How to cook great tasting rice? - the It`s all about the

How to cook great tasting rice? - the It`s all about the
How to cook great tasting rice?
1. Rinse rice
White rice: Rinse rice 2 to 3 times and drain.
Brown rice: Rinse rice 1 to 2 times and drain.
Rinse-free or Purified rice: No need to rinse.
Germinated Brown rice: Rinse rice once gently.
Eco tips:
- Rinse rice quickly at the first rinse.
- Keep the drain water for soaking fruits and vegetables
2. Soaking
White rice: No need to soak. But to old crop, please soak for 30 minutes
or add-in more water to cook.
Brown rice: Soaking and changing water per 30 minutes, the soaking
period is up to personnel favor.
Soaking tips:
- Rice must be rinsed before soaking.
- Add water 5 to 8 times to rice when soaking.
- Have to drain away the water after soaking.
3. Cooking
Add in clear water per the instruction of rice pack. Cover the rice cooker
and turn it on. It’s OK for bubbling around the lid if it’s rinse-free rice that
you’re cooking. Apply ‘Brown rice’ mode if your cooker has this feature.
Flavor tips:
- Add in 1 or 2 drops of vegetable oil or lemon juice to enhance the
taste, but don’t keep it for next meal.
- Don’t use strong alkaline ionic water, the rice may appear yellow or
become too glutinous.
4. Simmer
When the cooking stopped, do not lift the lid immediately. Make sure the
cooker is switched to “Keep warm” and start to simmer the rice as below:
White rice: Simmer for ab. 10 minutes.
Brown rice: Simmer for ab. 20 minutes.
Germinated rice: Simmer for ab. 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Simmer tips:
Simmer is an important stage, resulting in rice that is perfectly cooked
with a fluffy texture.
5. Stir and loosen
Lift the lid to release the excessive moisture. Apply chopstick to make a
cross into the rice and stir the rice upside down gently. Close the outer lid
and simmer again for ab. 5 - 10 minutes. Power the cooker off.
Now, the rice is ready, enjoy it.
Don’t use the spatula when stirring the rice to avoid rice stick together.
PS: Above process 4 & 5 can be switched per your favor.
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