Access 8 CD 2.0
Scalable identification solutions
Access 8 CD 2.0
Basic, Slim, Quattro,
Product features and benefits
Durable and reliable access control reader armed with highest level Mifare® DESFire security
Extremely low power consumption – up to 60 % more energy-efficient
Eco-sensitive construction
Profoundly convenient configurations - no uninstalling or power-down required!
Powerful, unique and customisable security features you choose and program yourself
Open technology: no more proprietary limit on who you buy cards, controllers from, no device supplier of
technology dependencies
• Compatibility with your current Mifare® card population
• Robust, reliable, flexible and utterly secure standalone capability
• Easy and convenient technology and security level migrations
Access 8 CD 2.0 is a highly configurable, secure Mifare® technology reader. With sector reading capabilities, it is suitable for
multi-applications. This flexible reader is actually many readers inside one - it can be upgraded into another technology
or into another security level later on. You don’t even need to uninstall the reader for configuration. All configurations
from technolgy migrations to security key and bit length changes can be made only by exposing it to a secure, authorized
configuration card. You can create configuration cards and transponders by a user-friendly Idesco DESCoder tool. This
powerful reader is convenient and easy to deploy since it it supports all Mifare® transponders. Connect it to your existing
Mifare® system and it will flawlessly read the Mifare® cards you already have deployed. Access 8 CD 2.0 has also standalone
capability which means that it can be deployed to control (e.g. electric locks) independently, according to the access rights
programmed on a transponder.
This flexible reader with new generation access control features and capabilities is available with several housing options.
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Scalable identification solutions
Technical specifications
Operating frequency
Current consumption
RFID chip support
Dimensions of housing (hxwxd)
Material of housing
Installation method
Customized versions
Protection class
Operational temperature range
Storage temperature range
Clock & data
Field strength Encryption
Connector option
Led Led control
Buzzer control OpticalTamper
Alive message
13,56 MHz
24VDC (+5VDC .... +30VDC)
with cable length longer than 100 meters (+10... +30 VDC)
20 mA @ 24 VDC, max 60mA
MIFARE® DESFire: UID + Application files , MIFARE® Classic: UID + Sectors, MIFARE® Ultralight UID, MIFARE® Plus UID, MIFARE® SmartMX (MIFARE® Classic emulation mode), NFC (UID), Mifare Classic 7 Byte UID + sectors
Basic: 110 x 43 x 24 mm
Slim: 141 x 43 x 19 mm
Quattro: 85 x 85 x 24 mm
Desktop: 95 x 62 x 24 mm
Quattro: To a standard electrical socket with screws
Yes, with sticker
IP67, with the pigtail cable option
IP54, with the connector option
-40C - +55 C
-40C - +55 C
2 FET outputs
1 General purpose input
Idesco RS-485, Idesco RS-485 with AES, OSDP
On request
10 BCD format for Mifare Classic sectors and for Mifare Desfire application
Meets CE requirements
According to EN300330
AES or triple DES
LIYY 3m, delivered only with pigtail reader
Basic, Slim & Quattro (pigtail as a default)
Tricolor (LED modes can also be configured)
By wire
Yes (Buzzer modes can also be configured)
By wire
Yes, configurable
Only one DESfire EV 1 conf card required
Configure only after reset option
The reader can be set to credit / debit value from value file cards
Eco 20 is a new generation of Idesco products. Eco 20 stands for less power consumption, improved connectivity with other products and smaller carbon footprint through
sustainable manufacturing materials and methods.
Idesco Oy reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes to its content as well as the right to change or discontinue these products, at any time, without obligation to notify any
person or entity of such revisions or changes. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. 5.1.2012. C00431E v.1.00.
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