Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager
Thunderstorm Manager
Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager
When it is your job to keep operations running efficiently, protect assets, or worry
about the safety of people when severe weather approaches, you need easy access
to timely and accurate information. Thunderstorm Manager is the latest software to
assist you in tracking approaching storms.
Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager is a web based application that helps you track approaching storms in real time. Several advanced
tracking tools are available, such as radar and satellite overlays, radar proxy, and lightning risk prediction. You can use a desktop
or mobile device browser to access the displays. One or multiple sites with alerting rings or polygons defining an alert region will
serve to notify you about lightning taking place in the area. Notifications are sent by email or text to a cell phone.
The Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager tracking system utilizes Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset (GLD360) for lightning detection
anywhere, including oceans, and our high precision National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) in the US. If you have your own
precision lightning detection network, the Thunderstorm Manager Server option can be used to display real time lightning and
provide alert notifications to your users.
Choice of web maps to display the
lightning area
Animate lightning, radar, and satellite
by choosing a time period and speed
Zoom and Pan with dedicated
zoom area selection
Individual user login
Display of lightning polarity and
graphical representation of the
magnitude of each strike
Toggle Day and Night modes
Inspector Tool to display parameters
for each stroke
Display of cloud to ground and
cloud to cloud lightning
Time discrimination of lightning to
determine the storm path through
color coded symbols (0 to 25
minutes are in 5 minute increments,
and 0 to 120 minutes are in 15 and
30 minute increments)
Administrator role login
Measure distance between two points
(e.g. between strike location and asset)
Display of coordinates that follow
the cursor
Advanced Monitoring and Operational Tracking Tools
Radar (where available) with Lightning
IR Satellite (where available)
Storm Intensity and Lightning Threat
Zone with storm tracking (optional)
Radar Proxy (optional)
Choose Your View - Cloud-to-Ground
Lightning Only for up to 2 Hours
Choose Your View - Total Lightning
(cloud and cloud-to-ground)
If your operations require accurate lightning storm status over a small area,
globally, or anything in between, rely on the most scientifically validated lightning
networks in the world with close to 100% thunderstorm detection – Vaisala
lightning networks. The applications for Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager include:
Meteorological and hydrometeorological agencies
Air traffic management
Electric power companies
Wind farm operators
Forestry and land management agencies
International airports
Telecommunications networks
Mining industry
Maritime operations
Road operations
Any other professional agency with operational
activities affected by lightning
Add-on Features
Alert Features
Lightning Threat Zone - up
to a one-hour forecast of the
potential for lightning in a
region, including
• Storm trajectory display
• Storm cell velocity vector
Add as many alert sites as necessary
Add up to 3 levels of warnings per alert site (Information, Caution, Alarm)
Define alert regions using circles or polygons
Storm Intensity - displays current
lightning threat for your region
and the storm intensity level
Get e-mail or SMS alerts for each alert site, within each lightning area
Deliver customized alerts to multiple e-mail addresses or cell phone
Get All-Clear alert notifications when no discharges have taken place
after a predetermined amount of time (e.g. 30 min.)
Radar Proxy - simulated radar
image for locations where radar
data is not available, based on
lightning information
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