Blue Streak 1 to 4 mm spacing examples.cdr

Blue Streak 1 to 4 mm spacing examples.cdr
Schneider True-Streak Filters
Clearly the most effective and exciting way...
to simulate the anamorphic blue streak effect with virtually any lens, anamorphic
or not. Long, brilliantly colored streaks emanate from bright lights and highlights.
True-Streak filters are available in four strengths:
1mm (strongest), 2mm, 3mm and 4mm (most subtle);
...and in eight colors:
Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Violet and Pink as well as Clear.
While the apparent strength of the filter effect is dependent on variables such as
distance to and size of the light sources, as well as the focal length of the lens, the
examples below show the relative differences in a given situation between the
mm spacings for True-Streak Blue filters ranging from 1 mm through 4 mm.
The mm spacing refers to the distance between the lines in the filter, which are
actually very narrow-diameter cylindrical lenses, embedded in the glass. As with
any filter having a discrete pattern, care should be taken that the lines do not
come into focus. This is most likely to occur when using a short focal length lens at
a small aperture, and when the subject is close to the camera. Test before any
critical use.
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