Lamp Cooling Procedure

Lamp Cooling Procedure
Searchlight Systems
Lamp Cooling Procedure
Lamp Cooling Procedure
Subject: Searchlight Cooling Procedure for all SX-16 and SX-5 Systems
Dear valued Spectrolab Searchlight Product User:
To provide proper cooling for the lamp in your Searchlight, it is imperative to
allow the fan to run after the lamp is extinguished.
The Control Box contains a three-position (Start/On/Off) switch. This three
position switch controls the power supply to the Searchlight system and lamp.
The On (middle) position turns on the entire Searchlight system
(including the fan), but it does not illuminate the lamp.
The Start (momentary up) position ignites the xenon gas arc lamp.
When this switch is released, it automatically returns to the On
(middle) position.
The Off (lower) position will extinguish the lamp and turn off power to
the entire Searchlight system. Spectrolab recommends that the
switch is then moved to the On position for at least 10 minutes. This
will turn on the Cooling Blower and allow for the Lamp and other
internal Searchlight components to cool completely.
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Source: Spectrolab, Inc.
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