Building a Bike Generator

Building a Bike Generator
Building a Bike Generator
First, gather your materials:
—  Bike
—  Bike stand
—  24VDC Permanent Magnet Motor
—  Super strut (also called Uni strut) – 10 ft.
—  V-Belt (~94”)
—  2.5 inch V-Belt Pulley w/0.5” bore
—  Shaft Adapter - (3/8”x1/2” bushing)
Other parts:
—  Miscellaneous Connectors
—  Short Extension Cord
—  Watt Meter (optional – to measure watts you are
—  Polarized Power Connector – connects bike to the
watt meter
Super strut
—  Remove the stop from
your bike trainer and
attach the super strut.
—  Each trainer is different.
—  Remove the block rubber
—  Bolt the super strut to
the trainer.
Watt meter (optional)
Super strut nut
L bracket and bolt
Attach the motor to the L bracket
Drill the connector bushing
Cut the connector bushing
Put bushing inside v-belt pulley; tighten
with the Allen wrench, attach to motor
Adjust motor so that it is close enough to the bike that the v-belt
will fit around the rear bike wheel and the belt pulley.
Attach male/female connectors to the motor
Use pliers to crimp them down.
Remove plug-in from housing.
You may have to remove some rubber coating from the extension cord
wires in order to connect it to the plug in.
Attached cord shown with optional watt meter.
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