Mixer Bowl Guard Assembly Cleaning Instructions, 20 Quart

Mixer Bowl Guard Assembly Cleaning Instructions, 20 Quart
Technical Field Information
Mixer Bowl Guard Assembly Cleaning - 20 Quart
This document is a supplement to the Operator’s manual. It explains how to remove, inspect, clean and properly re-install the bowl guard assembly.
Tools you will need:
• Screw driver or Allen wrench (depending on mixer)
• Clean cloth or brush
• Warm, soapy water
5. Remove the bowl guard assembly by pulling it straight down.
1. Turn off and disconnect the mixer from the power source.
2. Lower and remove the bowl.
3. Remove any attachments installed on the mixer.
1. Inspect the mounting ring and safety switch for accumulated food
residue. Food residue may affect the operation of the safety switch.
Clean the components with a soft cloth or brush and warm soapy
water if needed.
Mounting Ring
4. Remove the two mounting screws, one on each side of the bowl
guard assembly.
Safety Switch
2. Press and release the safety switch several times. Listen for clicks to
verify the switch is actuating. If you do not hear the clicks, the
switch may have a mechanical issue. Contact Vollrath Technical
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3. Inspect the detent for dirt or food residue. Clean with a soft cloth and
warm soapy water if needed.
3. Re-install the two screws that secure the bowl guard assembly to
the mounting ring. Partially tighten the screws.
4. Gently pull up and slightly rotate the bowl guard assembly until it is
seated against the lip of the mounting ring with no gap at the top.
4. Inspect the bowl guard assembly. Rotate the bowl guard to verify it
freely moves in the splash guard.
Splash Guard
Gap - Incorrect
No Gap - Correct
5. Tighten the screws.
6. Verify the detent actuates the safety switch by opening the bowl
guard and then fully closing it. Listen for the safety switch to click
when it actuates. If you do not hear a click, the bowl guard assembly
is not correctly installed on the mounting rim or not aligned with the
actuator.Recheck the installation and alignment.
Bowl Guard
5. If the bowl guard does not rotate freely, remove the four screws
securing the bowl guard retaining ring. Remove and clean the
retaining ring.Thoroughly dry the parts before reassembling.
1. Place the bowl guard assembly under the mixer.
2. Line up the mounting holes on the bowl guard assembly with the
holes on the mounting ring.
The mixer has a safety switch that prevents the shaft from rotating
when the bowl guard is open. The following steps confirm the switch is
operating correctly.
Attach the bowl to the mixer.
Raise the bowl.
Close the bowl guard.
Reconnect power to the mixer.
Reset the emergency stop.
Put the mixer in gear.
Press the ON button. The shaft should start to rotate.
If the shaft does not rotate, test and verify: the bowl guard is
completely closed, the mixer is in gear and the bowl is lifted. Contact
Vollrath technical services if the mixer still will not start.
8. With the mixer turning, open the bowl guard. This should cause the
shaft to stop rotating. Contact Vollrath Technical Services if the shaft
does not stop.
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