GC4415/02 Philips Steam iron with SteamGlide soleplate

GC4415/02 Philips Steam iron with SteamGlide soleplate
Philips Azur
Steam iron with
SteamGlide soleplate
150 g steam boost
2400 W
Power with precision
Super steam, super glide iron
For easier and smoother ironing, you want the best combination of gliding and powerful
steam. This Philips iron with SteamGlide soleplate provides you the best of both!
Easy gliding on all fabrics
• SteamGlide soleplate is Philips premium soleplate
Comfortable ironing
• Double Active Calc System prevents scale build-up
• 2400 Watt enables constant high steam output
• 150 g steam boost to remove stubborn creases easily
• Optimal cord lenght for maximum reach
Easily removes creases
• Continuous steam output up to 40 g/min
Reaches into tricky areas
• Steam tip allows you to have steam in hard-to-reach areas
Safe ironing
• Delicate fabric protector for steam-ironing delicate fabrics
• Drip-stop system keeps your garments spotless while ironing
Steam iron with SteamGlide soleplate
150 g steam boost 2400 W
SteamGlide soleplate
Up to 40 g/min of steam
the tip, to reach right into the smallest and
most difficult areas for the best ironing results.
Drip-stop system
SteamGlide soleplate is the best Philips
soleplate for your steam iron. It has great
scratch resistancy, glides excellent and is easy
to clean.
Philips steam iron with continuous steam
output of up to 40 g/min gives you the perfect
amount of steam to efficiently remove all
2400 Watt
Double Active Calc System
The Drip Stop system of your Philips steam
iron lets you iron delicate fabrics at low
temperatures without having to worry about
stains from water droplets.
Optimal cord lenght
2400 Watt enables constant high steam
Steam boost up to 150 g
Double Active Calc system of your Philips
steam iron prevents scale build-up through anti
scale pills and an easy to use calc clean
Steam tip
With the 2.5 m long cord, you can easily reach
right up to the edges of your ironing board and further!
Delicate fabric protector
The Delicate Fabric Protector makes it
possible to iron your delicate garments at low
temperature with maximum steam, without
creating shiny patches.
The iron's 150 g steam boost enables you to
easily remove even the most stubborn creases.
The unique steam tip of this Philips iron,
combines a particularly pointed front of the
soleplate with special elongated steam slots in
Steam iron with SteamGlide soleplate
150 g steam boost 2400 W
Fast & powerful crease removal
Soleplate: SteamGlide
Continuous steam output: 40 g/min
Steam boost: 150 g
Vertical steaming
Variable steam settings
Steam tip
Power: 2400 W
Steam output
Easy to use
• Water tank capacity: 350 ml
• Drip stop
• Power cord length: 2.5 m
Calc management
• Suitable for tap water
• Calc clean solution: Double active calc clean
Technical specifications
• Weight of iron: 1.55 kg
• Product dimensions: 30.3 x 12 x 15.2 cm
• Voltage: 220 - 240 V
• Delicate fabric protector
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