iPad as Teacher`s Pet

iPad as Teacher`s Pet
Got an iPad? Then you've got a toolbox that you can fill to help you be an even better teacher!
iPad as the
Infographic by Tony Vincent
Let students see what you see you on your iPad’s screen by mirroring it to a projector.
You have several options when it comes to mirroring...
VGA Adapter
Requires devices to be on the same WiFi network.
Network must have open ports for AirPlay.
Apple TV
on a big screen
Connect directly from your
iPad to a projector.
Install software on your
computer and attach iPad
using its USB cable.
Connect an Apple TV to
your projector and use
iPad’s AirPlay feature to
mirror. Requires HDMI or
HDMI to VGA adapter.
Install software on your
computer and use iPad’s
AirPlay feature to mirror
the screen.
Install software on your
computer and use iPad’s
AirPlay feature to mirror
the screen.
Justand Document Camera Stand
When your iPad is mirrored to a projector, you can show anything that runs on your iPad, including...
Copernicus DCS1 Dewey Stand
Popplet Lite
Draw and annotate over saved images
or over photos you take with the
SMART Notebook
Make colorful concepts maps that can
include text, images, and drawings.
Stage Whiteboard
Create and use interactive slide decks.
You can even import many existing
SMART Notebook files.
Use iPad’s camera to display live video of
objects, textbooks & student work. Sketch,
write, label, or point over what the camera
sees in real time.
The Stage Whiteboard app can help turn iPad into
a document camera. For best results buy, find, or
improvise a stand for your iPad.
Control your projector-connected computer wirelessly.
Walk around the room while you can see and use your Mac or PC on your iPad.
Free versions have some
limitations or watermarks.
Mocha VNC Lite
Splashtop Remote
Splashtop Whiteboard
Install Doceri Desktop on your
Mac or PC. Then use Doceri to
control and annotate your
computer’s screen.
Set VNC server settings on
your Mac or PC. Then access
that computer from your iPad.
Install Splashtop Streamer on your
Mac and PC. Then access that
computer from your iPad.
Not only can you view and control
your computer, but you can draw,
highlight, write, and spotlight.
According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, over 25% of American adults own tablet computers. Nearly half of tablets sold are iPads.
Own a Tablet
Do Not Own a Tablet
Use your iPad to randomly select students, monitor noise levels, display messages,
track behavior, and count down time.
the classroom
Input student names into Random
Name Selector then draw them
randomly out of a hat.
These apps are free of charge unless otherwise noted.
Too Noisy displays the noise level in
the room on a gauge. When the noise
increases, the face becomes sad.
Display a colorful message by
entering text into Sign+.
Use ClassDojo to track student behavior
by awarding and subtracting points.
Enter Text into iBanner HD to create a
scrolling light-up sign.
Pick a student at random by giving your
iPad a shake or tapping the screen in
Stick Pick. You can record how well
students respond.
Use Decide Now to create a wheel of
options. Spin it to randomly select from
the options. Use for class rewards,
lesson extensions, math problems, etc.
Counter+ is a replacement for
mechanical counters. Use it to
count students, behaviors,
responses, accomplishments, etc.
Put a large countdown timer on display.
Classroom Timer shows a visual countdown
as a pie chart.
TeacherKit is a personal organizer. Add
classes and students. Then take attendance,
note behavior, take grades, and make seating
iDoceo is a teacher’s gradebook, timetable, attendance taker, diary, and resource manager.
Grade student work, keep anecdotal notes, track progress, and collect learning artifacts.
“My recipe for bad grades: don't study.”
-- Todd Barry
“He reminds me of the kid in fifth grade who reminded the teacher she forgot to give the homework.”
– Jonathan Solomon
“Our school color was manila.”
– John McDowell
student work
“Life is not a multiple choice test, it's an open-book essay exam.”
– Alan Blinder
While not specifically made for assessment, Evernote works well to collect
learning artifacts and make anecdotal notes. Make a notebook for each class
and a note for each student. Notes can include text, images, video, audio, and
other files. The Evernote app is synced with Evernote for Mac, PC, and web.
Three Ring
Three Ring is an app and a website.
Use the app to digitize student work
by taking photos or recording video
or voice. The student work is securely
synced to the teacher’s account at
threering.com where the teacher can
add comments. Items can be shared
with students and parents
Easy Assessment
Input or import classes and
rubrics. When time to assess,
move the sliders and optionally
add notes and images. Send the
results by email or to Dropbox.
Easily find or create rubrics in your web browser. Complete them by
going to ForAllRubrics.com in Safari on your iPad. Safari can store and
sync rubrics for use offline. You can print rubrics or save as a PDF or
spreadsheet. You can also have students log in to view their rubrics.
To protect your information and student data, you should lock your iPad with a passcode. Go to Settings, choose General, and select Passcode Lock.
Use your iPad to conduct polls, communicate online, and host game shows.
These tools don’t require students to have iPads, but some do call for students
to use a computer or device that can access the web, email, or text messaging.
with students
All of these tools can be used free of charge.
Create multiple choice and open-ended polls.
Students respond by going to a URL or by
sending a text message. See the results in realtime on your iPad.
After signup, you are assigned a room number
that students can join by visiting
student.infuselearning.com. You can then collect
open-ended, multiple choice, sorted, numeric, or
drawn responses.
Edmodo offers a website or app that connects
teachers and students. Teachers create groups
that students can join. Teachers can post
discussion questions, conduct polls, and collect
Game Show Soundboard
Tap to instantly play sound effects that are great
for when playing game shows in the classroom.
There are even countdown timers, complete with
dramatic music. Sounds best with speakers.
Have up to 5 students gather around your iPad to
host a little competition where students buzz in.
You can clearly see who touched their number
first. PickMeBuzzer can be set up to work with
multiple Apple devices.
You can use Remind101’s website or app to send
text messages to groups of students or parents.
Teachers never see students' phone numbers,
and students never see theirs.
Play classroom Password with the help of Game
Show Soundboard to reinforce vocabulary! Simply
create a slideshow in PowerPoint or other slideshow
software on a computer that is mirrored to a
projector. Put one vocabulary word on each slide.
Play classroom Jeopardy with the help of
PickMeBuzzer. Simply create a game board at
jeopardylabs.com and show it on a computer that
is mirrored to a projector.
Start Game Show Soundboard’s 60 second timer.
Pairs of students try to guess as many words as
possible. One player is the guesser and has his back
to the projector screen. The other is the clue giver.
Clues can only be one-word guesses. Use Game
Show Soundboard’s plus button to keep score.
Divide the class into 5 teams. Each team takes
turns sending up one player to buzz in using
PickMeBuzzer. The first player to buzz gets to
answer the current question. You can use
jeopardylabs.com to keep each team’s score.
Want quick access to a web page on your iPad? Add the page to your Home screen! Here’s how → When viewing the page in Safari, click the Share button.
Your documents, photos, videos, and more can be stored online for easy access.
There are certainly more online storage services other than the three listed below.
Some of them include Copy, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, and iCloud.
your files
Google Drive
Everything you put into your Dropbox folder on
your computer is synced online. You can open
those synced items through the iPad app. You can
also upload items to your Dropbox from the app.
Then choose Add to Home Screen.
View and edit Google documents and
spreadsheets and view other files you’ve
uploaded from your computer. You can upload
photos and videos from your iPad.
Quickoffice Pro HD
View, edit, and create notes that can contain
text, images, audio, and other files. Everything
is synced online for access from other devices
and computers.
Quickoffice can open, edit, create, and save
documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.
Files can also be stored in your iPad’s memory.
Install the Mac or PC versions of these apps to have the same access on your desktop.
You can lock your iPad into a single app. This is nifty when handing off your device for a student to use. Turn on Guided Access by opening Settings, choosing General, and selecting Accessibility.
Use some incredible apps to create multimedia creations for your students.
These apps are free of charge unless otherwise noted.
It’s like cloning yourself. You can be in more than one place at once!
instructional media
Use Explain Everything to record your
voice as you draw on a whiteboard.
You can also import images and video
and add annotations and animations.
Educreations turns your iPad into a
recordable whiteboard. Videos are
uploaded to your page on
Record digital puppet shows with
Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass. Make
any image a character or backdrop. The
show can be exported as a movie file.
Create animated videos with VideoScribe
HD by placing text and drawings on a
canvas. Your narration plays as a hand
draws what’s on the canvas.
Share beautiful step-by-step how-to
guides using Snapguide. Take or import
photos or video and add captions.
Guides are published on snapguide.com.
Scan the code to
hear an example.
Scan the code to
hear an example.
Create stunning slideshows with Haiku
Deck. Simply enter your text to see
copyright-friendly images that you can
use as backgrounds.
Create, edit, present, and share
presentations that zoom and rotate
using Prezi. Insert text and images onto
a large canvas. Uploads to prezi.com.
Craft your own comic strip or book with
Strip Designer. Select a template, insert
photos, and add balloons.
Use Croak.it to record up to 30
seconds of audio. Every recording
generates a link that you can copy
and share.
Songify turns speech into
singing. Your voice is auto-tuned
and combined with music.
According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the average iOS customer uses more than 100 apps.
Teachers are lifelong learners, and with your iPad, learning is in hand!
“I teach in order to learn.”
-- Robert Frost
“Those of us who aim to lead learning must be ourselves Chief Learners in order to be Chiefs of Learning.”
-- Jonathan Martin
“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”
-- Julia Child
new things
“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.”
-- Eartha Kitt
iTunes U
iTunes U gives you free access to complete courses
from leading universities, schools, and
individuals. You might be interested in
Maximizing Google Drive on the iPad, Student
Created Books in the iClassroom, Classroom 2.0
Live, or Edutopia.
iBooks is Apple’s app for reading books. There’s
a store where you can buy books. But, there are
plenty of free books to download, and there’s a
Free Books section you can browse. You might
be interested in Lecturing with an iPad, iPad Tips
& Tricks, or Flipping the Classroom.
Flipboard is your personal magazine. You choose
the topics and start reading. You can also make
magazines from Twitter posts. For instance, you
can make a magazine with everything Tony
Vincent posts by entering @tonyvincent. Or,
make a magazine from hashtags on Twitter.
Educators include keywords like these in
their tweets so that others can find them:
iPad, iPod & iPhone apps
iPad in Education
education discussion
Select some topics you’re interested in, and Zite
presents online news, articles, and posts in a
clean and simple format. Zite learns what you
like over time to bring you the best of your
favorite content.
mobile learning
personal productivity
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Pew Internet tablet ownership findings available at
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