Abrasive Chop Saw Safety Safety Instructions

Abrasive Chop Saw Safety Safety Instructions
Abrasive Chop Saw Safety
Safety Instructions:
1. Always wear eye protection when using the miter saw.
2. Use clamps to support workpiece whenever possible. If supporting the workpiece by hand, you
must always keep hand outside of “No Hand” area that is marked in yellow. Never feed the
workpiece into the blade or cut freehand in any way.
3. Do not use this saw to cut pieces that are too small to be securely clamped, or that require your
hand be placed in the “No Hand” area near the blade. When cutting small or irregularly shaped
pieces first attach the workpiece to a jig/fixture.
4. Do not reach in back of the saw blade behind the fence with either hand to hold down or support
the workpiece, remove wood scraps, or for any other reason.
5. Never cross your hand over intended line of cutting. Supporting the workpiece “cross-handed”
i.e. holding the left side of the workpiece with your right hand is very dangerous.
6. Always disconnect the power cord from the power source before making any adjustments or
attaching any accessories.
7. Only use the miter saw to cut wood or wood-like materials
8. Inspect your workpiece before cutting. If workpiece is bowed or warped, clamp it with the
outside bowed face toward the fence. Always make certain that there is no gap between the
workpiece, fence and table along the line of cut. Also, make sure there are no nails or foreign
objects in the workpiece.
9. Do not use the saw until the table is clear of all tools, wood scraps,
etc., except the workpiece.
10. Cut only one piece at a time.
11. Provide adequate support accessories such as tables;
saw horses, table extensions, etc. for workpieces wider or longer than the
table top
12. Let the blade reach full speed before contacting the workpiece.
13. If the workpiece or blade becomes jammed or bogged down, turn
miter saw “OFF” by releasing the switch.
14. After finishing the cut, release the switch, hold the saw arm down and
wait for blade to stop before removing work or cutoff piece.
15. Turn on the dust collection system and close all gates, except that for the miter saw.
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