width.
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Recalling saved seating position – three routes to comfort.
Your preferred seating and mirror positions can be recalled three different ways.
By using your personal remote control:
• Each remote control stores the last driver’s settings and automatically
returns the seat and exterior mirrors to those positions. Before doing so, you
need to select the “Last seat position auto” via the iDrive under “Settings”
and “Doors/Key.”
By using your memory button (1 or 2, where your seat settings are stored):
• Comfort function (used when you are not in the seat – we don’t want to
squeeze you!): This works with the driver’s door open and the ignition off.
Briefly press your memory button. (Also known as “one-touch” function.)
• Safety mode (when you are sitting in the driver’s seat and the driver’s door
is closed or the ignition on): Press and hold your memory button.
Head restraint adjustment
BMW head restraints are specially designed to
help protect against whiplash in the event of a
sudden stop. While the height of the head restraint
can be adjusted electrically, the distance to the
back of the head can be adjusted by pressing the
button and pushing the head restraint toward the
rear. Pull the head restraint for adjusting it forward.
See and be seen.
The signature corona headlight rings
– “angel eyes” – are only one part of
what your BMW offers for you to see
and be seen while driving.
1 Front foglights. Press to switch on/off.*
Light switches include:
2 Switch on Automatic headlight control. (Low beams automatically turn
on/off.) Includes, if equipped, Adaptive Light Control, High-beam
Assistant, Welcome lights and Daytime running lights.
3 Switch off lights. (Daytime running lights stay on.)
4 Switch on Parking lights.** (Daytime running lights stay on if activated in
iDrive menu.)
5 Switch on Low beams. Includes Welcome lights and High-beam Assistant.
6 Dial to adjust instrument lighting. (Parking lights or Low beams must be
switched on.)
* The main switch must not be in the “off” position (3).
** Do not use for extended periods, as this drains the battery.
LED Adaptive Headlights: Based on your steering input and other parameters,
Adaptive headlights automatically turn to follow road curves. Bright,
daylight-like LED light illuminates your path for optimum visibility. In tight
curves, the foglight on the side of the turn also switches on for added visibility.
Note: To activate/deactivate various lighting functions and duration, select
“Settings” in iDrive, then “Lighting.”
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Make it a clean sweep.
The windshield wiper stalk is at the 3 o’clock position behind the steering wheel.
• Windshield washing: Pull the stalk toward
you and then release to activate washers.
• Windshield wiping:
- Single wipe: Press down on stalk.
ormal speed: Move stalk up/down once to
turn on/off.
igh speed: Move stalk up twice, or once
past resistance point, to turn on; tap down
once to return to normal speed, or twice to
turn off.
• Rain sensor:
ress button on end of stalk to turn on/off.
An LED lights up when active.
- Frequency setting: Turn thumbwheel on
the stalk up/down to increase/decrease
sensitivity to rain.
Note: The stalk always returns to the default
position. In a car wash, be sure to deactivate the
rain sensor to avoid wiper damage.
Heated Steering Wheel Button
The touch of warmth when it’s cold.
To warm the steering wheel, press the
button, on the left side of the steering
column, beneath the turn signal. A
confirmation message will pop up in
the instrument cluster.
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Cruise Control
Give your foot a rest.
Cruise control can increase your fuel efficiency and your comfort on long drives.
The function buttons are located on the left side of the steering wheel.
1 Press to start cruise control mode.
Then get up to desired speed. Also:
while in cruise control mode, press
once to interrupt set speed; press twice
to turn cruise control off.
3 Press to set cruise control at current
vehicle speed.
4 Rocker switch increases/decreases
the set speed.
• By 1 mph: move up/down to the point of resistance.
• By 5 mph: move up/down past the point of resistance.
2 Press to resume set speed.
Note: The system works at speeds over 20 mph. Braking interrupts the system
but does not turn it off. Vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control will be
slightly different.
Connect wirelessly to your world.
Pair your compatible mobile phone with your vehicle to enjoy the enhanced
safety of hands-free calling. We suggest purchasing a BMW Accessory Snap-In
Adapter for seamless operation while recharging the battery and boosting the
cellular signal. For your safety, Bluetooth pairing is possible only when your
vehicle is parked.
To pair your mobile phone:
1.Put your phone in pairing mode.
2.Using the iDrive menus, select: Settings > Connections >
Bluetooth® (phone) > Add new device.
3.Your vehicle’s Bluetooth name will appear in the iDrive Control Display.
4.Use your phone to search for Bluetooth devices. Your vehicle’s Bluetooth
name should appear in your phone’s display. Select it.
5.Both your phone and the iDrive display will display a passkey.
6.Confirm that the passkeys match, then select “OK” on the iDrive to
confirm your phone.
7.Select at least one function you’ll use on your phone. When done,
select “OK.”
8.Your phone should appear at the top of the mobile phone list to confirm
the pairing was a success.
Note: Bluetooth pairing is only possible while parked. To make sure your phone is
compatible, visit bmwusa.com/bluetooth.
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Automatic climate control – don’t sweat the driving.
Keep the cabin a comfortable temperature automatically while you drive.
• To activate: Press AUTO button and select desired temperature. The system will
quickly achieve it by automatically controlling air flow, distribution and temperature.
• To turn off: Lower the fan speed until it is turned off.
• To cool vehicle quickly: Press MAX A/C button, which sets system to the lowest
temperature, maximum air flow and recirculated air mode. Keep engine running.
• To defrost the windshield: Press the
button. You can adjust air flow.
• To defrost rear window: Press the
automatically after a period of time.
button. The defroster will switch off
• To keep outside odors or pollutants from entering the car: Press the
button to select mode.
- LEDs off: Outside air flows in.
- Left LED on: Whenever a sensor detects pollutants, it automatically shuts
off outside air. When no longer detected, it flows in outside air again.
- Right LED on: Outside air is permanently blocked from entering the vehicle.
- At low temperatures: Recirculated air mode turns off after a period of time to
keep windows from fogging.
Note: There are separate temperature and air distribution controls for both left- and
right-seat occupants.
Wired or wireless – the choice is yours.
The USB and AUX interface is
conveniently located in the front
center armrest for easy access.
BMW Encore™
Want to learn more? Set yourself up for BMW Encore™!
Your new BMW is filled with amazing features and functions. After you
have had the chance to make yourself familiar with many of them, we
encourage you to reach out to your nearest BMW center to set up your
complimentary BMW Encore™ appointment. It is a special session
scheduled at a time of your convenience, dedicated to answering all of
your questions about your new BMW. Not only will you get the full value
of your Ultimate Driving Machine®, but it will also make your driving
experience truly pleasurable and customized to your style.
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More about BMW
Visit your App store and search for BMW Driver’s Guide.
For more information on your BMW, visit these links:
[Look for the “For Owners” section]
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