Lumen200 Lamp Installation Guide for Shipments

Lumen200 Lamp Installation Guide for Shipments
Lumen 200 & 200Pro Series Safety Information
Important Safety Information
The Lumen 200 has protection features built in to avoid unintentional
exposure to UV radiation. In addition to this protection, please observe
the following safety instructions:
- Once the lamp house has cooled, open the
cover and, using protective gloves, remove
the bulk of the lamp.
- Place the lamp in it’s box.
Definition of Labels:
• The method in which the lamps are disposed of must comply with the - Carefully remove any shards of glass from
local rules & regulations for disposal of hazardous materials. Lamps
the lamp house area and place them in the
Danger: Electric Shock Hazard!
may be returned to Prior Scientific providing they are returned in their
lamp box.
original packaging.
- In the unlikely event of Mercury being
• Eye damage may result from directly viewing the light produced by the
visible in the unit, it can be removed using
lamp used in this product.
a pipette (automatic or ‘dropper bottle’,
Warning: Read instructions to determine possible
• Always make sure the light guide is properly inserted into the
NOT a mouth suction type) and placed in
collimator which is firmly attached to the microscope using the adaptor a sealed container such as a small capped
provided and into the Lumen 200 & 200Pro before turning on the
glass bottle.
Caution: Read these operating instructions fully before
power to the unit.
- Clean up any remaining small particles of
use and pay particular attention to sections containing
glass using sticky tape.
this symbol.
- Remove the rear cover and treat this area as per the lamp house.
- Place the lamp box and any container used for the spilled Mercury in a
• Use only as specified by the operating instructions or the intrinsic
polythene bag.
protection may be impaired.
- Remove the foam air filters from the rear cover and place them in the
• Keep this manual in a safe place as it contains important safety
bag with the box.
• Never look into the emitting end of a light guide. The light could
information and operating instructions.
- The lamp house and rear of the unit should then be wiped down with
• Before using the system, please follow and adhere to all warnings, safety severely damage the cornea and retina of the eye if the light is observed damp paper towels or similar.
directly. Appropriate eye shielding must be used at all times, clothing
and operating instructions located either on the product or in this
- Place the towels and any container used in the polythene bag and seal it.
should be used to protect exposed skin.
Installation Guide.
- Place the first bag in second polythene bag, seal it and label it as
• Never place the end of an emitting light guide near skin as this may
• Do not expose the product to water or moisture.
containing Mercury.
result in burning and damage to the skin.
• Do not expose the product to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
- Pack the bag in a cardboard box and return it to Prior Scientific
• Do not cover or restrict slots in controller case.
• Do not expose the product to open flames.
for disposal.
• Never place the end of an emitting light guide near a flammable
• Do not allow objects to fall on or liquids to spill on the product.
- Fit new filters to the rear cover.
substrate as sufficient power is emitted from the light guide to ignite
- Refit the rear cover.
flammable substances.
Electrical Hazards:
• If the breakage has occurred outside the unit:
• Connect the AC power cord only to designated power sources.
• Make sure the electrical cord is located so that it can not be damaged.
• Always disconnect power before connecting components together.
• Use only the power supply cord set provided with the system for this
unit, should this not be correct for your geographical area, contact your
• Do not tamper with the product, doing so will void the warranty and
may damage the system. This product does not contain consumer
serviceable components. All repairs or services should be performed by
Authorised Service Centres, contact your supplier for details.
• Before replacing a fuse: DISCONNECT THE EQUIPMENT FROM THE
• Ensure that the mains switch / IEC socket / mains plug is easily
accessible to allow the unit to be switched off.
Lumen LM200B1 Mercury Lamp Breakage
- If only the reflector is damaged and the bulb at the centre is intact then
If your company has a Mercury spill procedure, that will take precedence the lamp can be treated as broken glass and along with any shards, using
appropriate care, should be packed in it’s box.
over this document. In the rare event that a Lumen Mercury lamp
- If the bulb at the centre of the reflector is broken then Mercury will
breaks, the following action should be taken:
have been released. Use the same procedure for evacuation,
ventilation and clean-up as detailed above.
• All personnel should evacuate the room.
Return the lamp to Prior Scientific for disposal.
• Turn off any air recirculating equipment such as air conditioning.
• Open windows to ventilate the room for 30 minutes.
• Wear nitrile/latex gloves to carry out the following procedure.
• If the breakage has occurred within the unit:
- Disconnect the unit from the mains supply.
Please read this Safety Information Sheet and download the Operating Manual:
Prior Scientific Inc.
80 Reservoir Park Drive
Rockland, MA 02370
Lumen 200 & 200Pro Series Lamp Installation Guide
Alarm Reset Button
Please also visit our website to view the Lumen Lamp Installation film clip:
Clamping Nut
Power Switch
Installing the Lamp
6 Attach the brown connector
into the plug while holding the
bulb as shown.
Required Equipment:
• Lumen 200/200Pro unit • Hexagon Key • Prior supplied Lamp
Manual Shutter
Liquid Light Guide
Microscope Adapter
Quick Start Instructions
1 Disconnect the Lumen Power Supply.
7 Locate the bottom of the bulb as
indicated in the image at point 5.
Place the bottom of the bulb
into the groove in the bottom Lamp spring
of the lamp chamber as on the
photo to the right.
2 Place the Lumen upside down on a
flat padded surface. The packing
material that the Lumen is shipped
with works well for a padded
Lamp spring
3 Remove 4 screws and the lamp
access panel as pictured in the
photo to the right.
V-shaped cardboard holder
4 Remove lamp from carton, take
care not to touch the silver surface
of the lamp or the PCB on the back
of the bulb.
A) Open top of carton
B) Remove V-shaped cardboard
C) Push cardboard flaps back
D) Lift lamp out of carton
Cardboard flaps
5 Confirm that lamp is orientated with
the cables facing into the lamp
housing. The white section of the
bulb will be facing downwards.
Bottom of bulb,
white section
8 Lift the springs towards
the bulb, as you do so the
bulb will be pushed into
the correct position.
Click the springs all the way
into the lamp spring restraint.
Lamp spring
9 Slightly rotate the lamp in its holder
and set it in the middle of its travel.
10 With the bulb now firmly in
place, plug the data connector
into the base of the bulb.
Data connector
11 Replace the lamp access panel using
the 4 screws provided.
Lamp spring
Once the lamp is installed, the Lumen is ready to be connected
to your microscope.
1 Place the Lumen in a safe location ensuring a minimum of 100mm
clearance from obstructions.
2 Unpack the liquid light guide from the foil packaging and remove both
red plastic caps.
3 Slide clamping nut along the light guide and hold it tight against the
washer at that end where the light guide inserts the Lumen. Insert into
threaded opening of the Lumen and screw in firmly.
4 Loosen thumb screw on back of collimator and firmly push light
guide into the hole ensuring it has reached its end stop, tighten
thumb screw.
5 Connect collimator to microscope.
6 Adjust collimator for light eveness when Lumen is switched on:
- loosen silver lock ring
- unscrew end of collimator
- when light is even, screw silver lockring forward locking collimator
end into place
Starting up the Lumen
WARNING: Do not power the Lumen without the light guide attached.
The Lumen should only be used on a level surface.
1 Connect the power cable to the Lumen.
2 Ensure the light guide is attached to both the Lumen and the
3 Switch Lumen power on.
4 Allow upto 5 minutes for light to reach operating output.
WARNING: Do not power down the unit within 15 mins of powering
up. This may reduce the effective lifetime of the lamp.
Shutting down the Lumen
Not complying with the following warnings may result in lamp damage:
WARNING: Do not power down the unit within 15 mins of powering up.
WARNING: After shutting down allow 15 mins before powering up again.
Failure to do so is likely to result in lamp damage.
DS 08022 07/22/2009
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