Getting Started with Osmo Pizza Co.

Getting Started with Osmo Pizza Co.
 Getting Started with Osmo Pizza Co. Updated 2.6.2017 Version 1.0.9 Page 1 What’s Included? Each Pizza Co. set contains 59 game play pieces. Quickly cook pizzas using the customer's’ requested toppings to make them happy, then calculate their change using the play money pieces. Invest your profits to upgrade the pizza shop as you bake your way to becoming "the big cheese”! ● 1 Pizza board that flips over into money mode ● 8 of the following pizza toppings: anchovies, bell peppers/capsicum, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and pineapple ● 5 of the following play money bills: 1, 2, 5 and 10 ● 5 of the following play money coins: 1, 5, 10 and 25 Note: The play money is not associated with any real world currency. Pizza / Tray Board Quantity: 1 “1” Bill Quantity: 5 “2” Bill Quantity: 5 “5” Bill Quantity: 5 “10” Bill Quantity: 5 “1” Coin Quantity: 5 “5” Coin Quantity: 5 Page 2 “10” Coin Quantity: 5 “25” Coin Quantity: 5 Anchovy Quantity: 8 Bell Pepper / Capsicum Quantity: 8 Olive Quantity: 8 Mushroom Quantity: 8 Pepperoni Quantity: 8 Pineapple Quantity: 8 Page 3 Menu Navigation ● Start a new day. ○ From the main menu, tap ​Open Shop. ● Play in Junior Mode. ○ From the main menu, tap ​Junior Mode. ● Adjust your Change mode difficulty. ○ From the main menu or in-game, tap the . ○ Drag the ​Change Mode​ slider to change the difficulty. ○ Toggle among Pizzas Only, Bills Only, 25 Coins, 5 and 10 Coins, or 1 Coins. ● View ‘How to Play’ document. ○ From the main menu or in-game, tap . ○ Tap ​How to Play​. ● How to purchase upgrades for your shop: ○ From the main menu, tap ​Decorate Shop. ○ Swipe to navigate and tap the select furniture. ○ Swipe to select a new upgrade. to ○ Tap desired upgrade and then tap the to purchase. ● Turning off ​Word Problems​ will disable pizza requests that require reading. Toggle it on to re-enable those requests. ● Adjust ​Timer​ on/off mode to remove the timers from Pizza Requests. The customer’s request will always be on the screen when you’re making a pizza. Page 4 Game Manual A. Object of the game Quickly cook pizzas with toppings the customer has requested to make him/her happy, then calculate the change using the play money pieces. Players can invest profits earned to upgrade aspects of the pizza shop to add personal touches. Osmo gives real-time feedback so the pizza chef can alter either the pizza toppings used, or the change that’s being made for customers. B. Making Pizza Uncle Tony introduces players to the game and helps players make their first pizza. By creating a pizza with toppings that match what the customer has requested, players will ensure that the character gives a big smile indicating that he/she is happy! The smile gets bigger as the pizza gets closer to what he/she has ordered. The pizza topping requests start out very simple, and get more difficult as the game advances. The more stars that appear the more challenging the request is. *** C. Baking the pizza Once the pizza toppings are in place, move the pizza board slowly to the right to trigger the slide-to-bake action: Page 5 Or use the ​Bake​ button to bypass this action as follows: on the main screen, click the in the top-right corner, which leads to the settings menu. Here, at the bottom-left, is a button to enable/disable the Bake button. If you activate this button slide-to-bake action: you can press it once your pizza is ready instead of using the Page 6 D. Making Change To take payment from customers, flip the pizza board over to the gray side. The price and amount paid will appear on the screen. Players can use the number line at the bottom of the screen for assistance in reaching the correct change amount. E. Topping Delivery Eventually you may run out of virtual toppings in your shop, this indicated by an icon over the ingredient that ran out. Don’t worry, the delivery truck will bring more, but remember there’s a delivery fee! F. Pizza Co. characters The playful Pizza Co. characters’ names and personalities will be revealed over time. Stay tuned! G. Customer Reviews From time to time, the pizza chef will receive a positive review from a customer (Buzz) which will contribute to the Pizza shop's popularity. This popularity will drive more customers to the business, which will lead to more money (profits). Page 7 From time to time, the pizza chef will receive a negative review from a customer, which will contribute to the Pizza shop’s popularity also, but in a negative way. Note that positive reviews are much more powerful in the game play than negative ones! H. Length of game play In the initial version of the Pizza Co. game, the game play ends when the player runs out of upgrades to purchase for the pizza shop. I. Have fun upgrading the Pizza Co. shop Players can get cosmetic and gameplay upgrades to enhance their pizza shop. Examples include nicer plants, an upgraded pizza oven that cooks pizza faster, and drink selections that trigger customers to exercise more patience with the pizza shop staff! Like all Osmo games, Pizza Co. will be releasing new game content on a regular basis. Future game versions will include the ability to open up new pizza shops in nicer locations, each one having a unique look and feel. Page 8 J. Customer Tips After eating a pizza, customers leave a tip for the pizza chef. Playing at a higher Change Difficulty means customers have the potential for leaving higher tips! Tips and Tricks 1. High Buzz = More People. ​Remember that as you make people happy, the “buzz” will go up. More buzz means more customers, but it also means the shop will get harder to keep up with. Buzz going down isn’t always a bad thing! 2. Use ingredients you have a lot of. ​Sometimes customers will make open ended requests that could be satisfied in several different ways. Use ingredients you have a lot of extra of and spare that extra delivery truck for the day. Customers with favorite ingredients want ALL their favorites on the pizza to make them happy. 3. Organize your bank.​ You’ll notice that pizza prices will vary, but similar pizza’s have similar costs… you might find it handy to have some money closer at hand for faster change making. 4. Complete goals​ to earn stars for your restaurant! High-star restaurants can make special pizza orders ($$$) and can decorate with new fancy items! Page 9 Storage Overview Step 1 Place ingredients in their separate trays. Step 2 Place coins and bills in their separate trays on top of ingredient tray. Step 3 Place folded pizza board on top of coins and bills tray. Page 10 Best practices for effective Osmo detection 1. Keep hands and fingers away from game pieces after placing them so that Osmo can see it. 2. Keep the pizza / tray 1-2 inches away from the iPad while placing ingredients and coins. 3. Keep the reflector placed squarely in the center so the camera can see the board. 4. Play Pizza Co. in a well lit room. 5. If you experience any issues despite this setup, please reach out to​ for assistance. Page 11 
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