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Technical Bulletin 001/07
MicroMaxx Battery Run-time / Charge Time
March 14, 2007
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MicroMaxx Battery Run-time / Charge Time
What is the expected run-time for a MicroMaxx battery
Optimal battery run-time under ideal conditions and use scenarios is up to 2 hours.
Continuous imaging in worse case scenarios can run the battery down significantly faster.
Aging of the battery and environmental factors can reduce this time further due to permanent loss
of battery capacity.
What affects battery run-time?
Age is a major factor. Lithium-ion batteries can permanently lose up to 20% of their capacity
yearly, regardless of use or storage.
Exposure to heat will significantly reduce battery run-time capacity.
Routinely running the battery all the way down can decrease battery capacity by 20% within 100
How do I maximize battery life?
Charge the battery early and often. Routinely running the battery all the way down and then fully
re-charging it will significantly decrease battery life. Lithium-ion batteries do not develop a
“memory” so do not be afraid to charge them before they are fully depleted.
Use the lowest brightness setting possible. Using a brightness level of 7 instead of 10 can add
15-20 minutes of extra battery life.
Use the ‘Sleep’ and ‘Power’ Delay features. The system charges the battery at the maximum rate
when in the OFF or sleep state. Remember, the system is not in sleep mode unless the green LED
on the front of the system is slowly flashing.
While scanning, place the system in ‘Freeze’ mode when possible.
How long does it take to charge the MicroMaxx battery?
Charge time varies with the state of the MicroMaxx system, battery charge level, and the condition of the
battery. Charge rates for a new, fully depleted battery are as follows:
MicroMaxx State
Off or sleep
Battery Charge Time
2.5 – 3.5 hours
5 – 6 hours
48 hours
If there are any questions please contact SonoSite Technical Support
Phone: (425) 951-1330 or toll free (877) 657-8118
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