access control security systems transmitters components for gates

access control security systems transmitters components for gates
Each single keypad is made from a block of anticorodal aluminium that practically makes it chemical-proof and gives it a
mechanical strength without comparisons.
IP 67
Technical features:
Technical features:
IP 67
Anti-vandalism stand-alone keypad
Strong case made in anodised aluminium
2 channels, 120 codes
Code length: from 1 to 8 digits
Single code erasing
Two-colours LED free for the user
Plugs for fixing screws
Easy to install
IP 67 protection
12 ÷ 24 V ac/dc
Size: 142 x 42 x 23 mm
Anti-vandalism keypad
Strong case made in anodised aluminium
1 LED free for the user
Plugs for fixing screws
Easy to install
Electronic control-boxes with 1 or 2
relays: C408 and C409
Electronic circuit fully potted IP 67
12 ÷ 24 V ac/dc
Size: 126 x 42 x 20 mm
C409 two channels control-box
IP 67
Technical features:
Technical features:
Anti-vandalism stand-alone keypad
One relay, 30 codes
Single code erasing
Plugs for the screws
Easy to install
IP67 protection
Power supply: 12 V ac/dc
Size: 120 x 42 x 20 mm
Anti-vandalism keypad
Strong aluminium anodised case
Light group provided
1 or 2 channels remote
controllers, C408 and C409
Size: 120 x 80 x 16 mm
IP 67
Technical features:
Technical features:
IP 67
Proximity reader that works together with
proximity tags and cards at 125 Khz
Stand-alone unit with 1 relay
Power-supply: from 12 to 24 V ac/dc
Protection rating: IP 67
Memory up to 60 tags and cards
Addressed erasing and other functions
programmables by POLITOOL device
Anti-vandalism ergonomic case made in
Protection for the fixing screws
Easy to install
Dimensions : 116 x 42 x 20 mm
Proximity reader that works together with
control-boxes : C408 and C409
Frequency: 125 KHz
Reading range: 5 cm
Transmission distance between reader
and control-box: up to 200 metres
1 LED multifunction
Electronic under resin, rating IP 67
Plugs for fixing screws
Power-supply: 12 - 24 V ac/dc
Dimensions : mm 92 x 23 x 15
Available also in WIEGAND protocol
Technical features:
Technical features:
Proximity tag with key ring
32 bit code, RFID 125 Khz
Ø 36 mm
Available on request custom colors
Miniaturized proximity reader
Applications: lift anda elevators
internal diameter 23 mm
Valid alternative to standard mechanical key switches
It works with TAGS and proximity cards at 125 Khz
Power-supply: 12/24 V dc
PROXYLIFT ST: version with one relay integrated, 60 codes
PROXYLIFT REM: version for remote control-boxes C408
and C409. 2000 codes max
Active modulated infrared photocells, suitable for all types of automatic closing devices, civil and industrial.
The interruption of the infrared beam between the transmitter and the receiver activates a relay contact.
They are available in different materials, colors, size and power-supply to satisfy every possible use.
FTC 911M
FTC 920M-FTC 960M
Technical features:
Small size infrared photocells
with metal casing in zama
Range: 10 mt
90°orientable optic
Power supply: 12 - 24 V ac/dc
IP55 rating
dim. 25x22x130 mm
FTC911: version with robust
plastic cover
Technical features:
Photocell for industrial use with floor and covering
of die-cast aluminium
180x orientable optics on the horizontal axis
Presse-cable on the lower part or passe-rubber
cable with pre-hole on the rear side
Power supply: 12 V ac 24 V ac/dc
Current drain: 108mA at 24 V ac
LED of alignment signalling on the RX
Antimisting resistances in TX and Rx (only with 24V
power supply)
Emission to the infrared with continue modulation:
1,33 Khz
Length of emission wave: 950 nM
Maxim commutable power 1A 24V ac
Dim. 130x60x52 mm
IP 66 rating
In compliance with the rules EN12453, EN954, RoHS
Available in the versions:
FTC920M 12/24V ac/dc range 20 mt
FTC960M 12/24V ac/dc range 40 mt
FTC 981 M
Technical features:
Available also in the version with
battery FTC 981MB
Anti-vandalism photocells for industrial
use with cast aluminum casing
Adjustable optical 180° horizontally
and 30° vertically
Very robust and resistant for heavy
duty applications
Power supply: 12 ÷ 24 V ac / dc
Range 15 meters
Double rubber seal
Double hole for cable entry
Protection degree: IP55
Comply with EN12453, EN 954, RoHS
Dimensions: 100x45x45 mm
Rx power-supply: 12/24 V ac/dc
Tx power-supply: 6 V battery
Battery avarage life: 12 to 18 months
Transmission range: 8 or 15 meters
FTC 981
FTC 920
Technical features:
Technical features:
Infrared photocells, selfcentering
Shock-proof plastic case
Thermoplastic rubber for wall fixing
Infrared emission continuous modulation
Power supply 12 V ac - 24 V dc
IP55 rating
Dim. 80x45x20 mm
Available in the versions:
Photocell with horizontally 180°
rotary optic and 30° vertically
Range: 15 mt
Double gasket of preprinted rubber
Double pre-hole for cables input
IP55 rating
Dim. 100x45x38 mm
Available also in the version with
battery FTC 981B
FTC 920 range 20 mt
FTC 960 range 40 mt
FTC 981 BC: version with small
terminal board on tx fot connection
to a safety edge
NO TOUCH 1 Safety Protection
Photocells replacing mechanical edges that complie with EN 12453 - EN 12445
NO TOUCH 1 is the first
photocell designed to replace
the edges from the bottom of
sectional doors and rolling doors
and avoid the impact of the door
with persons and items
Wired version
Technical features:
Safety device to prevent contact for industrial
sectional doors and rolling-shutters
Patented tilting mechanism with built-in
photocell that appliedin the lower part
prevents the contact with any obstacle
Infrared system conforms to EN 12978
Available also in the wireless
version, 868,3 Mhz frequency
Complete with Master No Touch
SA04PLUS: device, autotest
electronic control unit for
No Touch 1 system check
Technical features:
Technical features:
High brightness LED flashing light 24 V ac.
Low consumption
IP 55 rating
dim. 25x22x130 mm
Miniaturized high brightness LED
flashing light 24 V ac power-supply
Yellow signalling LED, orange or
transparent cover
Low consumption
IP 54 rating
Dimensions: 100x25x17,5 mm
Available versions:
XLL24 STILO, with 3 different
programmable flashings
XLL24 LF, fixed light
XLD 22024L
Technical features:
Technical features:
Electronic flashing lights, provided with 14 LED
5 mm, yellow light, high-brightness
360 ° visibility
Power supply: 220 V ac and 24 V ac / dc
Selectable fixed or flashing light on the circuit
Equipped with a bracket for wall mounting in
vertical position
Polycarbonate shock-proof cover
Cover color: yellow standard, on request
orange or transparent
Dimensions 110x80x80mm
Green-red signal light at
high intensity LED
IP55 protection
Dimensions: 25x22x130 mm
Suitable for signalling
access gates, alarm input
and other applications
Armas/Ferport, after a
twenty-year experience in the
radio transmitters production is
strongly able to offer a very
complete range of transmitters
and receivers to meet any
Transmitters can be fitted to the
specific demands and
customized with silk-screen print
to several colours.
99 channels tx
long distance: 400m
Technical features:
Infra-code, codify via dip-switch or programmer,
transmitters from 2 to 24 channels.
Range: 200 mt
433,92 Mhz outdoor receivers superetherodine
for transmitters serie TAC KR
Monostable, bistable or timed operation working
Stainless steel antenna
IP 55
dim. 90x85x38 mm
Tuned antenna stainless steel, available in case of
poor signal transmission
with bracket and RG 58 cable (4 mt)
CB 8390
CB 8224
Technical features:
Technical features:
Tri-phase control-box 380 V ac for one
motor max 1 HP, industrial applications
Provided with radio-receiver 433,92
Mhz for radio-transmitters of TAC serie
Auto-test output
Integrated flashing function
Integrated partial opening function
Membrane keypad with 4 push buttons
complete with reset push button
Shock-proof IP 55 plastic case
Dimensions: 400 x 320 x 130 mm
Control unit for 2 engines at 24 V dc
230 V power supply ac
Functions: slowdown, end of stroke,
2 photocells inputs.
2 edges inputs, balanced or free
Integrated radio receiver.
Two-digits display.
Integrated battery charger.
Power circuit for electric lock.
Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 100 mm
CB 8390 INV: with INVERTER
provided and multi-function display
Technical features:
TX CR 8354
CRT86 system is used to controle securities (mechanic sensible ribs,
etc.) and allows the connection, without using cables between the
security device installed, for example, on the moving side of the gate
and the control board of the motor used to controle the securities.
The system is certified in compliance with the new rules and thanks
to wireless technology "live" allows to controle up to two security
elements connected to the transmitter. The system is composed by
a transmitter unit TXCR8354 and by a receiver unit RXCR8355.
RX CR 8355
IP66 rating
Batteries life: 2 years
Devices that can be connected: 2
Transmission frequency CRT86 868,00 MHz
Dimensions: 26x140x43 mm
Technical features:
Technical features:
Microwave detector for automatic doors
Configured in unidirectional or
bidirectional mode
LED on the front to indicate movement
occured in the controlled area
Power supply: 12 to 24 V ac, 12 to 30 V dc
Range: 1-6 meters, adjustable
Microwave detector for industrial doors
Configured in unidirectional or
bidirectional mode
Installation height: 6 m max
Vertical orientation: 0 - 60°
Horizontal orientation: ± 45°
Power supply: 12 to 24 V ac, 12 to 30 V dc
Range: 1-10 meters, adjustable
Ferport/Armas has over 30 years been synonymous with
technology, reliability and experience in the electronics
world. Leader in the field, gather with the constant search
for innovation with a strong vocation a wide range of high
performance products designed for professional
application in the areas of access control, automation and
advanced electronics.
Since 1978, the experience and professionalism of Ferport
are the best guarantee on the products in terms of high
standards of quality, reliability, design and easy
installation, fast and without problems.
We also project photocells, control-boxes and flashing
lights for the automation of gates, industrial doors, garage
doors and so on, with several applications in security fields.
We are available to project and manufacture custom
products, according to the requests of the customers,
thanks to our technical staff and modern production line.
Visit our web
Via Chienti, 10 - 20090
Monza Italy
Tel. +39 039 73 40 95
Fax +39 039 73 49 51
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