3M™ Multi-Touch Display C5567PW
3M Multi-Touch Display C5567PW
Large Format Display with Truly Uncompromised Touch
The interactive 55-inch 3M Multi-Touch Display C55677PW features
3M’s high-performance projected capacitive (3M PCT) multi-touch technology and sophisticated bezel-free display design to offer users a truly
uncompromised touch experience. The C5567PW chassis display delivers
60 simultaneous touches over 1,200 square inches of interactive surface
area, at an ultra-fast 10 ms response time, to enable designers to create
multi-user experiences that are more natural, intuitive and responsive when
compared to infrared- and optical-based systems. Versatile enough for
interactive digital signage, interactive tables and kiosk solutions, the
C5567PW provides system architects with a high-performance, easy-tointegrate commercial display for innovative multi-touch solutions.
Precision Large-format Multi-Touch
In addition to delivering 60 simultaneous touches at a 10 ms response
time, the 3M touch electronics have an advanced built-in palm rejection
algorithm to ensure that unintended contact with the screen is ignored
and does not interfere with the user’s intended action. The design of the
projected capacitive sensor has more than 18,600 touch sensing points in
close proximity, making it precise and extremely accurate across the entire
touchscreen. The durable 4mm tempered glass touch surface provides an
antiglare first surface to ensure excellent image clarity in environments with
bright ambient light. Its anti-stiction properties provide excellent finger glide
capability, allowing users’ fingers to effortlessly glide across the display
for easy gesture functions. This fast, accurate and easy to use multi-touch
screen enables customers to create, deliver and experience innovative and
engaging multi-user applications.
Industrial Grade Designed for Multi-Touch Interaction
The C5567PW display has been designed from the ground up to meet
the unique requirements of a large format multi-touch display. The all
steel construction and durable glass surface is designed to stand up
to unattended public installations. Unlike televisions or digital signs, an
interactive multi-touch display draws users in close proximity to the LCD.
To maintain sharp image quality at close distances the C5567PW display
features a full 1080p HD LCD, wide viewing angles and fine pixel pitch
of .21 x .63mm. An advanced thermal management system with replaceable
3M air filters ensures the touch surface is maintained at a comfortable
Recommended Multi-Touch Applications
• Interactive Digital Signage
• Transportation
• Wayfinding
• Command and Control
• Training and Simulation
• Tele-presence
• Retail Product Selectors
• Ticketing/Vending
• Point of Information
• Pro Audio/Visual
• Geospatial
• Broadcast
temperature for the user, even in a horizontal table implementation, and
promotes “always on” performance of critical electronic components. The
glass-to-the-edge bezel-free design mirrors the design trends popular
on modern consumer devices and makes it an elegant addition to any
commercial or professional environment.
Every element of the C5567PW is designed to enable integrators to configure
the display in almost any orientation while meeting the demanding needs
of public environments. The LED backlight system allows integrators to
implement in landscape, portrait or horizontal orientations without concern
of non-uniformity that CCFL systems can exhibit. At just 2.9" deep the
C5567PW can be a sleek wall mounted interactive digital sign or a slim
interactive table or kiosk.
60 finger multi-touch input enables intuitive on-screen collaboration
Fast <10 millisecond touch response creates a natural, intuitive and responsive interface
Advanced palm rejection algorithms help prevent unintended touches that commonly occur in table applications
Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures
Sophisticated and
Durable Design
Flat front surface design built in for elegant modern aesthetics
Slim 2.9" thickness provides sleek low profile appearance while enabling easy integration on wall, table or ensclosure
All metal construction provides rugged frame for public use environments
Advanced thermal management system designed to keep display cool to the touch in tabletop and enclosure installations
Active cooling system with replaceable 3M air filters ensures a cool touching surface regardless of orientation and all but
eliminates dust from entering the display
Premium Display
for Multi-Touch
• Anti-glare coating to maintain image quality under harsh ambient lighting
• Full HD resolution (1920x1080) with a fine pixel pitch to maintain sharp image quality while performing
up-close interactions
• Ultra-Wide viewing angle presents a brilliant image at most angles
• LED Backlights present a long lasting, bright, uniform image regardless of integrated orientation
• Support for remote display controls through RS-323 ports
• Supports many leading active pens and conductive styli
3M Multi-Touch Display C5567PW Specifications
Functional Specifications
Physical Specifications
Display Details
Product Details
LCD Technology
Operating Environment
0 to +40 degrees C, relative humidity,
non-condensing 85%
Display Colors
1.07 billion
Pixel Pitch
0.21 x 0.63mm
Storage Environment
-10 to +60 degrees C
with touch sensor (max.) (1)
700 cd/m2 (nit) typical
610 cd/m2 (nit) typical
Video Input
Contrast Ratio (2)
4000:1 typical
Speaker: 5W + 5W @ 8Ω
Headphone: 20mW + 20mW @ 32Ω
Viewing Angle
Horizontal/Vertical: 178 degrees typical
Cover Glass
4mm Heat Tempered
Video Response Time (3)
6.5 ms typical
VESA Pattern
400mm x 400mm
Refresh Rate
Power Supply
Internal 110/220 VAC Power Supply
Power Consumption
150 watt (maximum)
1920 x 1080
EU Energy Efficiency Class
RoHS Compliant
Agency Approvals
FCC-B, CE, cTUVus (IEC 60950), C-TICK
1 year
Control Type
Native Resolution
(1) Brightness measured on a display with 3M Projected Capacitive sensor.
(2) Measured at a contrast ratio of 10.
(3) Gray to Gray.
Touch Details
Number of Touch Points
60 points with palm rejection
Dimensions and Weight
Touch Point Speed (4)
<10 ms
Input Type
Finger, think glove, many leading active
pens and conductive styli
Display Area (WxH) (viewing area)
1209.6 x 680.4mm
47.6 x 26.8 inches
1280 x 750 x 73.5mm
50.4 x 29.5 x 2.9 inches
Touch Communication
Display Dimensions
Operating System Support
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Linux, Mac
Packaging (WxHxD)
1472 x 896 x 256mm
57.9 x 35.3 x 10.1 inches
Display weight
39kg / 85.98 lbs
Packaging/Display weight
46kg / 101.5 lbs
(4) Up to 20 touches.
Included in the Box
Video Cables: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI,
USB, S232 Cable, US Power Cable, Audio
Cable, Touch CD, Quick Start Guide
Sold Separately
Wired OSD Controller (98-1100-0330-2)
Replacement Air Filters
3M Replacement Filters (98-1100-0230-4)
In Out
VGA Out In
Ordering Information
Part Number
3M Touch Systems
Subsidiary of 3M Company
501 Griffin Brook Park Drive
Methuen, MA 01844 U.S.A.
RoHS Directive compliant: RoHS 2011/65/EU means that the product or part does not contain any of the substances in excess of the maximum concentration values (“MCVs”) in EU RoHS Directive
2011/65/EU, unless the substance is in an application that is exempt under EU RoHS. The MCVs are by weight in homogeneous materials. This information represents 3M's knowledge and belief, which
may be based in whole or in part on information provided by third party suppliers to 3M. (3/13)
EU Ecodesign Regulation EC No. 642/2009: This monitor contains lead in certain parts or components where no technology alternatives exist in accordance with existing
exemption clauses under the RoHS Directive.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PURCHASER: Specifications are subject to change without notice. These 3M Touch Systems’ Products and software are warranted to meet their published specifications from
the date of shipment and one year from the time of purchase. 3M Touch Systems makes no additional warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. User is responsible for determining whether the 3M Touch Systems Products and software are fit for User’s particular purpose and suitable for its method of
production, including intellectual property liability for User’s application. If the Product, software or software media is proven not to have met 3M Touch Systems’ warranty, then 3M Touch Systems’
sole obligation and User’s and Purchaser’s exclusive remedy will be, at 3M Touch Systems’ option, to repair or replace that Product quantity or software media or to refund its purchase price. 3M
Touch Systems has no obligation under 3M Touch Systems’ warranty for any Product, software or software media that has been modified or damaged through misuse, accident, neglect, or subsequent manufacturing operations or assemblies by anyone other than 3M Touch Systems. 3M Touch Systems shall not be liable in any action against it in any way related to the Products or software
for any loss or damages, whether non-specified direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential (including downtime, loss of profits or goodwill) regardless of the legal theory asserted. (7/02)
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