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How To OPERATE Ycun PHILIPS Ciraus Pass The figures 3 to 8
How To OPEeRaTEe Y cur PHILIPs Citrus Pres
* The figures 3 to 8 show you the step to use.
* Place the juice container such that it rests on the base firmly and
twist it to the left to lock it in position as shown in fig.3
* Plug the mains cord and switch on the mains. Note: Your citrus
press starts only on pressing the fruit on the cone.
* The fruit from which juice has to be extracted should be cut into 2
identical horizontal halves. (fig.4)
* The fruit is then placed on the cone such that the centre of the cut
— side is placed on the tip of the cone. (fig.5) -
» The fruit is pressed down into the cone, such that the motor starts
rotating and the juice extraction begins. (fig.6)
* This is done for a period of 2-3 minutes and then repeated. Once
the fruit peel is clean of the fruit pulp, the next half is placed on the
* The juice is collected in the juice chamber and is then poured out
into glasses (fig.7)
* Remove the pulp from the cones and sieve.
* Disengage the pulp selector from sieve. Wash the sieve, pulp
selector and the cones
* Empty the juice from the container and clean it under running
* The base unit can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth.
* Assemble and store the Citrus Press once the parts are dry.
» Never rinse the motor unit under water or immerse in water (fig. 9)
+ Cleaning is best when done immediately after use.
* Cleaning of juice chamber is important to avoid bacteria.
* Read all the instructions on this guide before attempting to use the
* For long, trouble-free performance of your appliance use only as
per the instructions in this guide.
* Ensure that the supply voltage marked on the appliance and supply
voltage on the wall socket is the same.
* Always remove the plug from the wall socket before cleaning the
* Never immerse the main base unit/motor unit in water.
* While engaging the juice container to the base unit ensure that it
Is secured in place.
* Don't keep the appliance near a hot gas burner or a hot electric
« Don't leave the base unit plugged to the mains when the appliance
IS not in use.
HR 2774/75
Not Working | No power supply *Ensure power supply
*Ensure that the plug is
inserted correctly in the socket
*Plug not inserted
Abnormal «Juice container is not «Couple the base unit and the
noise during | engaged properly juice container properly
*The cones are not sitting on | *Fix cones properly
the spindle properly
Gear is not functioning properly | “Contact Philips Service Centre
Version À : June 99
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elcome to the Te pes =
Philips family. You now own an
important part of the Philips Kitchen [Fig.3
Collection. A range of international
appliances that can make meal times so quick, so easy and life so
much more fun.
The Philips Citrus Press makes fresh juice of citrus fruits look as
easy as a dream. So you can now have Vitamin C rich
juices fer breakfast or a mid-morning/evening thirst quencher. The
juice is extracted from the fruit while pulp and seeds are separated
in a matter of minutes. Your Philips Citrus Press makes life healthier,
more delicious and definitely more fruitful.
Before using the Citrus Press read the instructions carefully. Then |
make most of it in the kitchen. And, ofcourse, make the most of life.
The Philips Citrus Presses (HR2774/75) help to extract the juice of
fruits like Mosambi (Sweet time), Oranges, limes, grapefruits etc.
efficiently in seconds, leaving behind the peel and the pulp in the
sieve. The juice is collected in the chamber below, which acts as a
jug for pouring. Not only that there is also a window with a measuring
scale which shows you the volume of juice collected. A pulp selector
allows you to select the amount of pulp that you would like in your
juice. The double cone provided makes the juicing of smaller fruits
much easier and efficient.
* Power input required :220-240V, 50 Hz.
* Wattage : 25W
* Motor : Synchronous
» Mains cord 211m
* Rating
| | Fig.5
* Housing : ABS * HR2774 : 500mI
* Window : SAN « HR2775 : 1000ml
: 30mins
À CLOSER Look AT THE Citrus Press:
HR 2775
The fruit from which juice has to be extracted should be cut into 2
identical horizontal halves. The fruit is then placed on the tip of the
cone. The fruit is pressed down onto the cone, for juice extraction.
The juice with the required degree of pulp is then collected in the
juice chamber and the balance pulp on the sieve. Your citrus press .
has different cones for large and small fruits and also has the option
of selecting the amount of pulp required in the juice.
« Check whether the voltage indicated on the base of-the Citrus
press is the same as the voltage in your homes.
Remove all packaging material before use. :
« Wash the sieve, the juice chamber, the lid and the cones before
* The citrus press is switched on by pressing the fruit down onto
the cone (fig. 6).
* Do not run the appliance for a period in excess of 10 mins
* Wash the removable parts immediately after use (not in a
dishwasher) as dried fruit pulp can be difficult to remove.
* The motor casing should never be immersed in water but cleaned
with a damp cloth.
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