DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Communication Module

DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Communication Module
DNP 3.0 Master/Slave
Communication Module
The DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Communication Module is a single slot,
backplane compatible DNP 3.0 interface solution for the Schneider
Electric Quantum or Unity platform. This module provides highly
configurable support of both DNP 3.0 Master and Slave
Class 1, Division 2,
Groups A, B, C, and D Hazardous
DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Communication Module
The PTQ-DNP module is the ideal solution for many
applications where DNP 3.0 Master/Slave protocol
connectivity must be added to a Quantum or Unity
The DNP solution is designed to address the expanding
interest in the DNP 3.0 protocol. The protocol was
developed for the Power Utility industry and is
recommended by the IEEE for RTU-IED communication
applications. Additional industrial applications are quickly
arising in the Water/Wastewater and Oil and Gas
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Features and Benefits
The module supports DNP Subset Level 2 features and some of the
Level 3 features allowing the many SCADA and field devices
supporting the DNP protocol to be integrated into the Quantum or
Unity platform. The module acts as an input/output module between
the DNP network and the Modicon backplane. The data transfer from
the Quantum or Unity processor is asynchronous from the actions on
the DNP network. Databases are user defined and stored in the
module to hold the data required by the protocol.
General Specifications
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Single Slot - Quantum backplane compatible
The module is recognized as an Options module and has
access to PLC memory for data transfer
Configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory in the
ProTalk module
Up to six modules can be placed in a rack
Local rack - The module must be placed in the same rack as
Compatible with common Quantum / Unity programming tools.
Quantum data types supported: 0x, 1x, 3x, 4x
High speed data transfer across backplane provides quick data
update times.
Sample function blocks available.
Hardware Specifications
Backplane Current Load
800 mA @ 5 V
Operating Temperature
0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Relative Humidity
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Sine vibration 4-100 Hz in each of the 3
orthogonal axes
30G, 11 mSec. in each of the 3 orthogonal
LED Indicators
Module Status
Backplane Transfer Status
Serial Port Activity LED
Serial Activity and Error LED Status
Configuration Serial Port
DB-9M PC Compatible
RS-232 only
No hardware handshaking
Application Serial Ports
(PRT2, PRT3)
DB-9M PC Compatible
RS-232/422/485 jumper selectable
RS-422/485 screw termination included
RS-232 handshaking configurable
500V Optical isolation from backplane
Functional Specifications
The module has two DNP protocol ports that can be configured to
operate in a Master/Slave or Slave/Slave redundant port
configuration. User defined internal register space is accessible to
the protocol driver and to the Quantum processor memory.
DNP 3.0 Master Protocol Specifications
The DNP 3.0 Master port can be configured as a virtual DNP Master
device that actively issues user-defined DNP commands to nodes on
the network.
• Supports 300 user defined commands
• Master port logically supports up to 40 slave devices
• Individual command configuration includes conditional or
continuous polling, Poll Delay Time
• Slave status and Command status available for transfer to the
• Event data received from the slave devices updates the module
database (Date and Time stamping is not stored or used by
• Special command handling for Digital Output CROB under
processor control for pulse output control
• Supports Report-by-Exception and Unsolicited Responses on a
Time Interval basis or on a user determined Event Count basis.
Analog and Binary input points are supported
DNP 3.0 ports (PRT1 & PRT2)
User-definable module memory usage
Full radio, modem and multi-drop support
Support for the storage and transfer of all DNP data types
across the backplane
Redundant Slave Port Operation
Additional Products
When configured in the Slave/Slave port configuration, the module's
slave ports operate in a primary and secondary fashion. In this mode,
a single host polls the module via redundant physical layer
ProSoft Technology offers a full complement of hardware and
software solutions for a wide variety of industrial communication
platforms. Compatible products in the ProTalk product line also
IEC 60870-5-101 Master Communication Module (PTQ-101M)
IEC 60870-5-101 Slave Communication Module (PTQ-101S)
IEC 60870-5-103 Master Communication Module (PTQ-103M)
DNP 3.0 Slave Communication Module (PTQ-DNPS)
Visit our web site at for a
complete list of products.
DNP 3.0 Slave Protocol Specifications
The DNP Slave port accepts DNP commands to control and monitor
data stored in the module's DNP Slave databases. If a DNP Master
port is configured, a portion of the slave databases can be derived
from or can control IED devices connected to the DNP master port.
Report-by-Exception data is logged to the module's database
Supports unsolicited messaging
Each DNP point type is user configurable by point
Class assignments are completely user-definable on a Type and
point basis (BI, AI, FI, DI point types)
Supports clock synchronization from a master or from the
Support for four octet-strings are supported (object type 110) in
the slave driver to return version and other module information
Up to 400 events are stored for Floats, Binary In, Analog In and
Double Inputs
Configurable event buffer transmission threshold based on
count and/or time since last event transmission
Collision avoidance for redundant port switching
Special modem AT command string and timing support for
dialing out on redundant port
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