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CRE f J RY e y SA PL.
Curries and Stir Fry Come With Your Choice of Jasmine or Brown Rice
~ 1 1. Pick a Protein 2. Choose A Spice Level
J Chicken, Pork, Vegetables, or Tofu 9.95 Mild
| Shrimp, Beef, Mock Chicken, Mock Duck 10.95 Medium
| J Roast Duck 12.95 Hot
“Fish 11.95 Very Hot
Be Pad Thai Ticodles
{ | Sweet and tangy, stir-fried with tamarind sauce, eggs, fresh bean
“4 sprouts, green onions, with a side of crushed peanuts and lime.
| Pad See Iw
Known for its “breath of the wok”, a complex smoky flavor, this is
broad noodle stir fry with eggs, broccoli, and Chinese broccoli.
Drunken Noodle
Savory broad rice noodles with fresh basil leaves, bamboo shoots,
tomatoes, and onions. Best when made spicy!
(Made with Thai Jasmine Rice)
Pineapple Fried Rice
Stir-fried w/ raisins, pineapple chunks, cashew nuts, eggs, a dash
of curry powder, garnished with fresh cilantro and green onions.
Basil Fried Rice
Stir-fried w/ green onions, sweet peppers, fresh basil leaves, and
ÿ eggs, topped with crispy basil.
{| Thai Fried Rice
UN Stir-fried rice w/ tomatoes, Chinese broccoli, onions, and eggs,
garnished w/ fresh cilantro, green onions, and slices of cucumber.
Red O Cite
Î Richly flavored, light touch of sweetness. Stewed w/ bamboo
shoots, sweet peppers, coconut milk, and Thai basil.
“4 GreenO
4 Savory and spicy. Stewed w/ bamboo shoots, sweet peppers,
eggplant, basil, and coconut milk.
Distinct turmeric flavor. Stewed w/ potatoes, bell peppers,
q E.
Ta PL) MET Cao
К onions, carrots, and coconut milk.
{4 Panang®
A g
4 Creamy curry w/ sweet peppers and your choice of protein.
| Massaman
= Ре
al WJ
Sweet, peanuty curry w/ potatoes, onions, peanuts,
and coconut milk.
Bangkok Mai Sm Tu
Chili paste bean oil with, cashew nuts, onions, bell peppers.
House garlic sauce, broccoli, cabbage and green onions.
Spinach stir-fry topped with our house peanut sauce.
Bai Gaprow
(Best with ground chicken) Fresh basil leaves and seasoned with
garlic and toasted chili peppers.
J} Pad Ped ®
4 Red curry paste, bamboo slices, sweet peppers, tomatoes,
5 4 onions and basil.
| Basil Eggplant
| Sweet stir-fry with eggplants, sweet peppers, and Thai basil.
A eta = ="
alt kT ga Ch » weld м h A Y e Ed a LS
Da | --—
+ y
Thai Golden Fried Spring Rolls
Five housemade rolls filled with silver noodles, black pepper, |
cabbage, carrot, and a side of our homemade plum sauce. 5.75 [MM
Thai Chicken Satay
Five grilled chicken skewers marinated with our curry coconut
sauce, served with a side of our house peanut sauce. 6.50
Crab Rangoon
Five fried wontons filled with our seasoned mix of imitation crab A
and cream cheese, served with our homemade plum sauce. 6.50 ik
Fried Calamari |
Hand-breaded calamari served w/ our house plum sauce. 7.75
Tom Yum 99
Tangy traditional soup flavored with lemongrass, tomatoes and
mushrooms, garnished with cilantro and green onions.
Vegetarian 4.50 il
Vegetarian 8.50 Y
Small: Chicken 4.50
Large: Chicken 8.50
Tom Ka
Coconut based soup with mushrooms, garnished with cilantro,
green onions, and a squeeze of lime juice.
Shrimp 5.50
Shrimp 9.50
Small: Chicken 5.25
Large: Chicken 8.95
Shrimp 6.25
Shrimp 9.95
Lahb Gai Salads
Ground chicken tossed with roughly ground toasted rice, onions,
lime juice, fish sauce, mint leaves and green onions served on
a bed of romaine lettuce. 7.95
Hand shredded fresh green papaya tossed with chili peppers, fish 00
sauce, tomatoes on a bed of fresh cabbage. 6.95
Yum Nuea
Grilled slices of beef strip loin tossed with cucumber, red onion,
green onions, fish sauce, and our chili dressing served on a bed
of lettuce. 9.95
Yum Pla Muk
Steamed calamari rings tossed with red and green onions, lime
juice, fish sauce, strips of fresh ginger, and chili dressing. 10.95
Vegetarian 5.25 do
Vegetarian 8.95 2)
Add To Your Dish
Chicken Breast Slices 2.50
Jasmine or Brown Rice 2.00
Pork Sirloin Slices 2.50 Fried Egg 2.00
Beef Strip Loin Slices 3.50 (L) Peanut Sauce 2.00
Shrimp (4 pc.) 21-25 size 3.50 Steamed Noodles 2.95
White Basa Fish Fillet 4.50 Steamed Vegetables 3.75
Roast Duck 5.50 Side Salad 4.50
Mixed Vegetables 2.00
Rice Substitutes
Fried Rice 3.50
Rice Noodles 2.00
Plain Sticky Rice 3.00
Vegetables 2.50
Gluten Free Soy Sauce Available Upon Request
Lowest spice level possible is Mild
| N. : - |
+ ' ) p TW - :
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