The new generation of tool presetter and measuring machines

The new generation of tool presetter and measuring machines
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The new generation of tool presetter and measuring machines
1 | ZOLLER overview
Products and services offered by ZOLLER
2 | Why ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines?
ZOLLER efficiency
ZOLLER application solutions
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions [hardware]
ZOLLER »smile« – the universal tool presetter and measuring machine
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 2.0« – getting started professionally
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 3.0« – the solution for every challenge
ZOLLER standard and options – all components perfectly matched
ZOLLER »smile/CNC« – the fully automatic version
ZOLLER »smile/tribos« – with the SCHUNK TRIBOS clamping unit*
ZOLLER »smile/shrink« – with integrated shrink device
ZOLLER »smile/EDM« – measure electrodes
4 | ZOLLER software
ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« – as much as necessary, as little as possible
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« – quickly and simply equipped for any requirement
5 | ZOLLER precision and reliability
ZOLLER tool holders – high concentricity with short change-over times
ZOLLER precision – quality in every detail
6 | ZOLLER service and contact
ZOLLER locations – there for you all over the world
ZOLLER service – competent, personal, fast
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines – at a glance
* SCHUNK TRIBOS is a registered trademark of SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG
ZOLLER increases your productivity
ZOLLER helps companies to manufacture more efficiently by using tool presetters, tool inspection machines and tool management software. ZOLLER
measures and presets tools to two-thousandths of a millimeter – quickly,
simply, accurately and guaranteed! Accuracy means less waste, less CNC
machine downtime and more profit. Put more precisely: You
Y can improve
your productivity by at least 20% with ZOLLER.
Trust in ZOLLER technology and profit from the highest quality and reliability, top-innovation and competence as well as user-f
r riendliness and exceptional customer service and support.
Tool presetters
measuring and inspection machines
Heat shrink presetters
management software
Consulting and service
Do you work with cutting tools?
If so, then ZOLLER is the right partner for you.
ZOLLER – for your success
»ZOLLER is today
a the global expert and market leader in the field of tool presetting, tool
measurement and tool inspection for more precision and productivity in manufacturing
companies. For more than 60 years, ZOLLER has developed innovative software as well as
tool presetters and measuring machines to measure, inspect and manage cutting tools of
all kinds. Our many years of experience and the close cooperation between our customers
and partners give us the necessary expertise to deliver cutting-edge technology that is
r riendly and helps our customers to cope with the everyday
a manufacturing challenges. The family business is in its third generation. Its headquarters and manufacturing are
based in Germany and it is committed to the highest quality standards for true precision
and the longest product life. Our ZOLLER locations and business partners throughout
the world guarantee customer proximity and dedicated service in local markets. And it
is our top priority at ZOLLER that the products carrying our family name exceed your
expectations and contribute to your success. In order to achieve this ZOLLER goes to great
measures for you.«
The ZOLLER family
Christoph Zoller, Alexander Zoller, Eberhard Zoller
1 | Products and services offered by ZOLLER
The ZOLLER »smile« product series
Simple to operate, equipped with all the standard measuring functions, at an attractive price. The
ZOLLER »smile« universal tool presetter and measuring machine has been designed specifically for
measuring tools for manufacturing production. It can save you up to $15,000 per shift and machine
over a year.
Benefits for you:
Simple to use thanks to intuitive ZOLLER software interface and ergonomic operating
Fast & precise thanks to powerful ZOLLER image-processing technology
Robust & able to withstand shop floor conditions owing to special alloy and thermally
optimized design
Process-reliable through intelligent software and the highest safety standards
Ergonomic thanks to functional, tried and tested design
Versatile due to modular construction and extensive software from ZOLLER
Economical thanks to an excellent price-performance ratio
Environmentally friendly through use of recyclable materials and compliance
with ISO standards
»smile 400/pilot 3.0«
Your needs – our solution
ZOLLER efficiency
With ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines, your tools
are preset and measured before use. This means you can benefit in
every aspect, thanks to less waste and fewer machine crashes, lower
production costs and higher productivity. For you, this means: more
efficiency and thus more turnover and profit.
Your productivity increase
with ZOLLER 20 %
Capitalize on ZOLLER: your results – greater profits!
Less machine down-time
Reduced scrap
More efficient processes
Higher process-reliability
Better production quality
Increased productivity
2 | ZOLLER efficiency
Your requirement:
Our solution:
Your requirement:
Our solution:
Your requirement:
Our solution:
Your requirement:
Our solution:
Measure and preset tools quickly,
simply and accurately!
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« modular image processing
software for every requirement
ZOLLER »elephant« technology for measuring and
presetting tools without data entry
Special measuring programs with photorealistic
input dialog for complex measurement tasks
Use only 100 % perfect tools!
Contactless inspection of metal cutting tools
in incident light
Measurement of tool geometries
at the push of a button
Extensive statistical and logging functions
Manage data optimally!
Tool management systems for the office or
directly on the tool presetter and measuring
Central data storage in the ZOLLER system
Interfaces to external systems
Modular expansion options
Perfect integration into the closed process chain
Reduce production costs!
Less machine down-time by presetting the tools
outside the machine
Control-specific tool data from the measuring
unit directly to the machine tool
Prevention of machine crashes through process
reliability, e.g. zero point monitoring
Optimized magazine space allocation with
ZOLLER »cetus« software
The right machine for your application
ZOLLER provides the optimum solution
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines consist of hardware functions,
e.g. the »smile« machine series, and are equipped with »pilot« image processing
software. The world market leader ZOLLER can thus provide the optimum solution
for all requirements. The following questions will help select the best one for you:
What would you like to measure?
(tools and parameters)
This is important to decide what
ZOLLER software and measuring
What are the maximum
dimensions of your tools?
What tool holders
are you using?
Determine the maximum length
This decides what spindle or
and diameter of the tools you
adapter you should use in your
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« has a
need to measure. The measuring
tool presetter and measuring
modular construction, thus lets
range of the tool presetter and
you decide what modules you
programs you need: ZOLLER
»pilot 2.0« is our standard
software with all the important
measuring machine depends on
need and allows you to retrofit
this factor.
additional features at any time.
Our recommendation:
Our recommendation:
Our recommendation:
For tools of up to 600 mm in
If ISO/HSK or VDI tool holders
For the most frequently needed
length and 400 mm in diameter:
are used: ZOLLER »smile« stan-
measuring and inspection func-
ZOLLER »smile«.
dard equipment.
tions: ZOLLER »smile/pilot 2.0«.
For heavier and larger tools:
For work with shrink-clamping
For more demanding work and
The ZOLLER »venturion«
holders: ZOLLER »smile/shrink«
versatility in the future:
product line.
or ZOLLER »redomatic«.
ZOLLER »smile/pilot.3.0«
For the TRIBOS clamping
For measuring electrodes:
system: ZOLLER »smile/tribos«
ZOLLER »smile/EDM«.
or ZOLLER »tribos«.
2 | ZOLLER application solutions
Many requirements. One goal:
The optimum ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine
for your company.
Use the navigator on the back fold-out page
to find the right tool presetter and measuring machine.
Do you want to
manage tools?
Would you like to
measure tools manually
or automatically?
All ZOLLER machines, whether
With »pilot 2.0« you can add
and sav
a e adapters and tools. The
How do you want to
transfer the data?
»pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0«, can
advantage for you: For recurring
tools you can simply call them
Do you need interfaces,
for example to machine
tools or controls?
up, select the saved measuring
output the measurement results
Manually or electronically
sequence and thus get to the
Do you want your tool presetter
automatically and independently
for integration into your
measurement result even more
and measuring machine to com-
of the operator. Investment in
network for error-f
r ree data
municate with other machine
CNC control of the axes pay
a s
Furthermore, »pilot 3.0« pro-
controls or tool management
for itself with reliable measuring
This decides the appropriate
vides you with comprehensive
systems for highly effective nett
sequences, depending on the
tool management, which can be
extent of presetting.
extended as required.
Our recommendation:
Our recommendation:
Our recommendation:
Our recommendation:
For measuring contours:
For manual data output: Tool
For optimum tool management:
Tool presetter and measuring machines
ZOLLER tool presetter and
presetter and measuring machi-
Tool presetter and measuring
with ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« plus individual
measuring machines with CNC
nes with ZOLLER »pilot 2.0«.
machines with ZOLLER »pilot
adaptation to your production process.
control of the axes provide the
For electronic data output: Tool
3.0« and ZOLLER tool manage-
highest precision and automatic/
presetter and measuring machi-
operator-independent sequences.
nes with ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«.
The universal tool presetter and measuring machine for any user
ZOLLER »smile«
Whether you use it as a universal tool presetter and measuring machine for
your entire production facility or dedicate it to an individual machine tool, the
automatic tool cutting edge detection and the »pilot« software make presetting
All basic elements of the ZOLLER
and measuring your tools particularly precise, fast and simple.
tool presetter and measuring
machines are developed and de-
The ZOLLER »smile« series can be equipped with the »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0«
signed in-house and manufactured
in Germanyy and the USA.
software, plus different applications and options depending on your requirements. In any case – ZOLLER »smile«: Great performance at a small price.
We only use renowned
name-brand components noted
for their precision, reliability and
This is why ZOLLER tool presetter
and measuring machines have
become the benchmark of quality
known around the world for their
extremely high levels of accuracy,
low maintenance costs and long
service life.
benefits of a »smile« tool presett
t er and measuring machine with »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0« softw
t are
vailable in up to seven selectable measuring ranges in Z and X axes
ISO 50 high precision spindle with integrated calibration edges, 4 x 90° locking
device, spindle brake
Membrane keyboard for power-ope
rated spindle clamping and spindle braking
Electronic fine adjustment of X and Z axes
Light metal construction with optimum heat-conducting properties for use
on the shop floor
Heidenhain glass scales for a high level of measuring accuracy
CCD camera with telecentrical objective
ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0« image processing software
(see pages 20–25 for range of functions)
Dynamic cross-hairs in the entire measuring window
Analog focusing display
a for focusing the tool cutting edges
Automatic cutting edge recognition, including those greater than 90°
Cutting edge inspection with
20 x magnification
Manual projector function
Adapter and tool management
Zero point monitoring
for process reliability
Numerous measurement programs
such as concentricity and run-out
Machine table
(standard for »smile/pilot 3.0«)
Technical information subject to change. All tool presetter and measuring machines shown can include options, accessories and control system variations.
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions
or larger measuring range
requirements, we recommend
ZOLLER »venturion«
»smile 400«
»smile 600«
»smile 800«
»smile 400«
»smile 400/6«
»smile 400 / RA 140«
»smile 600«
»smile 600/4«
»smile 600/4 / RA 140«
»smile 800«1)
Measuring range Z
400 mm/15.7"
400 mm/15.7"
400 mm/15.7"
600 mm/23.6"
600 mm/23.6"
600 mm/23.6"
800 mm/31.5"
Measuring range X
200 mm/7.8"
300 mm/11.8"
130 mm/5.1"
300 mm/11.8"
200 mm/7.8"
130 mm/5.1"
300 mm/11.8"
400 mm/15.7"
600 mm/23.6"
260 mm/10.2"
600 mm/23.6"
400 mm/15.7"
260 mm/10.2"
600 mm/23.6"
100 mm/3.9"
140 mm/5.5"
100 mm/3.9"
140 mm/5.5"
100 mm/3.9"
Snap gauge Ø
Uhing drive
Heidenhain measuring system
Machine table is a prerequisite (included as standard with »pilot 3.0«)
THK linear guidance system
with recirculating linear ball bearings
High-precision and reliable axis adjustment,
Ultra-precise positioning in X and Z axes
Superr light sliding with no stick/slip effect
manual or CNC controlled.
thanks to Heidenhain.
thanks to five THK guide systems.
The professional introductory package to get you started
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 2.0«
The basis for your work.
ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« software gives
you all the measuring and presetting
our day
a -to-day
unctions you
tools quickly
d ideally for use
and for the tool
medium batch
»smile/pilot 2.0« options
Image processing system with telecentrical objective
32 Bit ARM9 processor
4 USB 2.0 interfaces
RJ45 network connection
12.1" TFT color display
a with touch-screen
800 x 600 pixel screen resolution
Linux operating system
256 MByte working memory
Memory for at least 3,000 adapters and tool steps
Virtual keyboard
ISO 30, ISO 40, HSK, KM high precision spindle
Vacuum spindle
Manual length adjustment, linear or
rotary, to adjust the length of tools
Center height measuring device
List and label printer
Electronic data output
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions
The solution for every challenge
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 3.0«
Made to measure
for your requirements.
»pilot 3 0« allows you to select from
lot 3.0« options
Image processing system with
telecentrical objective
IPC computer with Intel®Core TM2
Duo 1.80 GHz
2 GByte main memory
17" TFT color display
a with touchscreen
1,280 x 1,024 pixel screen resolution
Windows XP Professional for
Embedded Systems operating system
6 serial interfaces
2 parallel interfaces
12 USB 2.0 interfaces
2 RJ45 network connections
Hard disk with at least 80 GByte
DVD-RW burner for data backup
Integrated hard disk monitoring – detects
the first signs of a possible hard disk crash
Flexible operation using keyboard, mouse
and touch-screen
ntrolled X and Z axes
us and/or rotary encoder for
ding fixture spindle (C axis)
cision spindle
Manual length adjustment, linear or
rotary, to adjust the length of tools
Center height measuring device
List and label printers
Electronic data output
Special measuring programs such as
reamers, grinding wheels
All components perfectly matched
ZOLLER standard and options
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines set high standards, such as ergonomic design, cutting edge inspection or machine table, for efficient and healthy
working. Added to this are numerous options such as adapters, printers or data communication, with which you can match your ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring
machine optimally to the requirements of your production process.
So you are best-equipped for any task and still remain versatile.
Cutting edge inspection – standard
High precision spindle – standard
Machine table – standard for »smile/pilot 3.0«
Cutting edge inspection for checking tool cutting
With integrated calibration edge, without a separate
Precise and secure positioning with leveling elements.
edges in incident light.
zero gauge for better accuracy and ease of use*.
Including support arm for ergonomic use of monitor,
keyboard and mouse.
Adapter with integrat
ated calibration
edge – optional
Label printer – optional
List printer – optional
Case-hardened, bronzed and ground with integrated
For printing out measurement results for length,
For printing out measurement results
calibration edge (where technically possible).
diameter, radius, angle 1 and 2 onto thermo labels**.
or cutting edge inspection **.
* optional vacuum clamping
** may
a differ from model shown
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions
Center height measuring device – optional
For measuring the center height of turning tools.
Tool identification – optional for »pilot 3.0«
Separate read/write station for manually reading
and writing the tool ID chip.
Tool length adjustment – optional
Manual adjustment device for setting the length of
tools either by using the stop pin or rotating the
setting screw.
Shelf for label printer – optional
Adapter shelf and shelf for list printer
Data communication – optional
– optional
Shelf for label printer, fixed in place.
Shelf for adapters, for up to nine ISO 50 holders.
Data communication from the tool presetter and
Shelf for list printer, with anti-slip coating.
measuring machine to the machine tool for data
transfer without errors. With »pilot 2.0« and »pilot 3.0«.
The fully automatic version
ZOLLER »smile/CNC«
For milling and turning machines.
or CNC control in three axes,
see product overview
pp. 30/31
Speed and precision with ease of use
and maximum process reliability are
standard in the ZOLLER »smile/CNC«.
A special, tried and tested drive design
allows rapid, operator-independent
micron-precise positioning of all axes.
The decisive advantage of the »smile/
CNC« with autofocus is: You
Y can create
your repeat orders, define measuring
sequences and call them up again and
For you, this means:
Producing each batch efficiently,
profitably, on time and with perfect
»smile/CNC« options
Autofocus and/or rotary encoder for
tool holding fixture spindle (C axis)
For further options,
see p. 11 ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
CNC control in linear axes Z and X
Optional autofocus in the C axis for fast and precise measurement results
ZOLLER USB Motion »CoNCept« drive for fast and process-reliable tool measurement
Uhing drive with sliding clutch for micron-precise positioning and user safety –
the user can stop the CNC controlled axes manually at any time
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions
With SCHUNK TRIBOS clamping unit
ZOLLER »smile/tribos«
One workstation for all tasks.
Universal tool presetter and measuring
machines for all kinds of tools are one
thing, those for the SCHUNK TRIBOS
system are something else. Really?
Not at ZOLLER! Because with ZOLLER
»smile/tribos« you hav
a e a high
precision tool presetter and measuring
machine for absolutely any kind of
tool – including SCHUNK TRIBOS
chucks. The integrated device for
presetting, measuring and clamping
SCHUNK TRIBOS tools means that
you only need one workstation for all
the tasks in your company and you
can benefit from the exceptional efficiency of this ZOLLER tool presetter
and measuring machine.
»smile/tribos« options
Digital print display
Wooden shelf for »tribos« inserts
»ASZM« tool length adjustment or
»ASZR« rotary tool adjustment
For further options,
see p. 11 ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
»smile 400/tribos/pilot 3.0«
»smile 400«
»smile 600/4«
Measuring range Z
400 mm/15.7"
600 mm/23.6"
Measuring range X
200 mm/7.8"
200 mm/7.8"
400 mm/15.7"
400 mm/15.7"
Clamping, presetting and measuring SCHUNK TRIBOS chucks
Swiveling and lowerable SCHUNK clamping unit
Analog print display
diameter: 6–32 mm
Hydraulic clamping pressure: max. 400 bar
With integrated shrink device
ZOLLER »smile/shrink«
Manual – in combination with ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0«
All in one machine: the ZOLLER »smile/shrink« tool presetter,
measuring and shrink machine is specifically designed for shrinking,
presetting and measuring all kinds of tools.
With »smile/shrink« ZOLLER provides
a cost-effective combination machine,
its purchase price being much lower
than that of two individual machines.
Based on the »smile«, a shrink device
has been integrated with an induction
coil and a water cooling system.
Get your hands on a »smile/shrink«
for easy presetting, measuring and
shrinking – all in one machine.
Shrink tools to a desired length
1. Insert the shrink-fit chuck into the
tool holding fixture
2. Insert the adapter into the shrink-fit chuck
3. Insert the tool into the adapter
4. Adjust the tool to desired length (optional)
5. Remove adapter and tool
6. Swivel in shrink unit
7. Heat the shrink-fit chuck
8. Move the optic carrier to the safety position
9. Insert the tool into the shrink-fit chuck
10. Cool the shrunk tool in the »showerCooler«
Detailed overview of measurement results
with tolerance check
e versions
For CNC sequences,
we recommend
ZOLLER »redomat
a ic«
Measuring range Z
Measuring range X
400 mm/15.7"
600 mm/23.6"
200 mm/7.8"
200 mm/7.8"
400 mm/15.7"
400 mm/15.7"
swiveling shrink unit.
Separate »showerCooler« cooling unit.
Optional tool re-adjustment to shrink tools
to desired length
Low temperature due to short heating time
and induction energy over a wide area. This prevents
structural changes in the shrink-cla
k mping fixture
and protects your tools for a longer service life
The »showerCooler« cooling unit cools
the shrunk tools rapidly using water/emulsion
Integrated swiveling shrink unit
Safety standard met: Optional integrated fume
extraction provides protection from vapors and gases
Short cycle times for efficient working
Ergonomic design for convenient operation
and ideal storage options for »shower-Cooler«
and shrinkk fit accessories
»smile/shrink« options
Fume extraction
»ASZM« linear tool
readjustment or »ASZR«
rotary tool readjustment
For further options, see
p. 11 ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
Measure electrodes
ZOLLER »smile/EDM«
Manual or CNC controlled – in combination with ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
Measures your electrodes before use in the erosion machine:
no waste, more production precision. And it's the same for your metal-cutting
tools such as drills, reamers and milling machines.
The solution for die and mold-making
ZOLLER – the perfect result in a flash.
tools: The ZOLLER »smile/EDM« tool
presetter and measuring machine
for measuring electrodes and metalcutting tools. Where several machines
would hav
a e been used previously, the
ZOLLER »smile/EDM« now carries out
all measuring tasks: precise measurement results in the shortest possible
For all those who want to measure
EDM electrodes and metal-cutting
tools quickly and simply.
Measure electrodes in less than 1 minute
1. Determine reference measurement for adapter
2. Determine offset angle
3. Determine X/Y mismatch
4. Determine length: Sample highest measurement point
Detailed overview of measuring results
with tolerance check
3 | ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions
600 mm/23.6" 800 mm/31.5"
Measuring range X
300 mm/11.8"
600 mm/23.6" 260 mm/10.2" 600 mm/23.6" 260 mm/10.2" 600 mm/23.6"
130 mm/5.1"
Measuring range Y
Snap gauge Ø
Simple, fast and accurate measurement of electrodes and
metal-cutting tools
All the important parameters of an electrode can be
measured in less than 1 minute
The following electrode parameters can be measured,
regardless of shape and application:
– Offset angle
– Mismatch in X and Y axes
– Length in Z axis
– Renishaw measuring sensor for measuring electrode
Photorealistic measuring programs for measuring electrodes
Graphical instructions guide the user step-by-step through
the electrode-measuring process
The solution for die and mold-making tools.
300 mm/11.8"
130 mm/5.1"
300 mm/11.8"
± 50 mm/1.9"
20 mm/0.8"
»smile/EDM« options
Electrode adapter av
a ailable
for all EDM holding fixture
systems, e.g. Erowa, System
3R, Hirschmann, etc.
Autofocus for C axis
Control-specific measurement
data output for the CNC
erosion machine
For further options, see
p. 11 ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
As much as necessary, as little as possible
ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« software
Behind ZOLLER's software development are people whose declared goal
is simple and practical operation and the long-term sustainability of
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines.
ZOLLER »pilot 2.0« software is a cost-effective solution,
The ZOLLER »smile« product series
can be equipped with the »pilot 2.0«
which has been developed specifically for the shop floor.
software. You
Y will then have dynamic
cross-hairs for automatically measuring
True to the motto: as much technology as necessary, but as little as possible.
and manually presetting tools.
»pilot 2.0« also has the most frequently
For the highest quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.
»pilot 2.0« standard functions
Graphical user interface – intuitive and
clear, with self-explanatory symbols
for the easiest operation
»compass« navi
a gation system
for simple positioning (Fig. 1)
Presetting and measuring without manual
fine adjustment – quickly and precisely
Fine adjustment of axes not necessary
thanks to »pilot« intelligent image processing. The dynamic cross-hairs follow the
cutting edge and the current measurement
is continously display
a ed
Automatic detection of cutting edge shape
and measuring area of tool cutting edges –
fully automatically and in seconds (Fig. 2)
Analog focusing display
a – a colored bar
indicates to the user when the cutting edge
is focused and thus ready for measurement
or presetting
Five automatic measurement results: tool
length, diameter, cutting edge radius and
two cutting edge angles (Fig. 3)
measurement results
– repeating accuracy with tolerance check
(Fig. 4)
Automatic zero point monitoring to
prevent machine crashes (Fig. 5)
Cutting edge inspection – 20 x magnification in a live image for checking
cutting edge quality (Fig. 6)
Measurement programs and »C.R.I.S.«
measurement function (Figs. 7–8)
Counter switchover to X and Z axes
as required: radius/diameter absolute
measure, difference dimension, incremental dimension and counter stop.
In particular for measuring step drills,
distances, etc.
Unit switchover – e.g. degrees/rad/
step management – create and
manage several steps for fast measurement of complex tools
»libra« help system – sophisticated help
system supports the user step-by-step in
up to 14 languages
needed measuring functions.
User-friendly operation
Developed for the shop floor
Simple, efficient working
1. »compass« navigation system – a convenient navigation
2. Automatic measurement of cutting edge geometries of
3. Dynamic cross-hairs – the dynamic cross-hairs are used
system, which makes positioning the axes on the cutting
all kinds – even cutting edges of > 90° are measured
to measure cutting edges automatically without time-
edge a child's play.
automatically in all 4 quadrants.
consuming fine adjustment of the axes.
4. Tolerance check – when the predefined tolerance is
exceeded, a message appears after the measurement.
7. System-controlled measurement programs with photo-
5. Automatic zero point monitoring – the current zero point
6. Cutting edge inspection – indentations and wear
is indicated before each measurement. To prevent machine
marks can be detected for right-hand cutting tools
crashes, tool breakage and scrap parts.
in a live image.
8. »C.R.I.S.« function – measurement of the effective cut-
9. Center height measuring device – the center height is
realistic input dialog, e.g. largest cutting edge on milling
ting area of rotationally symmetrical tools. Corresponds
measured without contact, and the offset of the cutting
heads, concentricity and runout, theoretical point on
to the distortion-free dimensions, which the tool creates
edges in the Y direction is determined using an additional
drills, etc.
in the material during production.
incident light camera (optional).
Quickly and simply equipped for any requirement
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« software
»pilot 3.0« image processing software sets standards:
The design of the input menu follows the tasks, which the user has to complete.
The benefit to you: Simple orientation and use of the software
according to the functional area and its requirements.
The following pages will give you a
simple introduction to the world of tool
Thanks to the modular construction, you can grow with your future needs.
measurement using the five menu buttons
of the input menu. You
Y will gain a first
»pilot 3.0« meets all production demands with its comprehensive functionality
impression of the performance potential
of »pilot 3.0«. However, it would be even
and yet remains user-f
r riendly.
better if you tested the software live e.g.
in one of our showrooms, by simply bringing your tools with you.
Measuring + presetting
Experience new ease of use
»elephant« technology for measuring and
presetting without any data entry or prior
Measurement programs with photorealistic
input dialog for measurement of complex
tool geometries
Over 200 cutter shapes to measure
any cutting edge geometry
Automatic cutting edge shape recognition
for fast and precise measurement results
Define production processes efficiently
Here you can find all the functions of the tool
presetter and measuring machine to make your
production process more efficient:
Measure lists of tools at the push of a button
and transfer them directly to the machine tool
»cetus« tool exchange list for calculating the
tool requirement on the machine tool and for
determining the tools to be exchanged on the
machine tools
Advantages of the new menu interface
Extremely simple operation
Get started quickly
Direct access to numerous
Trust is good, control is better
Adjustable intensity LED lighting for
brilliant cutting edge display and inspection
Inspect and measure tools in transmitted
and incident light with »metis« tool
inspection and measurement
Simple creation of test reports for detailed
Create order by organization
Management of:
Individual components
Tool lists
DIN 4000 subject characteristics
NC programs
Ordering systems (suppliers, currencies, etc.)
The correct setting
Here you can carry out system settings
and find useful information:
User settings
User rights management
Data import/export settings
Parameter settings for special functions
Information on servicing and maintenance
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« software
»sinope« drawing
For automatically generating tool drawings
from the measured actual values and steps
»compass« navigation
For fast and safe manual axis adjustment to
the nominal position of the tool cutting edge
»cetus« tool exchange list
For calculating the tool requirement on the
machine tool and for determining the tools
to be exchanged on the machine tools
net requirement calculation saves
approx. 50 % on tools
Data output
Control-specific data output
From individual tools or complete tool lists via
DNC, network or USB stick to the machine
tool for fast, error-f
r ree data communication
Presetting and measuring at the push of a button
Ingeniously simple! Insert tool. Press start button.
The »elephant« technology will do the rest:
Simple measurement and presetting without data entry
Intelligent measuring tasks
Can be operated without prior knowledge
It's as simple as this:
All measuring sequences
can be saved, adapted as
required and repeated.
The figures show a CNC
controlled measuring sequence.
ZOLLER »pilot 3.0«
»elephant« technology
Select tool type
from the overview
on screen.
Image catalogue of standard tools – two-flute cutter selected.
Confirm measuring
Selection of measuring task.
Start measuring
sequence, done!
Detailed overview of measurement results.
High concentricity – short change-over times
ZOLLER tool holding fixtures
ZOLLER tool holding fixture spindles are suitable
All ZOLLER spindles are optionally av
a ailable with autofocus
and ROD rotary encoder
for all the usual tool shanks and allow rapid tool changeovers
while maintaining a high level of accuracy.
Standard: ISO 50 high precision spindle
ZOLLER standard –
ISO 50 high precision spindle
The pneumatic 4 x 90° lock for turning
tools and the spindle clamping for tool presetting are actuated using the membrane
keyboard. 0.002 mm concentricity, easily
turned, ergonomic hand wheel.
Optional – vacuum clamping device:
Membrane keyboard for all powerr
operated functions of the tool holding
ISO 50 high precision spindle with integrated calibration edge,
fixture. Spindle brake, vacuum clamping
so that separate zero gauges are not necessary.
(optional), 4 x 90° lock.
The high precision spindle is av
a ailable with a
vacuum clamping device. The vacuum clamping device is conveniently actuated using
the membrane keyboard.
The right adapter for every tool shank
Optional: Adapter
All our adapters are case-hardened,
bronzed, ground and, where technically
possible, equipped with an integrated
calibration edge.
Steep taper adapter
HSK hollow shank taper adapter
VDI straight shank adapter
ISO 10 to ISO 60.
HSK 25 to HSK 125.
VDI 16 to VDI 80.
Optional: Spindle with manual front clamping
ISO front clamping spindle.
HSK front clamping spindle.
KM front clamping spindle.
Optional – manual tool clamping directly
on the spindle
Do you continuously use one tool holder
shank size, e.g. only ISO 40 in your production process? Then ZOLLER also has the
right solution for this: direct manual clamping of your tools to the spindle. This spindle
version is av
a ailable for the most common
holding fixture systems and guarantees you
all the advantages of the standard tool holding fixture.
5 | ZOLLER precision and reliability
Quality in every detail
ZOLLER precision
Length measurement systems
by Heidenhain
Cable carrier elements
for ideal cable routing and a
long service life
Balance weight
with linear guide
Transmitted light
with centered cold light source
Single hand operation device
and automatic regulation
with unique ergonomics
Linear guidance systems with
recirculating linear ball bearings
CCD camera
2 units in the Z and X axes and
and multi LED ring light
with telecentrical objective
4 track carriages per axis
Ideal linear behavior
Linear axis adjustment
of the X and Z axes according
free from play and wear
to thermal analysis due to
with the UHING drive
special light metal alloy.
Tensile strength: 32kg/mm²
ZOLLER IPC electronics
with network connection, USB interfaces
and active cooling system
ZOLLER high precision spindle
with pneumatic clamping and
Machine table system
4 x 90° lock
made of stable design components and with
leveling elements
model may differ from diagram shown
Bosch pneumatics
for all power-operated functions
The highest quality marks every detail.
Which means: Micron-precise results every time.
For motivated employees, efficient working
and increased productivity. All benefits to you.
There for you around the world
ZOLLER locations
ZOLLER branches all around the world
bring our knowledge and expertise to where you are.
Therefore, accessibility is not just a promise, but a reality.
European contact addresses
E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Einstell- und Messgeraete
Gottlieb-Daimlerr Straße 19
D-74385 Pleidelsheim
T +49 7144 8970-0
Fax: +49 7144 8060-807
ZOLLER Austria GmbH
Einstell- und Messgeraete
straße 2
A-4910 Ried im Innkreis
T +43 7752 87725-0
Fax: +43 7752 87726
E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Service and Sales Center
Wohlenbergstraße 4 c
D-30179 Hannover
T +49 511 676557-0
Fax: +49 511 676557-14
ZOLLER S. à. r. l.
12, rue de la Faisanderie
F-67380 Lingolsheim
T +33 3 8878 5959
Fax: +33 3 8878 0004
ZOLLER Ibérica S.L.
Balmes 188 4º 1ª
E-08006 Barcelona
+34 932 156 702
Fax: +34 935 198 014
6 | ZOLLER service and contact
Overseas contact addresses
North America Regional Headquarter
3753 Plaza Drive
USA-48108 Ann Arbor, MI
T +1 734 332 4851
Fax: +1 734 332 4852
5659 McAdam Road
Unit A2
CAN-L4Z 1N9 Mississauga, ON
T +1 905 712 0100
Fax: +1 905 712 1623
ZOLLER Inc. / West Coast Office
4025 Spencer St., Suite 202
USA-90503 To
T rrance, CA
T +1 424 247 0180
Fax: +1 424 247 0184
Calle 53, LT
LT-24, C-21
Bosques de la Hacienda
MEX-C.P. 54715 Cuautitlan Izcalli
Estado de México
T +52 55 5817 4654
Fax: +52 55 5817 4565
ZOLLER Shanghai, Ltd.
Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter
No. 1588 ZhuanXing Road
Xin Zhuang Industry Park
Min Hang District
201108 Shanghai
T +86 21 3407 3978
Fax: +86 21 6442 2622
ZOLLER Asia Pacific, Ltd.
10A Seapower Industrial Centre
177 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
T +86 21 3407 3978
Fax: +86 21 6442 2622
ZOLLER Singapore Pte. Ltd.
7500A Beach Road
#04-320 the Plaza Singapore
199591, Singapore
T +91 20 2749 6118
Fax: +91 20 2749 6114
ZOLLER India Private Ltd.
Plot No. RM 104, 'G' Block
Sanjeevani Complex, Shahu Nagar,
Near KSB Chowk, Chinchwad,
Pune 411019 Maharashtra, India
T +91 20 2749 6118
Fax: +91 20 2749 6114
5-14, Kawagisi-Cho
Suita-Shi, Osaka
564-0037, JAPAN
T +81 6 6170 2355
Fax: +81 6 6381 1310
Competent. Personal. Fast.
ZOLLER service
At ZOLLER, delivering quality means being there for you after the purch
too. With personal advice and high-quality maintenance programs for your
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines. The ZOLLER service team is
a on standby for you with technicians who hav
a e been trained in-house
at ZOLLER. For low downtime and first-class service.
Testing of every ZOLLER tool presetter
and measuring machine with certified
test bars and gauges traceable to national measurement standards. Proof of
geometries, measurement reliability
and performance are also part of the
Quality-critical parts are purchased
from the best manufacturers on
the world market, such as Bosch,
Heidenhain or Sony
Full service maintenance contract
ISO 9000 check with calibration
Measuring machine performance
capability test to Cg/Cgk, CMR, R & R
and proof of accuracy
Machine calibration with laser
interferometer and ZOLLER FKM
Software updates and hardware
Conversion and retrofitting of
mechanical, optical and electronic
Training in different fields of
Consulting for lean, efficient
production processes
We would be glad to send you more detailed information
ZOLLER application solutions.
At ZOLLER you will find the best tool
presetter and measuring machine for
every requirement. With versatile
equipment, matched to your needs.
Y can find a complete overview on
the right.
More information on ZOLLER tool
presetter and measuring machines is
a ailable at
You can rely on ZOLLER!
We keep our promises.
on maintenance programs and prices or to answer
Find out for yourself – and arrange a
personal conversation with us.
any of your questions.
Just call us:
Phone: +1-734-332-4851
More products at a glance
ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines
Vertical tool presetter and measuring
machine series 3 axis manual/CNC
»genius 3« & »genius 3 micro«
Measuring machine for the most demanding
requirements with 2D measurements:
4 axis manual/C
/ NC
Universal measuring machine for fully automatic complete tool measurement: 5 axis CNC
Vertical tool presetter and measuring
machine series 3 axis manual/CNC
Vertical machine series for large,
a tools: 3 axis manual/CNC
Horizontal machine series for turning
and milling tools: 4 axis manual/CNC
Manual shrinking machine
with length adjustment
Presetting, shrinking and measuring
combination: 4 axis manual/CNC
Vertical universal tool prese
r tt
t er and measuring machine
series with TRIBOS clamping system: 4 axis manual/CNC
CNC tool presett
t er/
r measuring machine for
a t cutt
t ers and turning/broa
r ching tools
CNC tool presetter/measuring machine
for milling heads and shafts
Tool presetter/measuring machine for measuring
tools between points: 3 axis manual/CNC
At a glance
ZOLLER »smile« product series
ZOLLER »smile« basic
The basic structure of every »smile
machine is the same: Brand name
components for a solid perforr
Page 9
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 2.0«
Standard measuring functions –
as much technology as necessary,
but as little as possible.
Pages 10 | 20 | 21
ZOLLER »smile/pilot 3.0«
Modular construction, select software
functions according to your needs,
a versatile, whatever happens.
Pages 11 | 22–25
ZOLLER »smile/CNC«
Automatic axis positioning
for even more productionreliable tool presetting and
Page 14
ZOLLER »smile/tribos«
The ideal manual tool presetter and
measuring machine for all those who
are using SCHUNK TRIBOS tool holders.
Page 15
The CNC controlled alternative:
ZOLLER »tribos«.
Page 31
ZOLLER »smile/shrink«
The ideal manual tool presetter and measuring machine for
all those who are using shrink-fit chucks
Pages 16 | 17
The CNC controlled alternative:
ZOLLER »redomatic
a «
Page 31
ZOLLER »smile/EDM«
The ideal tool presetter and measuring machine for all those who want
to measure and preset electrodes.
Pages 18 | 19
Our duty: Customer satisfaction
ZOLLER Quality
Continuous and consistent quality management at ZOLLER guarantees
mechanically, electrically and electronically convincing product quality. The
exclusive use of brand name components makes ZOLLER tool presetter and
measuring machines virtually maintenance-free in use throughout their long
service life.
Satisfied customers around the globe benefit from the highest manufacturing quality, saving
not only time, but also money.
And ZOLLER quality does not stop at the product, but continues with the
service. You
Y can rely on our quality and expertise!
»The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after
the sweetness of low price is forgotten.«
John Ruskin
A thriving, independent, family business
in its third generation with locations worldwide.
» With ZOLLER you set the standard.
The ZOLLER seal of quality guarantees precision
and quality, reliability and efficiency.
That's what ZOLLER stands for.
ZOLLER has the know-how
in development, sales and service.
» More than 25,000 tool presetter and measuring
machines have been sold worldwide since 1968.
» ZOLLER is there for you – all over the world.
The ZOLLER seal of technology stands for the highest
level of innovation: ZOLLER is developing the technologies today that you will need tomorrow.
» ZOLLER has the best solution.
BRSMI.00–US. 06/2010. Subject to technical changes. Equipment without obligation. Concept & design:
» With ZOLLER you lead the way.
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