cut sheet UK - Samson Carts!

cut sheet UK - Samson Carts!
Samson Book/Utility Carts...
Structural Design
Compared to ordinary “Box”
designed book/utility carts,
Samson uses I-Beam design to
lighten it’s load, improving
capacity especially in
narrow aisles.
Heavy Duty Support
Designed for 18.14kg (40 lbs) per
square foot, Samson easily
handles 56.7 kg (125 lbs) per shelf.
Total weight capacity = 340.19 kg
Green Design
Built for years of
rugged use, the
Samson Cart is
made of reinforced high
density polypropylene plastic. The
cart never needs
painting, it’s rust
proof and easy to
Recycleable Parts
Does not deplete natural
resources & uses less
energy to produce!
From zero shelves to a
single-sided shelf a double sided
cart. Hinged doors &
shelves flip open and
lock in place without
tools or assembly.
Safety Design
Rounded corners
and edges greatly
reduces potential
for injury to people
and facilities.
Durable Wheels
Samson’s agility is due to the
use of 10.16cm wheels.
12.7cm wheels are also available. Optional locking wheels
available in both sizes.
Item No.
Closed Dimensions
6-Shelf Book/Utility Cart 51.17 kg 1.02 m w x 31.75 cm d x 1.3 m h
Open Dimensions
1.02m w x 63.5cm d x 1.3m h
Samson Book/Utility Carts...
3, 6 or Zero Shelves
Innovative...Saves Time, Money and Space.
Introducing the Samson Book/Utility Cart. The first collapsible, two-in-one cart engineered to adapt to the work environment.
Flip the doors open, lower the shelves and you have a 3 shelf cart to fit into narrow spaces. Open the second side and you now
have 6 shelves to store, display or transport goods. Collapse the shelves and roll into a closet or behind a counter...
Samson Carts are only 31.75 cm deep, reducing storage needs.
* Ergonomic Lift
* Structual Plastic
• 12.7 cm Locking Wheels
• 6-piece pack Bungee Cords
• Cargo Net
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