Flagstaff Bed Frame - Pereida

Flagstaff Bed Frame - Pereida
Flagstaff Bed Frame
Instruction Manual
Tools We Recommend
Power Drill with Phillips Head Driver Bit
9/16” Wrench
9/16” Socket (preferably with an adapter for your drill)
Included Hardware
Keyhole Bed Rail
8 pcs.
1 ¼” Phillips Head
9/16” Hex Nuts
12 pcs. queen
16 pcs. king/cal king
Joist Hangers
2 pcs. queen
4 pcs. king/cal king
9/16” x 3.5” Hex Bolts
12 pcs. queen
16 pcs. king/cal king
2” Phillips Head
9/16” Washers
12 pcs. queen
16 pcs. king/cal king
headboard panels
(1 for queen - 2 for king)
headboard posts
(3 for queen - 4 for king/cal king
bed slats
side rails
Align the posts with the corresponding letter on the headboard.
Attach the posts to the headboard by aligning the predrilled holes, then sliding the ⅜” Hex Bolts through with
washers. Tighten with hex nuts.
On the face of the headboard, attach two keyhole brackets into the predrilled pilot holes on the left and right side of the headboard, using the 2”
phillips head screws. Be sure that the large keyhole opening is facing
outward, as seen on the diagram.
Please note: your frame will likely come with a keyhole bracket with only three screw holes.
Bed Frame
Attach joist hangers on footboard and headboard using
the provided 1 ¼” phillips head screws.
Please note: full and queen size frames will only come with two total joist hangers.
Attach the side rails, marked ‘L’ for
Left side and ‘R’ for Right side to the
headboard by sliding the pins from
the side rail bracket into the
keyhole, then pushing downward to
lock. Repeat for all corners.
Place the joist (2x4) in the joist hangers
Lower the slats into place
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