*** - All Cooking times are for defrosted products, if nothing is
defrosted place in microwave to defrost first. Exception
Chicken Tenders and Fries are to be cooked frozen.
Place in oven directly on rack - Cook 3 - 5 minutes
checking often - Made to Order - Serve on paper
Funnel Cake
Place in oven directly on rack - Cook 3 - 5 minutes
checking often - Coat with powered sugar - can also
deep fry approx. 2 minutes checking often - Made
to Order - Serve on paper plate.
Chicken Finger Put 3 chicken fingers in the fryer from the freezer Cook approx 3-4 minutes until product floats and is
golden brown - Drain Grease - Made to order Serve in large food boat - Ask if sauce is needed
Ranch - Barbecue
French Fries
Fill fry basket 3/4 of the way with fries from the
freezer - Cook in fryer approx 5-7 minutes until
product floats and is golden brown checking often Drain grease and dump into fryer warmer - Add salt Serve in small food boat filling slightly over top.
Hot Dogs
Pull out drawer and turn machine on - Turn dials to
cook - 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest - Open
hot dogs and put on hot dog machine - Start on high When turning slightly brown turn machine down to low
to keep warm - Put buns in warmer drawer - Serve on
a Hot Dog boat.
Spray with water and sprinkle with salt before placing
on a plate in the microwave for approximately 20 to
30 seconds. Pretzels are made to order.
Walking Taco
Take taco meat out of cooler - Put into microwave
bowl & heat meat until warm - time varies with the
amount of meat you are cooking. Do not overcook
Mon thru Thurs cook tacos to order. Fri thru Sun
heat enough for the day and put meat into the crockpot - Set on Low - To serve Tacos - Crunch up a
bag of fritos - open and add a scoop of meat - Ask
customer what toppings they want - 2 spoons of
salsa, a big pinch of lettuce, a big pinch of cheese,
1 pack of sour cream - Serve with a spork.
Fill nacho tray with nachos slightly rounded over the
top of tray - Fill cheese compartment - Help yourself
to jalapeno peppers outside.
Hot Cheese
Serve in Small condiment cup
Cheese machine is always left on - When changing
cheese make sure you use a new spout - Always
put a bag of cheese on top of one in there already
to get warm.
Monday to Thursday
Turn on Warmer - Put in filter - Put 1 pack of coffee
into filter - Push start button - Make sure a coffee
pot is on warmer when pushing the start button.
Coffee brews immediately.
Cook to order - Put in bowl Microwave amount needed.
Friday to Sunday
Cook 1 can or jar in the
microwave - Place hot item
in warming server.
Serving Size - 1 full condiment cup per item.
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