Leaflet - Philips

Leaflet - Philips
Philips Heritage Audio
Component Hi-Fi system
• Silk dome tweeter
• 60 W
Obsessed with sound
Enjoy high fidelity music
Immerse yourself in audiophile-quality sound with the Philips component Hi-Fi system
that features a silk dome tweeter. Plus, elegant wooden speakers and an aluminium
cabinet enhance the sound quality, while ensuring precision and control.
Enrich your sound experience
• Silk dome tweeter for crystal clear sound
• Gold-plated speaker connector for finest signal transmission
• Wooden speakers for great natural sound
• Digital Sound Control for optimised music style settings
• Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound
• Loudness for bass and treble enhancement
• 60 W RMS total output power
Enjoy your music from multiple sources
• Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
• USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback
Design that blends into your interior
• Aluminium cabinet for quality look and feel
• High-end component design with stand
Component Hi-Fi system
Silk dome tweeter 60 W
Silk dome tweeter
A silk dome tweeter holds a diaphragm made
with silk—a superior material to that used in
ordinary tweeters. The silk material used in the
diaphragm has superior sound damping
characteristics and its soft texture ensures
minimal acoustic breakup. As a result, the
sound produced by a silk dome tweeter is
smooth, warm and has a wide range.
Gold-plated speaker connector
The gold-plated speaker connector ensures
better audio signal transmission compared to
traditional click-fit connections. It also
minimises the electrical signal loss from the
amplifier to the speaker box, resulting in sound
reproduction that's as close to reality as
possess unique acoustic characteristics that
make it perfect for use in sound equipment and
instruments. Fine musical instruments such as
pianos and violins are made of wood for good
reason — the same reason these speakers are
also encased in wood. Bask in a rich and
realistic listening experience delivered by these
wooden speakers.
Digital Sound Control
enjoy consistent sound even when you turn
down the volume.
In the sound spectrum, high and low
frequencies are relatively less audible to human
ears - especially at low volumes. With the
Loudness feature activated, the bass and treble
will be amplified so you can savour a more
balanced sound perception overall.
Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
Digital Sound Control offers you a choice of
pre-set Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classical controls
you can use to optimise the frequency ranges
for different musical styles. Each mode uses
graphic equalizing technology to automatically
adjust the sound balance and enhance the most
important sound frequencies in your chosen
music style. Ultimately, Digital Sound Control
makes it easy for you get the most out of your
music by precisely adjusting the sound balance
to match the type of music you are playing.
Dynamic Bass Boost
Audio compression technology allows large
digital music files to be reduced up to 10 times
in size without radically degrading their audio
quality. MP3 or WMA are two of the
compression formats that let you enjoy a
world of digital music on your Philips player.
Download MP3 or WMA songs from
authorised music sites on the Internet or
create your own MP3 or WMA music files by
ripping your audio CDs and transferring them
onto your player.
Aluminium cabinet
Wooden speakers
Nature provides us with the best materials —
not least wood. Wood has been found to
Dynamic Bass Boost maximises your music
enjoyment by emphasising the bass content of
the music throughout the range of volume
settings - from low to high – at the touch of a
button! Bottom-end bass frequencies usually
get lost when the volume is set at a low level.
To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be
switched on to boost bass levels, so you can
Aluminium die casting is lightweight and can
withstand higher temperatures. It offers great
strength and rigidity, along with good
corrosion resistance.
Component Hi-Fi system
Silk dome tweeter 60 W
• Output power: 2 x 30 W RMS / 2 x 60 W music
• Sound enhancement: loudness, digital sound
control 4 modes, Dynamic Bass Boost
• Speaker drivers: 3.5" woofer, cone dome tweeter
• Loudspeaker enhancement: 2-way, Gold-plate
speaker connectors, speaker grilles detachable
Audio playback
• Playback media: WMA-CD, MP3-CD, CD-RW,
• Disc playback modes: repeat/shuffle/programme
• USB Direct playback modes: fast reverse/fast
forward, play/pause, previous/next, programme
play, repeat, shuffle, stop
Station presets: 20
Tuner bands: FM stereo
Antenna: FM antenna
RDS: radio text, RDS clock set, station name
Tuner enhancement: auto digital tuning, auto scan
• Audio/Video output: 2 x RCA (Audio)
• USB: USB host
• Aux in: 2 x RCA (Audio)
Alarms: CD alarm, radio alarm, USB alarm
Clock: on main display, sleep timer
Loader type: motorised, tray
Display enhancements: DIM mode
Display type: VFD display
Remote control: 40-key with lithium battery
Others: FM antenna, Quick start guide
User Manual: multi-lingual
Guaranteed: Worldwide Guarantee booklet
Gross weight: 7.5 kg
Main speaker dimensions (W x D): 130 x 215 mm
Main speaker height: 180 mm
Main unit depth: 280 mm
Packaging width: 375 mm
Main unit height: 75 mm
Packaging height: 350 mm
Main unit width: 160 mm
Packaging depth: 250 mm
• Power supply: 50 Hz
• Power supply: 220 - 240 V
• Eco Power standby: 1 W
Issue date 2013-05-10
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