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Datasheets | Microstrain Little Sensors. Big Ideas.
Downhole Orientation Sensor and Data Logger
The 3DM-DH3™ is a downhole orientation sensor and datalogger. It
incorporates acceleration sensors, magnetic field sensors, and
temperature sensors, together with an on-board microprocessor,
embedded software algorithm, non-volatile memory for configuration,
flash datalogging memory, and serial communication interface. Its
form-factor, rated temperature range and power supply requirements
are optimized for downhole applications. The 3DM-DH3™ provides
accurate drill path measurements including Inclination, Azimuth, GTF,
MTF, Dip Angle, sensor temperatures, G-TOT and H-TOT.
Features & Benefits
System Overview
Best in Class
The 3DM-DH3™ can be deployed out of the box for immediate use in
downhole operations, integrated into an existing system to provide an
electronic measurement component, or incorporated into an OEM
precise downhole orientation
high-speed sample rate & flexible data outputs
extended use, low-power data logging
Easiest to Use
rapid deployment in the drill string
outputs drill path measurements
Cost Effective
reduced cost and rapid time to market for customer’s
aggressive volume discount schedule
Downhole Orientation
Vertical Wells
Physically, the 3DM-DH3™ is easily mounted into the drill string using
its body’s threading attachments. It can be tethered to an RS-422
communication cable for continuous real-time measurements to a host
computer during drilling operations, or it can be remotely deployed and
run as a datalogger, with data retrieval after it has been run through
the drill path. The unit can be powered through the communication
cable tether from a platform source or by batteries.
The unit is factory calibrated and ready for use with power-up. The unit
ships with easy-to-use PC software which allows the user to configure
and operate the instrument, view real-time measurements or download
logged data for post-processing.For those users, integrators or OEMs
who develop their own applications, the 3DM-DH3™ is shipped with a
complete Data Communications Protocol manual which provides the
developer with a complete instrument command set. Applications of
your own design can readily be developed in any coding language and
on any computing platform including microprocessors.
3DM-DH3™ Downhole Orientation Sensor and Data Logger
Orientation range
360˚ all axes (orientation angles); inclination, azimuth, GTF,
MTF, Dip Angle, G-TOT, H-TOT
A/D resolution
24 bits accelerometer; 16 bits magnetometer
Angle resolution
± 0.2˚ inclination
± 0.5˚ azimuth
Angle measurement
0.1 °
Digital output rate/logging rate
up to 8 Hz
Output modes
acceleration and magnetic field vectors plus temperature;
orientation angles plus temperature
Digital output
RS-422 serial (four-wire full-duplex) standard
Serial data rate
115200 baud
Datalogging capacity
up to 32,768 data records
Supply voltage
+6.0 VDC min, +10.0 VDC max
Supply current
50 mA typical when connected to host
16 mA typical when logging at 8Hz
500 μA typical when logging at 1/4 Hz
50 μA typical in deep sleep mode
through hole PCB pads (solder-in)
2 mm pitch, 2 row 16 pin header
Operating Temperature
- 40 ˚C to 125 ˚C (-10 ˚C to 125 ˚C with recommended
177 mm x 21 mm diameter
91 grams
Shock limit
500 g
Enclosure material
anodized aluminum
Windows XP, Vista, 7
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