XU-Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender

XU-Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender
XU Series 2 Continuous
Gravimetric Powder Blender
Mechanical Features
Individual weighed ingredient hoppers with easy-touse drains.
Interchangeable metering units with quick disconnect.
Brushless DC gearmotors with drive control and
closed-loop speed regulation.
Integral loading platform for mounting surge bins/
vacuum receivers.
Designed for easy cleanout and quick changeover,
no tools required.
Stainless steel construction, food grade optional.
Standard 4 and 6 element universal frames.
Control Features
Blender monitors weight loss of each ingredient
hopper for precise control of blend ratios.
Weighing system resolution is 1:1,000,000 for
maximum accuracy.
Color touch screen display for easy viewing of
inventory and performance data.
Storage for 400 blend recipes in battery-backed
Multiple alarm levels with visual display and contact
The XU Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder
Blender offers unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend
homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to
meet the needs of any application by incorporating
the PF Series powder feeders. It allows gravimetric
blending of non-free-flowing powder materials with
free-flowing powder and pellet materials at unprecedented metering and mixing accuracy.
The powder feeders allow rates as low as 0.2PPH and
as high as 6,000PPH. Metering augers are available
in full pitch or 1/2 pitch configurations with helix
diameters from 1/4 inch to 2-1/4 inches.
The drive system of all blender components utilizes a
motor drive with a brushless DC gearmotor and
encoder for accurate motor speed feedback. This
allows each of the individual feeders to maintain a
constant RPM and weight throughput.
The weighing system is designed with DSP (digital
signal processing) technology to filter out unwanted
noise and vibration which can cause inaccurate
feeding rates, especially at very low rates.
Incorporated into the electro-polished stainless steel
design is a patented round-to-trough feeding area
which provides more consistent mass flow for better
metering accuracy. The feeder is designed with a
steep wall, removable hopper which features a dusttight band clamp for easy mounting of hopper extensions and quick disassembly for clean out. The bottom
trough design is optimized to provide maximum material exposure to the auger.
The XU Series 2 Continuous Powder Blender is also
available in food grade stainless steel.
The operator enters the desired blend recipe at the
operator station. All ingredients are simultaneously
metered in the correct blend ratios by augers from
individual weighed PF Series powder feeders. The
ingredients then flow through a cascade chamber
which produces the best blend homogeneity.
World Headquarters
6875 Mimms Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340 USA
® Ph 770.449.8810 Fax 770.449.5445
Process Control GmbH
Birstein, Germany
Ph +19-6051-91 29-0 Fax +19-6051-91 29-99
Features of XU Series 2
Continuous Powder Blender
1 Universal Frame
The universal frame is available in
4 and 6 element configurations.
2 Stainless Steel Weigh Hopper
The stainless steel weigh hoppers are
electro-polished and available in food
3 Gear Motor
Brushless drive and
gearmotor with encoder.
4 Feeding Area
The feeding area is
round-to-trough and
5 Dual Load Cell
The dual load cells are
weighing platforms with
quick clamps.
6 Auger
The auger has a 1/2-1”
pitch and up to 2-1/4”
7 Cascade Chamber
The cascade chamber is
for mixing all of the
Standard Features
Optional Features
All mechanical components are disassembled from the drive end, without the
use of tools.
Pellet/Regrind Element
Communication protocols supported
include EtherNet/IP, Allen Bradley (dh+),
CCM, Siemens, Modbus TCP and
Modbus/Extended, as well as proprietary
Steep-wall surge bins with knife gates for
feeder loading
4 or 6 element frames for mounting a
variety of feeder options.
115V/1Ph/60Hz or 230V/1Ph/50Hz
Gravimetric Extrusion Control
High temperature design
FDA Stainless Steel
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