IVT-C1D190ESHQ Explosion Proof Color Camera

IVT-C1D190ESHQ Explosion Proof Color Camera
Model IVT-C1D190ESHQ
Pick Up Element Sony 1/3” CCD
Effective Picture Elements
NTSC: 811x508
PAL: 795x596
Horizontal Resolution 540 TV Lines
S/N Ratio > 48 dB
Clock Frequency
NTSC: 19.0669
PAL: 19.3125
Scanning System 2:1 Interlaced
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux (with IR on)
Synchronous System Internal, negative synch
Auto electronic shutter
Explosion Proof
Color Camera
NTSC: 1/60 s - 1/100,000 s
PAL: 1/50 s - 1/100,000 s
Gamma characteristic 0.45
IR Projection distance
50 Meters (with 36 unit
infrared LEDs)
IR Status Under 10 Lux by CDS
IR Power On CDS Auto Control
Video Output 1 Vpp, 75 Ω
Day & Night IR Color Camera
Class 1 Division 1 Housing
Auto gain control Auto
Voltage/current 12 VCD (+/- 10%) / 700 mA
Lens 4-9 mm
IntellView Technologies Inc.
Dimensions (mm) 193.675 (w) x 142.875 (d)
808 - 55 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 6Y4
Weight (g) 1150
Storage Temperature -45 to +70 ºC
Operational Temperature -40 to +50 ºC
Phone: 1-403-338-0001
Toll Free: 1-888-922-9235
Fax: 1-403-374-0027
Sales: sales@intelliview.ca
Information: info@intelliview.ca
Support: support@intelliview.ca
Packing List
User guide
Please read this user guide carefully
before powering up the camera.
Do not attempt to disassemble. If the
camera does not work, please contact
Product Brief
Sensor (CCD)
Adopts 1/3" High Resolution Color CCD Sensor.
Auto Gain Control (AGC)
Built-in auto gain control (AGC) circuit. The color
camera can get high definition picture in low Lux
To attach IR and power video cables, a Molex 51021-0200 and
Molex 21021-0400 connectors are required.
To install, remove the camera cover and attach the connectors
For detailed instructions, please refer to IVT-LIT90ESHQ Camera
cabling instructions manual.
Auto Electronic Shutter (AES)
Built-in auto electronic shutter function. The color
camera’s AES speed can reach 1/100,000 s.
Night-time Vision
0 Lux with IR LEDs on. Adopts TaiWan high quality IR
LED for pmroved nigh vision effect.
• When operating during a thunderstorm, make sure the
device is grounded properly or unplug the power supply.
• Cables that are too long might cause deterioration of
picture quality.
• Avoid using the camera outside of its specified temperature range.
• Do not face the camera directly into the sun, as this will
damage the camera.
• Do not mount the camera near a heat source such as
radiator of heater.
This camera model features an air-tight Class 1 Division 1 housing that makes it imprervious to severe environments. The housing has been designed to isolate incoming power from instrumentation. The casing is made of stainless steel and coated with
corrosion resistant polyester coating.
Please read this manual carefully to ensure proper use of the
Scanning Mode
NTSC or PAL mode.
• The power supply must match the device specifications.
Please make sure voltage, current, voltage polarity and
operating temperature are within the correct range.
Congratulations on your purchase of IVT-LIT90ESHQ Day & Night
IR color camera. This user guide covers the IVT-LIT90ESHQ series
The camera supports high definition video and provides high
stability of function, as well as rich and life-like color.
Gamma Characteristic
Gamma characteristic of the camera is 0.45.
1. There is no picture after the camera is powered on.
• Check that the voltage (and voltage polarity) is correct as per
• Check that all the cords are connected and plugged in correctly.
2. There are ripples of interference in the picture.
• This may be caused by ripples in AC power. A Filter might be necessary.
• Make sure the monitor and peripherals are connected properly.
3. Picture background changes continously.
• Fluorescent lamps can cause color roll due to electromagnetic
interference. This is a common occurence.
• Reduce the number of fluorescent lamps or increase the distance
between the lamps and the camera.
• Use an external power sync. on the power supply.
4. Picture is smeared.
• Check if the power supply voltage is stable.
• This could be caused by high impedance cables.
• Check if the cables are connected properly.
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do
not expose the camera to water directly or for extended period of time.
No user serviceable parts inside.
Please refer service to qualified personnel.
Do not use a power source that is different than specified.
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