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Value added
food processing
the Sandvik way
Steel belts for a wide range of
food processing systems
• Continuous steel belt cooling systems
• Rotoform systems for pastille
Contact freezers for meat, seafood
and coffee concentrate
Dehydration plants for fruit and
Steam cookers for petfood
Film/sheet casting lines
Steel belts and steel belt conveyors
Sandvik: delivering improved
performance in food processing
Sandvik’s specially developed drying
systems are used for the efficient and
hygienic processing of a wide range of
foodstuffs. Benefits include faster
throughputs, lower bacteriological
counts, optimum drying cycle profiles
and reduced operating costs.
For demanding cooling applications as
diverse as chocolate, candies, mashed
potato and agar agar, we offer a choice of
three cooling systems: water cooling,
chilled air cooling and air flow-through
cooling. Sandvik engineers will work with
you to establish the optimum cooling
method for your products, and deliver a
system complete with integral feeding
and discharge devices.
The combination of air blast freezing and
the superb conductivity of the steel belt
make Sandvik freezing systems first
choice for reduced freezing times,
consistently high product quality, low
energy consumption and total hygiene.
Our standard applications include the
freezing of coffee and tea extracts and
the IQF freezing of whole fish, fish fillets,
crabs, scallops and shrimps.
Use of the Sandvik steel belt extends
into all areas of the food processing
industry. Its absolute hygiene, easy
cleaning and simple discharge make it the
automatic choice for applications as
diverse as high capacity storage silos,
chocolate conveyors and sugar
The Sandvik steel belt:
the vital ingredient in our
recipe for success
At the heart of every Sandvik food
processing system is the Sandvik steel
belt, a product we invented, and in which
we lead the world in production and
The Sandvik steel belt is smooth, flat,
continuous and hardwearing, and its
outstanding hygiene and heat
conductivity properties make it the ideal
medium on which to base a highperformance food processing package.
Each belt is manufactured to close
tolerances, and carefully checked for
quality at every stage of production.
Steel grades can be selected to match
the precise demands of all kinds of food
processing applications, and supplied in
widths up to 6 metres.
The versatility of the Sandvik steel belt is
extended even further through a whole
range of dividing, diverting and discharge
mechanisms and retaining strips, ensuring
that process and performance
parameters can be met as efficiently and
cost-effectively as possible.
Sandvik steel belts can be supplied in
solid or perforated form.
Meat cutting conveyor
Chocolate conveyor
Perforated steel belts for baking better biscuits
Peeled tomato inspection conveyor
We offer various belt tracking solutions:
Belt-tracking control (passive)
V-rope (rubber)
Spiral-rope (steel)
– non-aggressive environment
– ambient temperature < 90°C
– more aggressive environment
– higher ambient temperatures
Belt tracking control (active)
– more aggressive environment
– higher ambient temperatures
– wide belt speed range
The perforated belt provides an ideal
alternative for bakery industry
applications such as high-moisture laden
biscuits which can tend to blister if baked
on a solid belt.
A total capability in cooling systems
Cooler for cooked carrots
Air flow-through
cooling system
Chilled air cooling
A perforated Sandvik steel belt enables
cool air to be drawn down through the
product as it travels towards the
discharge end of the system, thus cooling
it at a controlled and consistent rate.
The system is particularly suitable for
cooked or blanched products.
Similar in principle to the water cooling
system, chilled air is used to cool
products such as chocolate, couverture,
caramel mass, stock cube mass and sugar
candy, at controlled rates, and to
consistently high standards of product
To cater for the widest variety of
products, Sandvik offers three basic types
of steel belt cooling systems, plus a
range of feed and discharge devices that
enable individual process parameters to
be matched precisely.
6 put your product in perfect shape
The final shape of a solidified or
crystallized product depends on the feed
and discharge device.We offer a range of
units that enable product characteristics
to be matched with handling, appearance
and other process requirements most
effectively. These include stripformers,
overflow weir feeders for flakes and the
unique Rotoform® system, a precision
pastillating unit that delivers uniform,
easily-handled, dust-free pastilles from
1 to 40 mm diameter.
Among the many different products that
have proved suitable for the Rotoform
pastillation process chocolate, sugar
candy drops, chewing gum base, fats,
emulsifiers, soup concentrate, cheese and
many others.
Rotoform® system for chocolate pastilles
Water spray cooling
Rotoform® system for sugar candy drops
Ideal for cooling and/or solidification of
products in liquid or paste form, like gum
base, mashed potatoes, gelatines and
gums, emulsifiers and food additives.
Water cooling system utilises jets of
water sprayed against the underside of
the steel belt to cool the product at an
even and precisely-controlled rate.
The solidified product is then simply
discharged from the end of the belt.
A total capability in food
dehydration systems
Multi-stage drying line
The ever-increasing use of dried or
dehydrated products demands highefficiency processing systems for all
kinds of fruits and vegetables.Which is
precisely what this specially developed
Sandvik system provides. Based around
our perforated steel belt, this system
enables controlled dehydration to be
achieved by the flow of air through the
product. Combined with the ability to
control the speed of the belt travel, this
unique feature contributes to the
reduction of processing time by as much
as 50% ... while still delivering a product
of the highest quality with minimal
bacteria counts.
Significant performance benefits
Sandvik’s unique dehydration system
gives you significant competitive
advantages through:
reduced process times – as much as
50% lower
modular design enables units to be
linked into multi-stage dryers that
deliver the optimum time/temperature profile for each product
Dryer for high sensitive products
airflow system eliminates undesirable
product dust formation
minimum operating costs, thanks to
low energy usage and reduced labour
highest possible hygiene levels and
bacteria/yeast/mould counts far lower
than other continuous drying
superb product quality and
The Sandvik dehydration system has
been developed around a modular
concept. Drying processes and relevant
dryer capacities have been studied and
tested in conjunction with research
institutes and affiliated universities.
The system efficiently handles items as
diverse as potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages,
onions, sugar-infused cranberries, celery,
garlic, carrots, orange peel, cranberries,
agar-agar and gums, pet food, minced
meat, seaweed, nuts and seeds, even
problem products like grapes.
Multi-stage drying for maximum
Up to three drying stages can be built
into our dehydration systems. Each stage
is formed by several modular sections to
ensure that each product can be
processed with the optimum mix of air
temperature and moisture content
throughout the cycle. Precise control of
the time/temperature curve for each
product provides maximum operational
efficiency, quality and appearance for
each item.
Sectional view:
1 Perforated steel belt
2 Upper air chamber
3 Lower air chamber
4 Cleaning door
5 Fan
6 Heat exchanger
7 Exhaust air
8 Belt return strand
Dryer for spinach
Some applications:
Fruits and vegetables, pet food, agar
agar and gum, minced meat, seaweed,
extruded snacks, nuts and seeds.
Dried apple line
High performance freezers for high
quality products
Sandvik air blast freezer for coffee
Steel belt
3/4 Cooling system
(heat exchanger and fan)
Flap system for defrosting
Coffee freezer – viewed from discharge end – with breaker (inset)
Sandvik air blast contact freezing systems
draw on the special qualities of the
Sandvik steel belt to provide exceptional
standards of quality with low running
costs and substantially reduced process
times.The superb conductivity of the
steel belt, its smooth, joint-free surface
(for maximum hygiene), and the ability to
slide products smoothly and cleanly from
the end of the belt (thus minimising
wastage and breakages) all contribute to
maximum operational efficiency and
Product versatility
The use of blast-forced refrigerated air
together with automatic belt defrosting
and cleaning on each cycle provide the
versatility and hygiene to handle
products such as hamburger patties, fish
fillets, poultry, shrimps, and also freezedried coffee, tea extract and baby food.
The Sandvik freezer handles them all,
reliably, economically, productively and
cost effectively.
Coffee freezer – viewed from feed end
Coffee freezer feeding station incl. belt tracking
and tension device
Fish freezing is another major application
for Sandvik’s high performance freezers,
with around 100 such systems in
operation around the world.
One of the 30+ Sandvik steel belt
freezer systems now in operation around
the world for freezing coffee and tea.
The Sandvik solution to conveying and
live storage problems
The advantages of the Sandvik steel belt
are well known in the food processing
industry; indeed, many of today’s most
widely used techniques would not be
possible without them. In bake ovens,
they contribute the benefits of high
temperature resistance, easy product
removal from the smooth surface and
ease of cleaning. As meat cutting tables
they provide a hard, durable surface total
hygiene and corrosion resistance.
But the benefits of the Sandvik steel belt
– and the applications-driven engineering
support behind it – also make it ideal for
in-process storage and accumulation.
Products can be stored (for instance,
between processing and packaging), and
fed into the line as needed, without the
damage that can occur
with conventional batch
storage and product
If you believe that your
process lines could benefit
from the imaginative
application of this efficient
system, our engineers will
be happy to give you
detailed information, and
demonstrate how a
Sandvik solution could be
the answer to your
conveying and
storage requirements.
Belt silo for potato powder
Full demo center and
service support
The right level of technical service will
ensure that your system continues to
deliver maximum competitive advantage,
and our service organization – which,
operating from main centers in Europe,
the Americas and Asia Pacific, covers the
entire world – is always there.
Your regional Sandvik service center
will provide all the support you need,
Spare parts
Commissioning and start-up
Operator/technician training
Maintenance & repair
Process upgrades
User manuals
Training programs
24 hour technical tele-assistance
Proof of the process ...
at a Sandvik demo center
Our worldwide network of demo
centers is at your disposal for assessing
the benefits – in terms of product
quality and productivity – of our
We can even arrange to set up a
working production line for you to try
out your own products, and our
processing specialists will assist you in
planning the most efficient and
economical cooling system.
Whether you require a simple
feasibility test or full scale production
data, our demo centers are there for
you. Among the facilities available are:
Static cooling test tank
For establishing residence time and
surface area required for your product
and processing needs.When the belt
width and layer thickness are known,
the belt speed can be calculated from
the capacity of the belt.
PS-450 ENG 1.2005 – Printed in Germany
Demo center in Fellbach, Germany
Pilot scale belt cooler
For establishing the same data on a
life-size basis.This and the test tank
described above are both available on
loan. Also available are cooling graphs
and reports of several materials
previously processed.
Full scale test units
For assessing the benefits to your
operation of a Sandvik steel belt
cooler, in terms of production rates,
energy consumption and, of course,
quality of end product.
Demo center in Totowa, N.J., USA
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