Honeywell N56xx and 5x80 Image Scan Engine Quick Start Guide

Honeywell N56xx and 5x80 Image Scan Engine Quick Start Guide
This Development Kit may be used with either the
N56XX or 5X80 Series imaging scan engines.
N56XX engine
5X80 engine
Connect the Development Engine to a
The image engine can connect to a PC for evaluation.
Note: The development board and the kit
components are not intended for integration
and should ONLY be used for evaluation of the
image engine.
N56XX and 5X80
USB Connection
Imaging Scan Engine Development Kit
ESD Precautions
Quick Start Guide
Image engines are susceptible to ESD damage. Use
care when handling an engine outside its ESD safe
packaging. Grounding wrist straps and properly
grounded work areas must be used.
1. Download and install the appropriate USB driver
2. Turn off power to the PC.
ISEDevKit-QS Rev A
3. Connect the interface cable included in the kit to
the engine and to the matching USB port on the
back of the computer.
Warning for N56XXX-XXX-XX5 engine only:
Connecting power to both the micro-B
connector and the 10 pin RJ45 connector
simultaneously could damage the PC and/or the
4. Turn the PC back on. The engine beeps.
3. Connect the power supply connector to the serial
interface cable. Plug in the power supply.
RS232 Connection
USB Full
1. Turn off power to the PC.
2. Connect the serial interface cable to the
development board and to the matching port on
the back of the PC.
USB High
4. Turn the PC back on. The engine beeps.
5. Scan the RS 232 interface bar code below. This
programs the development engine for an RS 232
interface at 115,200 baud, parity–none, 8 data
bits, 1 stop bit, and adds a CR LF suffix.
Limited Warranty
Refer to
warranty_information for your product’s warranty
RS-232 Interface
User Documentation
Refer to for detailed user
documentation about installing and configuring image
Technical Assistance
Contact information for technical support, product
service, and repair can be found at
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