kettle fontana 5
Kettle fontana5
selected design
Technical features
220 - 240 Volt, 2400 - 2800 Watt
VDE / GS approval, safety category 1 CE
Cordless kettle with 360° rotating base
Heat-resistant acrylic housing
Double-sided water level indicator
Safety lid with lock mechanism
Removable lime-scale filter
Covered heating element with stainless steel
protector plate
Cord storage in the base with two cord exits
Four rubber feet to prevent slipping
70°, 80°, 95° and 100°C temperature settings with
LED indicator
Overheating protection with automatic switch-off
when the set temperature is reached
Boil-dry protection with automatic switch-off when
kettle is empty
Automatic switch-off when kettle is removed from
1,1 liter capacity
Warranty: 2 years, product made in Germany
Technical data are subject to change
width 22,0 cm hight 24,5 cm depth 15,0 cm
weight: 1,3 kg
Item.-No. / GTIN
black: 635.000 / 40 04822 63500 2
white: 635.001 / 40 04822 63501 9
635.002 / 40 04822 63502 6
Energy saving fontana5 kettle
The right preparation and, above all, the right water temperature are crucial when it comes to
the optimal enjoyment of black tea, green tea and coffee. The fontana5 kettle can do more
than boil water. It heats it to the exact temperature you require. Unnecessary heating and
cooling to the required temperature is omitted, saving energy. The water can be heated to
exactly 70, 80, 95 or 100 degrees Celsius with the help of four temperature settings – simply
at the touch of a button. The thermally-insulated housing offers two advantages: firstly, it
protects against unpleasant burning during use. Secondly, the heated water cools more
slowly through the double-walled housing.
fontana5 does not just impress with its energy efficiency. It is also particularly user friendly:
Whether you’re a left or right-hander – with water level indicator on both sides, the filling
volumes can always be seen without any problems, without it being concealed by your hand.
The particularly wide-opening lid means the kettle can be filled more easily and also dried or
cleaned just as easily. To prevent any irritating and unsightly limescale deposits, fontana5 is
equipped with a highly polished stainless steel heating plate. The smooth surface means
limescale cannot adhere as quickly, and is also easier to remove if necessary.
As the water hardness depends on the region, the kettle is equipped with two metal
limescale filters. The coarse-pored limescale filter should be used in very hard water. The
larger pores mean the water permeability is retained for a longer period of time despite the
limescale deposits. The fine-pored limescale filter should be used for softer water, so that
even the smallest limescale crumbs are caught. The sharp spout edges ensure the water is
poured easily without any irritating dripping.
It is often the small things that make up a practical kitchen appliance as a whole.
fontana5 also fulfils all the requirements when it comes to safety: The temperature buttons
are covered with waterproof film and the kettle switches off automatically when the pre-set
temperature is reached. It is also equipped with protection against dry running and
overheating. In addition, a safety lid, which has to be opened with two fingers to prevent any
unintentional opening, and the illuminated LED display also ensure the safe handling of the
Due to its low energy consumption, its user-friendly operation and its environmentally-friendly
materials, fontana5 bears the “Blue Angel” environmental label “schützt das Klima – weil
energiesparend“, as it protects the environment by saving energy. fontana5 also impresses
with its form and choice of colours in its clear, timeless Bauhaus appearance and won the
coveted red dot product design award 2013.
Together with the incomparably slim-line volcano5 toaster and energy-saving cafena5 coffee
maker, the colour-coordinated breakfast set is complete – naturally “made in Germany”.
About ritterwerk:
ritterwerk was founded in 1905 by Franz Ritter. Since then the medium-sized company develops and
produces household appliances which facilitate the everyday work in the kitchen. The medium-sized
company, headed by Michael Schüller, develops, designs and produces exclusively in Gröbenzell near
Munich. The company‘s philosophy ‚made in Germany‘ not only stands for its production site in Germany.
It also incorporates high quality standards, sustainability, appropriate materials as well as functional
design, thus clearly following the ‘Bauhaus’ principles of the twenties.
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