Time Clock - Patterson

Time Clock - Patterson
Time Clock
NOTE: This is completely separate software from IntraVet. Be sure that you add the
Time Clock information/data to your daily backup routine.
Installing the Software
Creating Users/Passwords
Setting Access Levels
Setup in IntraVet – program path
Launching/Using from IntraVet
Clocking In/Out
Viewing Timesheets/Reports
Making Adjustments
1.) Insert the TimeClock disk or USB Drive.
2.) The Install Shield Wizard should come up automatically. (If it does not, open the
drive in My computer and double-click on the sailboat icon.)
3.) Click Next to begin.
4.) Select which type of Time Clock to be installed
a. Single User
b. Multi-User
c. If doing multiuser and if you are on the server, select server to put the
data here only or server/workstation if you will both put the data here and
run the TimeClock program from this computer.
d. Click <Change> to change the path of the install to D:\Public on the
server install only if you have IntraVet hardware and wish to ensure this
data is backed up daily (recommended).
Note: If you are running Terminal Services and wish to launch Timeclock from
within IntraVet, be sure to install the Server/workstation type on the server.
5.) Click Next, then Install.
6.) Click Finish
If multiuser, run the install on other workstations choosing multiuser, then workstation as
the install type (server should only be chosen for one computer only).
Launching Time Clock
NOTE: The Timeclock Server program must be running for the TimeClock program to
work. To start the TimeClock server, go to the server and click
Start/Programs/Timeclock/Start Timeclock Server.
Once the server is running, you can launch TimeClock from any workstation that you
installed it on. Installing the workstation program puts a TimeClock icon on the desktop
and you may also choose to set it up to launch through a menu within IntraVet.
Before you begin using TImeclock, set up your users and passwords.
Creating Users/Passwords
Security Administrator Account
Double click to open the program. The first time you open the program you will be
prompted for a password. Leave the username as “Security Administrator” and leave the
password field blank and click Log On. This is a built-in user for program administration
and the only one allowed to create or edit user permissions and clear passwords.
The Providers/Staff List window will open. Click on <Edit> to create your password for
the “Security Administrator” username as well as three questions & answers for resetting
your password. Be sure you set up a password for this account.
You can now add the rest of your Providers/Staff Members as users by clicking <New>
from the Providers/Staff List window. Fill out all the basic information. The ID for each
user needs to be 1 – 3 characters (letters or digits). You may add passwords to log on or
leave it blank and/or add passwords for users to clock-in/out or leave them blank.
When editing or adding a user, click on <Password> to create the password for logging
into the program (optional). Passwords are case-sensitive.
There are 3 security questions that you have to fill out for the user to reset forgotten
passwords if you choose passwords. Also, fill out the Access Options for each user as
desired. Be sure to have at least one person (manager) able to edit Timesheet entries.
(You probably don’t want everyone else to have this option.)
Click <Check All> to give the user full access to everything. If you give someone
Timesheet Management access, they have full rights to add, edit, view and delete all
timesheet entries. All boxes are filled out. They cannot be set up to view without editing.
Those without Timesheet access will not have the button enabled when logged in.
Note: Each user may view his/her own Timesheet when clocking in and out.
Click on <Timeclock> to create passwords for clock/in and clock/out (optional). There
are 3 security questions that you have to fill out for the user to reset forgotten passwords
if you choose passwords. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Setup in IntraVet – Program Path
If you would like to start the Timeclock program from the File menu within IntraVet, follow
the steps below. YOU MUST BE ON INTRAVET BUILD 290 OR ABOVE for this
In IntraVet, click on Setup.
Click on Other Programs.
Click on Time Clock.
This will prompt you for a password that you must contact us to get.
Once the password is entered the Time Clock Path Setup window will open.
Enter the following path into the blank (or wherever you chose to install during
installation). Do not include the executable in the path.
C:\Program Files\Timeclock\Shared Files\
D:\Public\Timeclock\Shared Files\
6.) Save this window to close
Launching/Using from IntraVet
1.) Once the path setup is finished, close completely out of IntraVet and then open it
2.) Click on File.
3.) Click on Time Clock.
4.) The Time Clock software will launch in its own window and can be kept open but
minimized throughout the workday for convenience. (Closing IntraVet will NOT
close Time Clock.)
NOTE: The Timeclock Server program must be running for TimeClock to run. To start
the TimeClock server, go to the server and click Start/Programs/Timeclock/Start
Timeclock Server.
Clocking In/Out
1.) Open time clock program from the desktop icon or by clicking on File in IntraVet,
and then Time Clock (if you have set it up to launch within IntraVet).
2.) Select username from drop down menu.
3.) Enter password if set up.
4.) Click Log On.
5.) Click on Time Clock icon.
6.) Click on Clock In (or Clock Out)
a. If Timeclock passwords were created in addition to log in passwords, this
will need to be entered prior to clicking on clock in/out.
b. If you are currently clocked in you will only have the option to clock out. If
you are currently clocked out you will only have the option to clock in.
c. You may click Timesheet to see timeclock entries as well.
Viewing Timesheets/Reports
A user can check his or her timesheet when clocking in or out. After clocking in or out,
click on Time sheet to view. Time sheet entries for selected date range will display. You
can change the date range by clicking on the button to the right of each date blank. To
print Timesheets, click on Report and then click on Print.
Making Time Sheet Adjustments
1.) Log in as “Manager” user or whoever you set up to access this function.
(Remember only the Security Administrator logon can add or change access
options. If you need to give someone access to something, log on using this
2.) Open Time Clock and click <Timesheet>.
3.) Select the date ranges from the top and the employee from the drop down menu
or “All timesheet employees” to see everyone.
4.) To edit an existing entry, click on it once to highlight it, and then click on Edit.
5.) To delete an entry altogether, click once to highlight it, and then click on Delete.
6.) To create a missed entry, click on New.
7.) You can also add Notes to an entry to explain adjustments or irregularities.
(Highlight and click <Notes>.)
Note: Incomplete entries (a clock-in without a clock-out for example) appear in red.
Click Report to print out totals for any or all employees. There is a filter button at the top
to select only vacation or sick hours depending on which totals you need.
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