pir sensor c-7288

pir sensor c-7288
Power supply
Quiescent current
Output Pulse
Output level "high"
Temperature range
PIR Input Gain
12Vdc 5
at 5V 400U
0.5 sec
Equal to the voltage
-20 º C to 50 º C
The PIR sensor is a module that operates Pyroelectric infrared, designed to detect presence of persons and / or animals, based on the
difference in temperature there of bycompared to the ambient temperature at the time.
The PIR C-7288 incorporates a Fresnel lens in the semi-spherical module itself.
The output level is equal to the supply (5-12 VDC). If it is powered at 5V, the output is TTL compatible.
It has a high immunity to RF radiation and a high sensitivity.
- Integrated circuit mounted on the module using the technique "dice bonding".
- Miniaturized size: 25 x 35 x 18 mm.
- Semi-spherical lens, Fresnel, mounted on the module.
- Detection angle 60 º.
- Login .- very simple, with only 3 wires, Positive, Negative and Exit.
- It is supplied with a flat cable 70 mm in length composed of 3 drivers.
- The printed circuit board has 4 holes for mounting.
- Great sensitivity.
- High immunity against interference by radio frequency.
- Login .- delayed 25 sec.
- Output level equal to food. If it is powered at 5V, the output will be compatible
Coverage (Top view)
1 .- The PIR sensor is sensitive to temperature changes. Do not install the module in Areas with rapid changes in ambient temperature, or
in places where he could receive assault and / or vibration.
Do not expose to direct sunlight or the headlights of cars, also do not expose directly to the air from air heaters or air conditioners.
2 .- This module is reserved for use indoors. If you want to use it outside, you must sure to use the appropriate optical filters, as well as
protections against water and spray.
3 .- The ranks of detection may vary depending on environmental conditions of temperature.
4 .- Do not place in areas where the infrared module may be blocked. As For example: behind a glass, through which the infrared
radiation does not detect properly.
Sizes in mm.
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