premium intercom solution

premium intercom solution
Simplify home communication with this four-room selective call intercom solution.
8 Location Distribution Module
Selective Call Room Unit
Selective Call Intercom Door Unit - White
24VDC 30W Power Supply
The On-Q Selective Call Intercom Module, Room Unit and Door Unit component of the On-Q Premium Intercom Solution come with their
own installation/instruction sheets (IS-0385, IS-0386 and IS-0387 respectively) which detail exactly how these components of the
Selective Call Intercom System are to be installed.
As a complete solution, the Premium Intercom Solution is best installed during new construction in two steps; at “Rough-in” after the
Electricians are done, but prior to drywall being installed, and at “Trim-out” after the drywall is installed and painted. These steps are
detailed below:
“Rough-in” steps:
Note: To provide optimal display quality of the LCD on the
Selective Call Room Unit, the two gang box that it is
mounted in should be located for eye level operation. The
bottom of the two gang box should be approximately 56”
from the floor.
A single Category 5 cable should be run in the wall
from the location where the structured wiring enclosure
is located to a double gang deep electrical box at the
location in the home where each Room Unit or Door
Unit will be located (leave extra cable at both ends).
The first step to installing the Selective Call Door Unit
is to place the included rear gasket against the gang or
back box, and secure the gasket in place with the
included mounting bracket.
Note: Insure that the mounting bracket is installed with the
center tab pointed up, as the Door Unit will be “hung” from
this tab in a later step.
Note: There are slotted holes in the mounting bracket to
allow for leveling of the Door Unit in case the gang or back
box was installed off level.
Note: It is important to keep all Category 5 cable runs,
regardless of use, at least 12 inches away from AC
electrical cables. If it proves necessary to cross an existing
AC cable, do so only at a 90 degree angle.
Use the four provided screws to attach the mounting
bracket to the gang or back box.
Note: A single Door Unit in a one Module system may be
run up to 1000 feet from the Module to support a gate
application. All other Door Units on the system must be
within 330 feet (100 meters) of the Distribution Module.
Pull the Category 5 cable from the enclosure through
the mounting bracket and terminate the cable with an
RJ45 plug and insert the plug into the RJ45 jack on the
rear of the Door Unit. Follow the T568A standards.
Hang the Door Unit from the top tab on the mounting
bracket and use the provided 1/16” allen wrench to
tighten the two set screws at the bottom of the Door
In the structured wiring enclosure, on the rear of the
Selective Call Module, there is an “ADDRESS” jumper
block located at the top of the rear of the Module. This
jumper block is used to select the Master module, and
up to three Slave modules when cascading Modules.
Each Selective Call Module is shipped with the jumper
in the Master position. Use the diagram on the rear of
the Module to correctly position the jumper for your
application (Master in the case of this solution).
Terminate the Category 5 cables from the Room Units
and Door Unit with RJ45 plugs using the T568A wiring
standard and plug them into any of the RJ45 jacks
labeled 1-8 on the front of the Distribution Module.
After all the Units are connected to the Module, apply
power to the Selective Call Intercom Distribution
Module and verify system functionality.
“Trim-out” steps:
At each Room Unit location, the Category 5 cable that
was run to the enclosure should be terminated with an
RJ45 plug, which is then plugged into the rear of the
Unit. Insert the Selective Call Room Unit in position
with its Category 5 cable into the 2 gang box and
secure the unit to the box using the 4 included
panhead screws. If using the included screwless
wallplate option, install the mounting plate to Room
Unit using 4 flathead screws and snap on the wall plate
Note: Follow standard TIA 568A rules for terminating with
RJ45 plugs or punching down Category 5 according to the
indicated color codes.
Note: Make sure that the included weather proofing gasket
is used with the Door Unit. | (800) 321-2343
Key Presentation Phrases
“Many of my clients with
growing families like
yours have told me their
broadcast intercom
system is the best way
to communicate quickly,
simply and reliably.”
“There is no simpler or
more secure way to
monitor the well being of
your new baby or an
aging parent.”
“Often the toughest
challenge to working at
home is dealing with the
distractions. Many of my
clients with home offices
tell me their desk station
is an invaluable time
management tool.”
“…adding a patio
speaker is a top priority
for most of my clients
with active kids.”
“…entry door speakers
are the best way for
home-alone kids, or
their moms to feel safe
and secure.”
Communications solutions solve real world problems.
Communications package details.
Communications solutions keep active families in touch. Whether
keeping tabs on the kids or calling everyone to a family dinner
intercoms make communications simple.
BASIC INTERCOM includes main console with door chime, 3
indoor room units and front door unit should be prescribed to all
families with communications, time, or security concerns.
Communications solutions save you steps and time. Screening the
front door or accepting deliveries without leaving the home office or
contacting the kids from the kitchen means managing your time to
meet your priorities.
PREMIUM INTERCOM includes 4 Selective Call room units, and a
front door unit. Should be prescribed to clients with larger families
that require room-to-room communication.
Communications solutions monitor your loved ones. Never be more
than a few steps away from monitoring the new baby or elderly
family member. No unreliable wireless receivers to carry, no
batteries to replace broadcast intercoms keep you in constant
ULTIMATE INTERCOM includes 4 Selective Call Room Units, a
Video Door Unit and a Patio Unit, a 7” LCD Display allows the user
to view who is at the front door. Best for families with outdoor
Determine the need for communications solutions.
The top homebuyer concerns for communications products include
simplicity of operation, attractive design, system cost, and whether
the system would be used.
Tell me about your family. Kids ages? New additions? Do you have
parents/in-laws who visits?
Demonstrate simple operation and point out the modern
unobtrusive design during each presentation.
Tell me about your new home. Number of bedrooms? Home office
or workshop? Pool? Entryways to the street?
Point out the monthly cost of owning a complete communications
system and the value it adds to their homes resale price.
Tell me about your lifestyle. How long do you plan on enjoying your
new home? Do you work at home or commute? Do you entertain?
What do you enjoy doing at home? Is your personal time valuable?
Are children or other family members frequently home alone?
Base all communications presentations on lifestyle specific
problems that intercom and monitoring systems solve including
communications, time savings, and security.
Demonstrate all functions of the indoor station to assure
homebuyer success. | (800) 321-2343
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