Keep flight operations in sync with the aircraft, in real

Keep flight operations in sync with the aircraft, in real
Keep flight operations in sync
with the aircraft, in real time
Access critical information from one integrated platform
SD Pro keeps the flight department in sync with the aircraft. It’s adaptive, customizable
and integrates with other platforms you’re already using to track your aircraft status, flight
logs, performance data, scheduling, trip support, and operating history. Access accurate,
real-time information for the entire flight operation via a single interface.
Satcom Direct’s revolutionary SD Pro technology compiles the critical information your flight department needs
and displays it in real-time, all from a single login. Your flight operation can access multiple resources from
their personalized SD Pro dashboard, saving time and effort. Whether you have one aircraft or an entire fleet,
SD Pro helps manage it better. It’s everything you need provided by a simplified, unified interface.
Better information, total integration, more value
SD Pro brings together SD technology and third party
integration partners to deliver flight planning, scheduling,
flight tracking, flight data, connectivity monitoring, and
maintenance tracking via a single access point. Its
advanced data tracking and compiling capabilities can
create a reliable historical record for the life of the aircraft.
It even saves you money by accurately capturing cycle
information down to the second. It’s the one tool you can
use to bring together the information your entire team
needs. Now you have a simple, fast and secured way to
view and manage your aircraft information.
Customized for your mission
SD Pro gives you complete flexibility to see what’s
important to you - flight status of your aircraft,
communications information, maintenance data, and
more, all in an easy-to- use click, drag and drop format.
The SD Pro experience is responsive and customizable.
Position modules on your dashboard in the order you want to see them. SD Pro is compatible with most iOS
and Android devices, automatically adjusting to the device display. No application downloads are needed as
SD Pro is accessible via a secure web portal.
SD Pro is expertly designed to expand on current features and add modules with the continuous needs
of the industry. SD’s Account Management Portal, Plane Simple, will soon be migrated into SD Pro.
• One fully integrated platform
• Sync the aircraft with flight operations, in real-time
• Third-party integration partners
• Web-based and responsive
• Drag n’ drop, customizable interface
SD Pro Modules
SD FlightLogs
Auto-captures flight data and cycle events, in real-time,
reducing manual user input. Provides visibility of flight log
information to the entire flight operation. Data capture
powered by FlightDeck Freedom® (FDF) and SD Hardware.
Scheduler Viewer
Displays detailed primary flight scheduling data including
city pairs, departure/arrival times, FBO name, crew initials,
and passenger count. Currently integrates with Aviation Data
Management Software partners, PFM and AircraftLogs.
SD Flight Tracker
Real-time flight tracking including departures, destinations,
ETA, altitude, and speed information. At-a-glance status view
shows weather overlays including NEXRAD and worldwide
satellite imagery.
View due list feed from maintenance providers. Includes
airframe, engine, and calendar items. Integrates with
maintenance partners, Gulfstream CMP® and FlightdocsTM.
Displays devices connected, along with connectivity status of
datalink, internet, SDRTM, voice, Jet ConneX, Global One IP®,
AeroX®, AeroXR®, and Global One Number®, plus alerts of
outages. Tracks voice and data usage by month, flight
and duration.
Trip Support
Connects to Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. trip planning
and trip support services via a web-based version of uvGO.
SD Hardware
Shows status of the onboard SD Hardware including available
networks and connection status as it automatically switches
between providers. Tracks device connectivity and usage, also
available via the SDR mobile application. SD Hardware is a
powerful source of aircraft data, enabling the full functionality
of SD Pro.
Integration Partners
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Q: What equipment or services do I need to get SD Pro?
A: Although no special equipment is required, you get maximum functionality when you have
both FlightDeck Freedom® service and SD Hardware installed.
Q: Do I automatically get access to all modules available in SD Pro?
A: All customers can access certain SD Pro modules as part of your SD monthly service fee. The
premium modules you have access to are based on the services you have and whether you
choose to integrate them onto your SD Pro dashboard. Additional SD Pro service fees may apply.
Q: Can I control which modules a particular user can view?
A: Within SD Pro, an administrator can manage the user roles of an entire flight operation.
A user will only see the modules and functions that the administrator allows.
Q: Can I customize which modules I see and the order in which they appear?
A: Yes. Users have the ability to customize their default view and rearrange the modules
according to their preferences.
Q: Do I need a mobile application to use SD Pro?
A: No. SD Pro is a web portal that can be accessed via web browser with most smartphones,
tablets and computers.
SD Pro
• Web-based application
• Smart device compatible
• Real-time auto capture of data
• Smart alerts
• Aircraft electronic history
• Maximum functionality powered
by FDF and the SDR™
• Third party vendor integration
• Provides an accurate historical
record for the aircraft
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